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  1. Those look fantastic, waiting for your review of them. Wish I needed new clubs although did order a 004 putter from Sub 70 and am now more confident on the greens. Hit them well
  2. Thanks appreciate the info
  3. I looked to see if there was a topic on these and didn't see anything. I recently received an email from Steadfast offering a shaft, adaptor and grip for $79. Was wondering if anyone has tried their shafts and if so what are your thoughts. I'm currently playing Ping G410 driver with stock Alta shaft. Would love to pick up some yardage as I get older but don't want to lose the accuracy I have now. All suggestions are welcome
  4. I have a pair of Foot Joy golf shoes for sale. They were given to me and have been worn twice and I'm selling due to them being 2 big. Normally wear a size 10 these just seem to run big. $60 with free shipping. Accepting Paypal
  5. Just saw on the Dick's Sporting Goods site that these balls are 2 for $45 if anyone is looking for them
  6. Receive my Sub 70 004 Mallet a month ago and I'm really liking it. Currently have 5 gram weights in it and putting better than ever
  7. tschott

    2021 Maxfli Tour

    I was wondering if anyone has tried the new 2021 Maxfli Tour balls. I've played the 2019 model and really like it. If someone has already ask this apologize for posting
  8. It seems like everything is out of stock in the golf industry. I've been waiting on a replacement bag from Tour Edge for 2 months and was told not until October now. Glad I ordered my putter when I ddi
  9. I switched to the 20g weights last weekend and like the feel a lot better. I have the same opinion on the velcro closure on the putter cover. I'm going to see if I can find someone to sew in a magnetic closure. I'm feeling like I may have found the best putter so far for me. Time will tell
  10. Have you had a chance to try the new putter. Wondering how you like it. I'm loving mine right now, last weekend every putt ended up near the hole if it didn't go in.
  11. I played these about 10 years ago and really liked the ball. Didn't know they were still in business and will be interested as to how they perform
  12. I switched to the Elixir late last year and it's all I've used since then. Very good ball and can't beat the price
  13. I agree their customer service and attention to detail is top notch. If it ships today you may have it by the weekend. Can't wait to see what you think
  14. I requested the double-bend hosel on recommendation from one of their guys. So far I have left the 15 gram weights in it which is the factory setting. Will probably start experimenting with the other weights as time goes on. Let me know how you like yours after receiving and getting it out on the course
  15. I emailed them a few times about mine and was told they are very busy and they make sure all is good before sending. I ordered late in the evening on 7/19 and received on 8/5 which is about the time they told me to expect it. Which model did you order and I'm sure you will like it. I had another good day putting today, will have to see if the new wears off.
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