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  1. I work Sunday mornings as a Starter / Ranger at Royal St Cloud a 27 hole Links style course in Florida. It was recently included on a MY GOLF SPY list of best Value courses in The US. It is usually in great shape with great practice areas Three putting greens ( one for each nine) a chipping area, and a double sided range one side for range members and the other for the general public. I usually play 36 to 72 holes a week, my perks are free golf and free range balls. I enjoy my Sunday mornings greeting all the golfers and helping them to get their rounds started. It is also fun to work with the diverse group of starters / rangers quite a bunch of characters;)
  2. Thank you for Birthday Wishes
  3. Led Zepplins Immigrant song would get me fired up for the first tee
  4. Only Listing the Irons First set was my Dad's old set Spaulding Kro-flites 4-9 used for my first two years Wilson Staff Fluid feel 1984 in high school Had to cut lawns for two years to be able to afford them Spaulding tour editions because that's what Greg Norman played MacGregor Jack Nicklaus Muirfield 20th Because JACK Wilson Staff dynapower 1965 Wilson Staff Dynapower 1967 Wilson Staff Dynapower 1969 for some reason I got into a vintage Blade binge Ping Zing 2 from 1995 - 2021 Hit them great for 25 years Callaway Apex Cf-16 Currently playing Srixon Z585
  5. I didn't see what your current clubs are. newer isn't always better. I've seen some really nice sets at garage sales, sometimes a nice worn in but not worn out set offers the greatest value . Simon from (SAS Golf) on You tube offers great advice about the value of used clubs and how to find them ( mostly on ebay) goodluck and I hope you to get enjoy this Game as much as I have.
  6. Mixed brands, My swing speed is right on border of Reg flex and stiff, was fitted last summer for iron shafts for the lighter weight steel stiff 44 1/2" Callaway Rogue sub Zero Driver Fujikura Xlr8 Pro 61 reg flex hard stepped 1 inch Callaway Rogue sub Zero 3+ wood project X 6.0 Cleveland launcher UHX Utility irons 3-4 UST Mamiya recoil 95 F4 Srixon Z 585 5-P Nippon N.S. PRO MODUS³ Tour 105 stiff Srixon ZX7 A wedge KBS Tour FLT 110 Homna TW// World 56* Nippon N.S. PRO MODUS³ Tour 125 wedge Titleist SM7 62* Wedge Wedge flex looks like a true temper step pattern Tommy Armour Impact3 CB 37" double bend steel stock shaft Tommy Armour label
  7. The srixon ZX5, Z-585, or even slightly older Z-565 irons are a good mix of forgiveness and playability and affordability
  8. Thanks for the feed back, I tried looking it up on past threads but it didn't appear when I searched for Steadfast in the forum section.
  9. "Steadfast shaft reduced mishit dispersion by 50% (28 yards) against other premium (much more expensive) shafts manufactured by industry-leading brands. In other words, if you hit it off the toe or heel it continues to go straight for the same distance. Ball speed increased slightly for the Steadfast shaft and backspin was better or equal to the competitors." copied from SteadFast page.
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