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  1. I would love to test these new Maxfli Tour X. I used to play Maxfli before the ProV1's came out.
  2. Wow, it would be great to test this club and compare it to my TM M4 with a UST Proforce V2 7F4 shaft.
  3. Wow, it would be great to test a club of this nature and compare it to my TM M4 with a UST Proforce V2 7F4 shaft.
  4. If i am playing in a tournament, i spin my golf balls with Check-n-Go and always add my own marks that i focus on when putting. If i am just playing a casual round i do not use the balls i spin check and i use the marks already present on the ball, whether it be a manufacturers alignment, logo, mfg name , etc. This is just my personal process and i'd have to say, i do seem to sink more putts in tournaments than others in my group regardless of putt distance.
  5. I would love to test a brand new driver as i have never purchased one due to cost. I currently play a Taylormade M4 with a UST V2 7F4 yellow shaft which i really like. I play a variety of courses some of which are very narrow off the tee.
  6. Yes, i would be very interested in seeing if the ARCCOS would help me revive my 3-4-5 iron play which used to be quite reliable. My short game is excellent and putting is fine as are my short irons. I rarely play courses with a slope less than 130. I would be interested in the smart sensors only Not the grips. Thanks a bunch.
  7. Hello Fellow MGS's I asked the question because for me it seems to make a difference when putting. If i am playing in any tournament, local club or city or regional, i spin and mark each ball i use and always use these alignment marks when putting. Also these dynamic spin alignment marks rarely align with the manufacturers alignment marks. I only use tour grade model golf balls (Pro-V1/X; B330/Tour B; Chrome Soft/X & TP5/X). Yes, i totally agree that the batteries must be fresh. And as far as the effect when using the driver, i don't worry about it because i am not consistent enough to notice because so many other factors are involved. I was just curious what others experienced Thanks for all your comments. Hit'em Long & Straight
  8. I do have an iPad but an android phone. I would be extremely interested in being a tester for the Rapsodo MLM as I have used an old tempo trainer for many years until the Swing Caddie SC200 came out. Purchased the SC200 Portable Launch Monitor due to the launch capability and the works in a net capability but after several months of working with their support team including many pictures and a replacement unit it never did work as advertised in a net (tried 2 different nets, mine plus a friends cube net which had more room) and it did not measure any launch so I was extremely disappointed. In fact just 2 weeks ago I went through a driver setup optimization session at a local facility (Pruneridge Golf) with a local teaching pro using Flightscope because I wanted to optimize the 2 drivers I have. It was a fascinating session using a Callaway X2 Hot 9* head with an Aldila VS Proto by you 70-S shaft and a Taylormade M4 10.5* head with a UST Mamiya Proforce V2 yellow 6F4 shaft. Both shafts were PURED, stiff flex, less than 3.0* torque and both shafts had adjustable shaft adapters. In summary, we collected a bunch of data, smash factor was good (~1.40) but spin rate was too high (in low-mid 3000’s) will make a few tweaks and plan to have session #2 in about a month.
  9. Congrats testers, i am very interested in seeing your results. Have Fun.
  10. I used to play Maxfli's before the Titleist pro V1 & X's came out, would like to try them again. Now i play only tour grade balls (titleist pro v1/x, bridgestone tour B/s, callaway chrome soft/x & taylormade tp5/x) but a year or 2 out of date to get a better price point at their performance level. I now play a 27 hole layout with a mid to low 130's slope and 24 of 27 holes have some forced carry so i should know pretty quickly. I am currently just under a 12 handicap and trying to play more to get back under a 10.
  11. To answer the other questions: --i have tried the quick cure epoxy as well as the 24 hr version but never used the driver in less than 48hrs. --These have been new shaft installations so no old epoxy to deal with and yes i have prepped it according to spec.
  12. I do not know, how can you tell without taking it completely apart?
  13. Hello MGS Guys, Has there ever been a test of golf ball performance with and without the use of Check-Go? --On driving accuracy? --On putting accuracy? thanks
  14. Hello MGS Guys, The shaft on my driver(s) seem to pullout of the hosel slightly after use. It comes out somewhere between 1/8" to 1/4" over various periods of time (from a coupe of weeks to a year and has occurred on multiple drivers). I have used different manufacturers of epoxy but it still happens. This occurs between the ferrule and hosel or ferrule and shaft adapter. I have been tinkering with drivers and shafts for more than 15 years. Any advice on what the cause is? Any advice on easy way to fix it? All ideas are appreciated. Thanks
  15. John Kornitsky - San Jose, CA Yes, a hand held SkyCaddie SG3 and Skycaddie Breeze Skycaddie Breeze
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