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  1. I would also encourage you to demo full on blades. If your handicap says something about your ball striking skills, you may like the feel of these even more. I play a “players distance” iron, the Apex 19 and recently one of the heads developed a problem. We think the tungsten in the head came loose. There is no fix. And since they don’t make these anymore (I just got them in August) they can only replace with the ‘21 model. This won’t happen with a blade. I have on order the Haywood signature MB’s and am excited to get them in the bag. good luck and great playing !
  2. Congrats Testers! Cannot wait to hear the results!
  3. I’ve been playing the Titleist Tour Speed and just tried the new Maxfli Tour. I find the two quite similar and with the deal on Maxfli right now they are $10 a dozen less that the Titleist. I’m pretty Titleist loyal due to their high quality control but with Maxfli having good results in the ball test I think I have found my new gamer. Now if the MGS crew find them super poor quality I would revert.
  4. I mark my ball with a big line for putting alignment and a big Z for my nickname on the name of the ball. No one will ever hit my ball in error and I'll never hit someone else's ball.
  5. I played z star a couple of years ago but then saw how poorly constructed they were.
  6. I keep getting "fitted" into the Pro V1, but on the course, it just doesn't do it for me. I've been using the Tour Speed and have been pretty happy. Every once in a while I think, "i should try the new Callaway Chrome Soft" (or other more expensive tour ball) and I'm generally disappointed. I find the Tour Speed to be longer off of the driver and maybe just a touch less spin around the greens, but I'm generally not trying to drop and stop a ball anyway. And I've become pretty loyal to Titleist since MGS testing seems to say they have the highest quality control too.
  7. I"ve had this in play since last fall. Everyone keeps saying, "it won't go right". Well I disagree. I fight a slice/big fade and am working to correct my "over the top" move, but I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with other newer drivers that seem to be better at slice reduction.
  8. How long have you been playing golf? 20+ years What’s your handicap or normal score? Between a 7 and 9 What do you love about golf? Grass under my feet. Blue sky above. Nothing bothering me but 1000 swing thoughts. where are you from, home course: Originally from NE. Home course is Lakeside Park Club, Richmond VA What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I've been reading MGS reviews and recommendations for a long time and wanted to give back to the communinty. I just met s SPY over the weekend too. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Lots of options. Now with the newly re-done Belmont we have a good number of public practice areas too. Worst: growing grass as we are in that weird temperate zone where bent is difficult and bermuda isn't really fully in play until mid June. What do you do for a living? Chief Cultural Architect How’d you pick your user name? My dad always called me Zeke (also know as zero). No idea why. I did some research and Zeke or Zero were the names of the planes the Japanese used at the start of WWII. These planes were fast and maneuverable. So I embraced it. I sign most documents with my same and then my version of a flying z. First post here. Looking forward to some conversations and playing golf with other Spies. I'm also relatively active on the NLU Refuge and I'm a big supporter of The Golfer's Journal.
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