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  1. with the pgat losing people like-- bk--cs--dj--pr--niemann -- gooch--ancer--bryson--garcia -- and a few others it does make it easier for the top 20 pgat players to keep wining on the tour until a few of the-- all so rans --start getting hot .
  2. because rahm has such a simple swing i don't think anyone can beat him when hes on . he is putting much better than he was until odyssey came along
  3. to the liv haters , you were correct-- they can't play 18 holes -- they can't play with the best world ranked players --they are too old , bk 's wheels did fall off , jr did play a great game all 4 rounds .
  4. it going to be grinder because masters have rain friday-saturday-sunday
  5. i think the us open / pga championship have overall stronger fields
  6. i agree with gary player on his thinking about augusta , i think its way over blown .
  7. super players like mcilroy can not carry the weight of the pgat with all the meetings - the press - the players on his back and play his best game .
  8. after 42 years honda pulled the plug on the honda classic , i look for others to do the same on the non- elevated events , sort of like liv players losing sponsors , companies will always follow the money .
  9. as far as companies getting rid of people , companies all over are getting rid of people to increase profits . i don't know how many on this forum have seen the sports illustrated golf ranking ( https://www.si.com/golf/news/si-world-golf-rankings-jon-rahm-is-no-1-on-our-debut-top-100-list ) , they use one year not two like the owgr , to me its very accurate , i do think adam scott should be higher , its looks to be very fair and unbiased i for one will be watching liv golf all year . don't yet know how deep the pga tour pockets are to keep the elevated events going and the $500,000 deal going , we will see in a couple years .
  10. oh , jay put in a new rule , courts will have a great time with this one , Max Homa played a skins game papago gc here in phoenix ( i was a men's club member for 25 years 4 hc then ) , great muni untill AGA then ASU redid it , .they painted over the MONA LISA with a tooth brush max won $400 , there were other pros playing , i wonder if jm said it was ok . just make the pga tour a private company , pay taxes like everyone then they could do what ever they want .
  11. David Puig ----- Eugenio Chacarra and there will be more saying dealing with hypotheticals is pointless is pointless
  12. there may be because of the bumps an quits and both will happen , of course he would have to qual to get in a pga event .
  13. i wonder if a liv golfer just out of college ( never a pga member ) get in the pga tour if he quits or booted from liv ?
  14. the way i see liv now is like its standing at the edge of a cliff with one foot over the edge . there is 3 things that must happen before february . 1--sign at least 3 - 5 more big names like-hovland-cantly-flower- matsuyama ,, scott , xander s. jon rahm 2--get a tv deal with fox 1 sports. 3--as far as world points go with liv playing 54 holes with no cut , give liv 3/4 of the points , as far as the no cut thing goes give points to only the top 24 finishers
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