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  1. @Mtbryant01 16 at Ozarks might be the toughest hole I’ve ever played. Got a good old triple ha.
  2. If possible, I try and get 30 minutes of warm up time. I have to hit quite a few driver swings to get going plus of course wedges and irons. And of course I want to putt for a few minutes to feel good about the speed. But of course I just want to play golf so if I have to come into the course on two wheels to get the round in that’s what I’ll do.
  3. He forgot to mention he won it in a closest to the pin contest at Payne’s Valley!
  4. Just got back from what was an incredible trip. Eleven 30-something year old guys just having a blast goofing off and playing golf (and of course my team winning ). These are probably the best courses I have ever played. From fairways to the rough to the greens (I will dream about these greens) it was top notch. Not a blade of grass out of place to be found over all 3 main courses (Payne’s Valley, Buffalo Ridge, and Ozark National) and the two par 3 courses (Top of the Rock and Mountain Top). Each course was unique in its own way but had similar characteristics as well. They were all very tough, from the wind to the layout and the rough. I was able to stay in the 80s on all 3 days from 7k yards on buffalo and ozark and 6900 on payne’s so I was thrilled with my play. We all discussed which course we liked the best, and I had a really hard time choosing, but landed on Payne’s Valley (still not sure) just because it was unlike any course I had played before and the 19th hole was a really cool touch as well (3 birdies didn’t hurt either ). The whole facility and customer service experience was amazing as well. Had one of the coolest dinner views on the last day at Osage and an incredible ribeye steak. Needless to say, it was a blast and I would highly highly recommend this for anyone looking for a unique, fun and challenging golf experience!
  5. Played Mirimichi golf club today North of Memphis on my way to Big Cedar Lodge. Shot 42/42 for an 84, which I am happy with, especially since I did not hit a green till hole 14 (ended up hitting 4 of the last 5 greens though). Shot of the day on 15 hit the green but about 45 feet short, sunk the putt for birdie anyway. Course is a great layout but needs a little TLC. Had zero refreshments or coolers on the course so after 9 we had to drive back to the clubhouse (which was a little ways) to get water, we were parched. Not a huge deal but would’ve been good to know. Headed on the 5 hour ride to Big Cedar Lodge now! Playing Payne’s Valley tomorrow!
  6. Leaving this Thursday! But seeing rain in the forecast for Friday, which is our Payne’s Valley day.
  7. I’ve never been to Savannah, but it’s very close to Hilton Head which has some awesome courses like Old South and Palmetto Dunes just to name a couple. Go Sox!!
  8. Played my first round today with the new irons, shot 88. Took a few holes to get used to the irons but after the front 9 really got used to them. Distance and forgiveness are in a different stratosphere from my other ones. Had one birdie that I actually chipped in from probably 25 yards out! Next round will be on the golf trip!
  9. Picked these up today and hit a few balls. Man they are pure and have a clean look too. Got the good grips as well that help in the humid Alabama summers.
  10. Weighed 206 today. Probably won’t make 200 by golf trip but I’ve lost 12 lbs so the goal has been helpful!
  11. Practiced short game today. Putting is usually a relative strength of mine but last few rounds my speed judgement has been iffy. Also struggled out of the sand letting the bounce hit and bounce up instead of gliding through the sand under the ball, seemed to have fixed that in this practice session. Chipping is miles ahead of where I was 6 months ago before my lesson!
  12. Was going to pick him with my 2nd round pick, then he was gone the pick before me...
  13. @Mtbryant01 was nice enough to invite me to his club today and play. Great teach at Hoover Country Club with good weather also, albeit a little chilly to start the morning. Did not play my best, shot 12 over on the front and 6 over on the back for a 90. Irons still my weakness and also didn’t putt great either. Drove it well as I hit 70% of fairways and the ones I missed were not by much either besides one hole. Chipped well besides out of bunkers, which I did not do well.
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