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  1. Three and a half weeks into rehab for knee replacement surgery, probably the most miserable 25 days of my life. The only time's that were close were the 5 rounds of golf that I tried to play on the bad knee earlier this spring just before I went under the knife. Slowly getting better, but this rehab is just brutal, you can't wait for the surgery site to heal up before rehab begins, gotta jump right in before the scar tissue builds up. Pain meds and ice can only do so much. I just pray that I won't have to go through this on my right knee.
  2. Yeah, I agree with Tyler Webb, the GP Tour SNSR would be worth looking at. Nice size, the feel is a little spongy, but nice. If you want something with a firmer feel try Hireko golf's Karma knock off version. Good luck.
  3. J.B. 05

    Honma TW-X

    Thank you. They are available on line at Golf Partners right now, being shipped out of Japan, $89.99 for 3 doz. You do have to buy 3 doz because it's out of Japan and it's free shipping. Not sure but this could be a close out price, like everything else in golf there's always gonna be new and improved every year or two.
  4. J.B. 05

    Honma TW-X

    Anyone out there have any experience with the Honma TW-X ball ?
  5. Yamaha clubs were sold in the US market some 30 years ago or so. As I remember they tried to buck the system, when everybody else was coming out with titanium, Yamaha went with heads made out of graphite for both their "woods" and "irons". The graphite head "iron" did have a sole made out of stainless steel though, my understanding is that the face didn't hold up very well to the constant impact with ball and turf. After a period of time they left to US market. I'm not familiar with the AR-1 model, looks like your standard blade, if you're looking to buy a used set I wouldn't go more than $90.00 to a $ 100.00 for them.
  6. Just pulled the trigger on a new set of Honma T/W X irons, they're being closed out by Honma and you can now find them at a reasonable price (under $600) on ebay. Played one round with them on a bad knee, still felt sweet. Oh well, but it's knee surgery next week and a couple of months rehab before I get to really try them out.
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