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  1. Thanks, but many of the courses in my area have an abundance of shorter holes including my home course, and that was when I was playing a lot and playing well. Those days are long gone!
  2. Organic? PChem? Thermo? Analytical? I have been an analytical chemist most of my life. I miss doing chemistry (semi retired now). Good luck!
  3. This thread is like taunting and comforting at the same time. I've been playing 35 years, and have had so many close calls it's ridiculous. 2 of my 5 lifetime eagles have been par 4s, does that count?
  4. I used iron covers for a couple seasons after getting my new Wilson Staff Tour Blades. Gorgeous clubs. But I stopped because as you said I kept losing them and they were a pita especially when playing quickly.
  5. I didn't mean to imply that everyone should think alike or that there should be no conversation on this. I guess I'm used to another golf forum where this topic always involves a lot of derision and name calling.
  6. This is one of those topics that shows some folks can't help themselves from criticizing totally inane insignificant things about others. I have absolutely no opinion about what someone else does with their equipment.
  7. I got covid in April 2020 and it affected everything, including my kidneys and liver, and so I also have issues of potential bleeding. It has taken me over a year, but I am almost back to normal, although I still get easily fatigued. I did go to the range a couple times recently and surprised the crap out of myself by hitting the ball really well. So, hang in there, take your meds, rehabilitate, and be patient. Best of luck!
  8. I haven't picked up a club in over 3 years, although 2 of those were due to work, and 1 due to covid. But finally I recently went to the range a couple times - I'm retired now - and found I really miss that beautiful feeling of good center contact, especially with my Staff blades. Hey, you are a free being and master of your own domain. Do whatever suites your fancy. One of the wonderful things about being alive - you can pursue any interests that you want, so don't feel guilty about it. You will probably come back at some point, but it doesn't make sense to force it.
  9. Stu! Great to see ya! Yup, I got banned from wrx. Guess why? In some thread I said something like, 'I was about to say something, but I won't because I don't want to get banned', and they banned me for that comment. I picked up my clubs for the first time in 3 yrs recently and went to the range a couple times and to my amazement I hit the ball really well. Flushing 4 irons of grass!?!? I think it's that well known re-honeymoon phase after not playing for a while. Anyways, I figured I would get on a forum if I'm gonna be playing again. Good to be here!
  10. I joined WRX around 2013 and it was great. I met many good folks and played some rounds with WRXers from my area. But, the mods became more and more censoring, especially with 'political' or 'religious' statements. They cowtoe to their sponsors too much and that leads to suppression of their members. I once posted a thread about 'we should never forget 9/11', and got banned temporarily. Everyone there is pretty gunshy of saying something even slightly provoking or controversial.
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