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  1. Looks great ! I can see those amazing golf swings go go!!!
  2. wow man! Perfect updation ! Happy for you and now enjoy those amazing golf swing and swing speed. Cheers GOLF!!!
  3. Thousands of golf training aids have been developed over the years. Which one have you used and how has it delighted you on the inside and out, doing wonders to your game?
  4. Preparing yourself to possess an honest golf shot game will assist you before you golf, however, there are belongings you will do whereas golf shot may facilitate too. These embody are the subsequent tips. THE COIN technique The coin technique is often effective is often effective for rising your golf shot technique. Place a dime one foot behind the ball and take a look at it to hit it 5 times utterly . Once you got accomplished, place the coin 2 feet out and take a look at 5 a lot of times. Keep going to 3 to 4 feet out till you have got formed this system. Currently, you are able to focus on the important golf shot. EYE ON THE DIME Another nice technique to use to specialise in your stroke and follow - through is to place any coin directly behind the ball. The coin acts as a target once creating your golf swing. Several sports teach you to stay your eye on the ball. This can be not the case in golf, though. you would like to stay your specialise in the coin and swing following the trail together with your head and shoulders. THE “EYES CLOSED” TECHNIQUE Many pro golfers have used the eyes closed trick to boost their performance throughout a tournament . If you loose confidence or have anxiety throughout a game, shut your eyes and let you mind relax .Your sub-conscience can take over. Your mind will keep in mind the hours of routine activity, golf swings, and stokes.Closing your eyes will offer you a way of calm, creating you are feeling a lot of relaxed regarding your game. Hope this helps!!!
  5. Taylormade soft response is another option, but Snell is the best bet. Pro They range in firmness from soft to firm, and finding them is a cinch because of their bright neon colour and ability to be seen quickly. The TOUR, on the other hand, was really good. Keep it up!
  6. Do not worry much about what the wind is doing at ground level. Be the boss and make your decision on wind-based on what you will do instead or you see instead. In the end, it’s the ball, until the tree line is reached, the wind will play a role in determining the outcome.
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