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  1. Hello  I am selling my Flightscope X3 that I purchased from Flightscope last December.  It is in perfect working order and in mint condition.  It comes complete with box, backpack, power cord, etc.   I have tons of feedback and references on Golf-W-R-X and other forums, so you can buy with confidence.  I will ship to the US only.   $OLD OBO shipped.








  2. I may as well chip in my $.02.  I did a club fitting at Club Champion and in a nutshell, he put me in an 85 g shaft for my 3 wood and a 70g shaft in my 5 wood. (neither was counterbalanced)  No really good data to back it up either because I am left handed and they could not figure out how to make the trackman work for lefties.  Then, with regards to shaft brands, they went straight to some proprietary brand that only they sell.  Of course, they were INSANELY expensive.  I called a couple days after I left and spoke to them at length.  To their credit, they did refund my fitting, but I felt like it was an experience similar to what I would gotten at a big box retailer. They had an agenda that day and it was to sell they high margin stuff, or at least that is what it felt like to me.  The whole experience really left a sour taste in my mouth and I have been really gunshy to get fitted again, which is a shame, because I really want to do it, but I want their sole agenda to be "lets get this guy fitted into equipment that matches his swing" and I am afraid they all just want to sell stuff.  As a side note, I had one other fitting for a driver at another location and the pro I was working out with stopped my lesson after he found out the onsite fitters put me in the shaft I had. He marched over to them and made them refund my money on that too. Maybe I am a pigeon and they see sucker written on my forehead, but I am 0-2 on fittings.

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  3. I love the T1100.  Was my daily gamer shaft in my 3 wood for a few years.  I saw WAS because I recently swapped it for a Tensei AV Raw White TX, but am actually looking to put the T1100 back in.  Nothing wrong with the Tensei, I just miss the T1100.  I did not find it boardy at all and I felt like I could give it absolute H-E-L-L and it would not get squirly.  T1100 and Hulk very similar.  My setup was Hulk in driver, T1100 in 3 wood, Hulk in 5 wood.

  4. I went from X100 to $ taper 125 and I won't go back. Just for grins, I ordered a new set with X100's and after three rounds, sold them and just ordered a new set of irons with the $ Tapers again.  Not soft like the Nippons were and I am able to control trjectroy and move the ball both ways without issue.  I would call them buttery but stable.

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