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  1. So your putts per hole is good but your putts per round is bad. How is that possible? Ha trying to wrap my head around that. I feel like it does not take into account good lag putts as much as it detracts from a missed midrange putt (10-20 feet). Like I played a couple weeks ago and on the 2nd hardest par 3 on the course, hit the green but was 60 plus feet away. I lag it to 4 feet and par it. Had a few other good lags as well. Had one 3 putt on the round but I had a couple strokes lost that day. Seemed out of whack to me.
  2. I feel like the SG putting on this can be a little shoddy. Like it seems that it expects you to make a ton of putts or your losing strokes, which just isn’t reasonable to believe will happen.
  3. I am seeing a theme in these tests: the app is giving confirmation on what we thought our weaknesses are, not necessarily giving us new information.
  4. Ehh I don’t know about that. Maybe with 1990 training and thinking, but the speed and strength of these guys is a different level now. They wouldn’t hit it as far as they do now no doubt but I don’t think they’d just be the same either.
  5. You are right about their expansion of the course, and not all courses have that luxury. After listening to the NLU podcast on this topic I’ve changed my mind somewhat on it and think rolling the ball back isn’t a terrible idea. Still would like to see tougher setups where more thinking is involved in each shot. What is funny to me is the shorter hitters on tour seem to think this will help them more. It honestly hurts them more than the long hitters in my opinion.
  6. To me, this is where they need to address this versus dialing the ball or clubs back. These massive under par numbers happen on the same courses every year. If you look at Augusta, the under par number has pretty much stayed the same, barring weather. Same for other major locations (exception being St. Andrew’s last year, which was due to abnormally beautiful weather that week). If these other courses would put designs in that makes players think before grabbing driver (i.e. thick rough, narrower fairways, deeper bunkers, water, big elevation changes, etc.) that would be a bigger help to this than going back to the 70s equipment wise. Great golf to me has almost every shot having to consider the risk vs reward. Seems to me these PGA courses are too set up to where you just grab driver. It’s not the players fault they’ve busted their tail daily to mash the ball.
  7. An albatross is way better than a hole in one to me! (or so I’ve heard, have experienced neither) at least it counts for less strokes!
  8. Played Greystone Founders yesterday. Hit my 8i on the number 4 par 3 within 2 feet. Wind was blowing left to right and played a fade with it, which blew it towards the right pin. Thought it was in for a split second!
  9. Aaron Rodgers darkness retreat to figure out your next decision…
  10. I would say my favorite part of the app is the strokes gained portion, but more specifically the breakdown. My weakness is iron play, but this has really shown me how much weaker it is. However, as we all have a finite amount of time to practice golf, and I especially do as a working dad with two young kids and no club membership, it is important to know what to work on to maximize our improvement. I would have told you that I’m decent at shorter irons and terrible at long irons, but Arccos says differently according to proximity to the hole: So this has helped me A: reset my expectations to know what is actually a good shot or not and B: see what I need to work on in my finite practice time. My current strategy/portion of the test is to focus 80% of my practice time on making great contact with my irons and wedges so that my dispersion in both my distances and direction drops. Now the other side of this is, I don’t want to neglect the other parts of my game and lose them either. So trying to balance feeding my weak spots versus maintaining my strengths (driving and putting).
  11. If you just go to the putt and select it, it gives you the option to turn it into a chip.
  12. I played Friday and went phone only, I think it missed 2 shots. So overall it went well. One thing that I have noticed is that the strokes gained putting seems to be lower than I feel I am playing. I am wondering if it takes into account putting from off the green, as I do that a decent amount if it’s flat and fairly close, even if I mark it as a chip on the app. Does anyone else know about that? Maybe I’m not as good of a putter as I think I am
  13. I have used my phone and had no issues so I have pretty much given up on the link. Hoping to play again Friday so will give an update then as well. Also, Go Broncos @Getoffmylawn
  14. Wasn’t great, a windy and wet 88. Irons still my weak link and did not putt well at all. Probably had 7-8 putts either rim out, burn the edge or stop on the edge. Might go see the coach for a tune up on the irons soon. A fun walk though with some good drives and chipped much better than last time.
  15. Been streaming The Chosen, it is very good. Also watching Andor for any Star Wars fans out there, it gets better per episode.
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