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  1. I'd be backing this is a penalty area rather than the E5 option for OB; unless the players messed up the rules. Although you can't see much in the video to see if it's marked as such. He says, "Up and down for par", and records a 6 after two putts, which if he took the two penalty strokes from E5, doesn't add up.
  2. 4, 4, and nothing but 4. Maybe not nothing but 4, but I'd add an option 6 of ensuring you have access to a facility that you can use at least once a week to rehearse and refine what you're learning in your lessons and see the results, and spend a couple of bucks on a small tripod to mount your phone on to take videos of what you're doing when you rehearse. You can take that footage to your next lesson if there's a particular issue that's occurring so your coach can get a head start on a diagnosis.
  3. I'd double check that they are actually going the same distance and that the lofts are actually what they're stated to be. With what's meant to be 5° of loft difference, for them to go the same distance needs further investigation before you make any purchases. Perhaps get someone to check the lofts. The gap might not be 5°. Also see if you can get a launch monitor with the balls you use to see they actually go the same distance.
  4. Hosted my parents-in-law for Easter Sunday. They normally host all of their children's families, but most weren't going to be there this year. So we decided to host. I cooked some braised beef ribs as it's not the sort of food they would cook or eat at a restaurant. Overall it was delicious and the meat fell off the bones as I pulled them out at the end. Before and after shots.
  5. In addition to what the others have said. If I'm really struggling, Making some half swings with my feet together to just rehearse solid contact always help.
  6. Thank goodness there were only 10 in the pack. Very tasty and could easily get away from you.
  7. I've been promised these by a friend who's staying at our place to go to the Formula 1 GP. Bundaberg Angry Juice is risky at the best of times, but combine it with creaming soda... Could be wild.
  8. I thought I'd add a confession since this thread resurfaced. Tracy is out of the bag and has found a new home. I went for a putter fitting to see if Tracy was still best for me, and sadly she wasn't. To start the ball on line, I had to deliberately hold off my hands feeling like I kept the face open the whole way through impact. With my new putter, I don't have to have that feeling and can just point and shoot. Sad to see a putter go after 14 years in the bag.
  9. I dislike starting with anecdotes, but on the weekend just gone I found the side game we played as a foursome helped keep me focussed on trying to play well despite being -9 in a par round with 6 holes to play. We played two-ball matchplay with the second ball being a tiebreaker if necessary. Wanting to not lose this side match kept me in it mentally and although my overall competition score was already beyond help before the end of the round, helped me focus on playing well. In our group we tend to alternate between this matchplay format and two ball skins. I wanted to see if there were any other creative style of side games (not betting-centred) that others on here play. Having only two side game formats might get a bit stale.
  10. I'd second that inconsistent pace is not necessarily operator only. If your putter doesn't give you optimal launch, there's the chance the ball is starting by skidding rather than rolling; leading to inconsistent putt length. A well-administered fitting would eliminate this as a possibility. Let us know how it all pans out.
  11. With 68 participants (even number), wouldn't it be unusual to have anyone tie with the median?
  12. @Tiftaaft Here's another drill to use for consistent start line on short putts.
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