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  1. Along with other stuff suggested, I would suggest having an evaluation where the fitter can accurately determine the quality of the roll you put on the ball. Your stroke may have a quality where no matter what putter you choose and what face technology it has, it won't have a good starting roll. Having poor starting roll will make distance control more difficult than it needs to be. A good fitter will be able to eliminate this as a contributing factor or adjust the loft etc. on a putter to make sure it isn't.
  2. I'd second this. Mike (owner) has loaded heaps of different workout progressions that take into account what you want to achieve as well as you starting point. The app also schedules when you do your workouts and reminds you of them, tracks the weights and reps you did, and all sorts of other features. It's a first rate, golf-specific fitness app. I use it daily.
  3. The rariety question of par 3 hole in one vs eagle on par 4 would be an interesting Lou Stagner newsletter topic (if he's running out of ideas and sees this). I can see how a par 3 ace would be more likely because you always have a shot at holing out from the tee, where plenty of tee shots would be carved into unmakeable positions on par 4s. There's also the second shot on a par 4 being typically shorter than from the tee of a par 3 influencing the probability that way. Would be interested in seeing an actual breakdown.
  4. Biggest thing for me - the sensors need a redesign. They have too high of a failure rate (according to my interactions with Arccos support, mine had about a 40% fail rate within 6 months), and in the redesign improve the reliability of connection between the sensors and the managing device.
  5. I think Cape Wickham should be incredibly high on your list. My favourite course.
  6. I would recommend reading Nick O'Hern's book - Tour Mentaility: Inside the mind of a Tour Pro. Goes through a lot of general sports mental strategies, but with a golfing focus. Nick's probably best known for the being the only person to beat Tiger Woods twice in the matchplay championship and is quite an unremarkable player to watch (no real power or classic swing or anything you would typically associate with a high-quality player) so his mental game credentials are second to none. I had the opportunity to attend a live lesson session with him. One specific thing I took away from that was having a signifier that helps you switch off between shots. I release the velcro on my glove after a shot to signify that it's not thinking about golf time, and once I get to my ball I re-secure the glove and it's golf thinking time from there. I'm sure you'll be able to get actions that work for you from that book.
  7. I'm personally a huge fan of the ZStar. High performing ball, suits my game, multiple major winner, and is amongst the most inexpensive in the premium bracket. I'm looking forward to see how these fare when the ball test results get released. We in Australia have a similar problem with direct to consumer balls. For a dozen Maxfli Tours, the best price is equivalent to $83US.
  8. I always use a line for putting and will take a lot of convincing to change. My putting stats improved significantly (make percentages for 2m and 3m putts up by about 10%) when I changed and have stayed there.
  9. I'd be tempted to take a hybrid over the 3 wood. Not sure what the course that you intend to play is like but the hybrid would give more versatility out of non-fairway lies. Might also function suitably enough as a putter.
  10. You're in luck. The results of the 2023 ball test are due to be released in the next week or so. Have a look at the results and you'll be able to identify a few options to change to.
  11. Would definitely second this. Provides the smoothest way to get started with Aimpoint.
  12. I did a 1 hour session with an Aimpoint Instructor and was able to get the hang of it during the session. The focus of the session I did was processes to help you feel the slope accurately. You have to reinforce and rehearse those processes to stay sharp. One example for me is I feel I have to "drop a hip" when the slope is greater than 2 percent. But my putting is measurably better since. I have a pretty accurate stroke that starts the ball on line, but wanted something better than "I think the putt is going to go like that" based mainly on gut feel for my reads. Aimpoint gave me that.
  13. I haven't used them nor know anyone who has. I can recommend Rob Grant who is based at Melbourne Golf Park (formerly Albert Park Driving Range). He fitted me for my current stuff.
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