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  1. Have made a decent start to the year. I've birdied half of the holes so far, but have also eagled two of the par 5s.
  2. I'd love to see forum user testing of products where fitting isn't a large part of the product selection process. Products like bag designs, rangefinders, training aids, buggies, sunglasses, online custom product option selection websites (like customising your ball graphics), and even products like suncream. These types of products could be given to testers and the tests are less likely to be undermined by it being the wrong type of product for the person. I think the Most wanted tests like the recently released driver test are better done in that way rather than giving 5 people a
  3. If I played competitively at a range of courses with differing conditions, I would think about taking out my 16* hybrid and substituting a driving iron style club (something like a SIM UDI or Callaway XForged UT) to better suit a particular course's conditions. I'd never put a fairway in because when I did my fittings, fairways have always launched too high for my liking and then lower loft ones go further than I want them to. I found that my 16* hybrid has an ideal launch window, but a distance that fits best with the rest of the bag. With how I play golf now, 90%+ of my rounds ar
  4. Much less. It didn't help that courses were closed where I live from August to October last year.
  5. Could it be that the 4F3 was an offering only available for Callaway, rather than being available for the general market?
  6. Finished 3 short - not bad considering the amount of golf missed. Then in the first round for the new year, first birdie of the year was one of the holes I missed out on in 2020. So It's a good start.
  7. Question: Why did you include both shot area and offline in your calculations? I'd be interested in hearing your thinking. My initial thoughts would be that you're including offline in both elements, and then you square the offline, perhaps giving excess value to offline.
  8. Played quite well on the whole today. Made 3 birdies but made one on a new hole. An eagle putt on another hole grazed the edge. Longest par 3, hit a 5 iron to inside 3 feet. Also won $40 from a nearest to the pin competition.
  9. Shot 77 yesterday. That's my best round for a while. Short game has greatly improved of late and it complemented quite a good long game in my round yesterday. Most of the shots I left out there were the result of poor decision making rather than poor execution. Might have to do some watching/reading about processes or structures that help with decision making. Any suggestions of links etc. about this welcome.
  10. Now that I'm back on the course, I ticked off two additional holes over the weekend. Birdied the 7th by making a long putt after getting on in regulation, and birdied the 5th (index 1 hole) by hitting an incredible drive, setting up the opportunity to hit a wedge in. Got it close and made the putt. With my ones remaining, there is a par 5 that is only a matter of time before a birdie happens (there have been many close birdie putts). Some of the others are looking less likely.
  11. I don't know personally (and by the lack of replies the MGS forum isn't sure either). One strategy to get an answer might be to participate in one of the TXG Lives that they do on Tuesday nights (Victoria time) on Youtube. You can pitch in a bit of money to get your question prioritised as well.
  12. Played for the first time since early July because of SARS restrictions. Considering the layoff and having an early case of the shanks, I played alright. Ended up with 86, but was already +7 after the first four holes. Better for the run and my putting practice I was able to do whilst away from the course really helped.
  13. Nice one! Is 15 the one I birdied or the one that goes the opposite way?
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