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  1. They look a great product, but I just can't like the font they've changed to for Mizuno Pro. Has 0 effect on performance. I've tried searching for an article about it. Is it a heritage font or something like that? Edit: Just found out. It's the logo that has been used on the Japanese lines of irons previously. This release is going to be unified world wide with that logo. Still dislike the font.
  2. Played my first round since August. Shot 90 with many two-chips, three putts, and general rust. Better for the round though.
  3. I'm bugging with questions (thanks for the responses), but are there haptics when it's recognised you're holding a club tag close enough to the watch to register a shot?
  4. So the trigger isn't hitting the ball like Arccos, but proximity to the watch?
  5. Thanks for your thoughts. I'm not sure what you mean by this, can you elaborate? I'm strongly considering getting a Shotscope set and am following these reviews closely.
  6. Just updated the app, now it doesn't even open...
  7. I'm still working through it, but IMO Arccos sensors. The number of missed shots during a round is diabolical, and I've tried all of the support strategies and suggested fixes on their website (and other sites that propose fixes). Perhaps the software updates that have occurred of late have made improvements (I haven't played for a few months), but at this point in time, there's little chance of choosing to renew my subscription once it expires.
  8. Just did a bit more research. The earliest I could find was that it was in use in the 1940s, particularly in design.
  9. Colourway has been a footwear design term at least as far back as my studies in industrial design at university (at least 2000). Perhaps it's only recently leaked into the vocabulary of the wider public?
  10. Would second a lot of the sentiments of others on here. Definitely realistic to get to single figures with how much you intend to play. I quit contact sports two years ago and took up golf more seriously - went from 18 to single figures in less than 6 months. Couple of things I would add: A piece of advice that really helped me was to realise that every single-figure handicapper has at least one skill in golf that's a real strength, and focusing solely on your weaknesses can lead to real frustration and disappointment with your game. Playing to your strengths can be very valuable. My strength is off the tee for example - it allows me to attack basically every par 5 and shorter par 4s. If I let a few games where my approach play is underwhelming get to me, it can throw off my strength too. Not to say you shouldn't work on weaknesses, but avoiding intense focus on only negatives is counterproductive. Be careful of what metrics you use as they might not give you an accurate representation. Examples: fairways hit where missing the fairway by 1 foot counts the same as hitting it deep into the forest, and number of putts where you could be chipping it close or not counting using the putter from just off the green. I quite like this approach to assessing driving accuracy, but strokes gained analytics are highly useful analysis tools for all parts of your game (depending on what you have access to or the lengths your willing to go to get that analysis. https://bit.ly/3zwSSQn With the lessons, you aren't going to get a perfect swing straight away. Always leave the lesson with 1-2 things you are going to work on for the next few weeks, and how to check you're doing those properly. Sometimes with swing changes your results regress initially, but sticking with them leads to long-term gains.
  11. It's painful. I scored a day off today. Normal programming would be at least 36 holes split up by a parma on the terrace, but it's not to be.
  12. You can tell we haven't been able to get to the course in a little while. Nice stuff!
  13. I use two with no fairway wood. When I was getting fitted for the top end of my bag, the fairways were all flying a bit too high, and the ones that flew lower were going too close to my driver distance for my liking. So I use a 16° and a 19° Srixon hybrid. The largest gap in my bag is between driver and the 16°, but I've never grumbled about not having a club from 240m out.
  14. Wonder if it's something similar to what Srixon do with the ZStar series? There's a parting line that becomes visible after a while that is a result of their manufacturing process.
  15. Shows how different people are. One of the strengths of PuttOUT's "ecosystem" is that there are a variety of products available for people to choose. I'm not sure if there's any reputable research on what sorts of aids work the best or if it is more individual preference encouraging more practice time that makes the difference (readers, please reply if you know of any). A bit like learning styles in education. People have preferred learning styles and can identify them, but there's zero evidence supporting the notion that aligning activities to preferred learning styles improves learning. Wonder what that's like for putting training?
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