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  1. i will have to check , i would guess it has happen many many times before
  2. the high 5 was after smith got a 2 on a par 4 . twitter took the video down , it will pop up sometime and you will see ,
  3. Scottie Scheffler a real pga pro , lots of class now there are 3 pga players i don't like one cheats in sand traps one tries to cheat his caddie one has zero class
  4. i think the tour would have never increased the payouts as much as they have if the liv had never happened ., the tour is for sure taking great care of the best players , not so much for the avg players , if a player makes the 72 cut and finishes in the middle ( 36 ) he gets around 60k , of he comes in at 72 he gets around 20k , after taxes and other costs not that much left . i can see liv buying 7 or 8 of the good tour players before the end of the year, they do have deep pockets , also every year getting at least 7 or 8 good players from the tour or other tours .. the only way this mess can be fixed is both side talking to each other , if not golf will suffer a lot and the only winners will be the lawyers , i would have both pga/liv put up 5 players each to have meetings and fix this mess , the none players on both sides do not care as much for the golf tours/players as they do about their jobs , if they did this would have solved it 2 months ago , now it's just a p****** contest . i would put tiger to be the leader of the pga people and phil for the liv people .
  5. i think the tour said they would have 128 players it they lost the suit .
  6. looks like matsuyama will not play memphis , neck problems , if it is really bad he should just wait until east lake , he has enough points to make the top 30 . if he is still having problems wait for east lake , go to the 1st tee , hit a ball then quit , get the $500,000 30th place and go recoup .
  7. i lost all interest in kuchar when he won a tournament $1.4 million and gave his caddie $5,000 , he did give the caddie $50,000 after a lot of pressure from the bad news and fans . kuchar is worth 30 million , good grief . kevin na gave his caddie a 1973 dodge that was part of the payoff for winning a charles schwab challenge tournament plus caddie fees . i have more respect for the pga players going to liv than i do kuchar
  8. one thing i will say about someone being #83 in the world , 30 years ago he would be in the top 50 , looking a the world high interest now in golf so many excellent players from outside the ryder cup countries like south america/korea/japan and others getting into the top 100 , look at the college teams now and see how many players from outside the US , many of them will be in the pga .tour . i watched d. love interview a few days and he must have said " we give a lot of money to charities " 3 or 4 times , that's like me putting $5 in the salvation army bucket and at the end of the day the collector turns the bucket ($500) in and tells people he gave a lot of money to charities . if the idiot liv golf mgt would give the local place they are playing say $5 million to their charities that may help their image a little ..
  9. i would add the 225 is total in the summer , goes down 10 yds in the winner .
  10. being in the top 100 is a great thing , he does have a different swing than anyone on tour . my swing ( i will be 85 in a month , avg drive 225 ) is much like tony finau , bring hands back to 10 o'clock and swing hard . with his swing he will never break down like many full swingers with a lot of moving parts .i
  11. this is a very good link about the liv lawsuit , the pga/liv should solve this before going to court . https://golf.com/news/phil-mickelson-lawsuit-vs-pga-tour-revelations
  12. i believe in the long run (3-4 yrs) this court thing will be best for all of golf , the pga will make some good changes which will be better for the players and liv will make some changes . in the long run the pga will still get the cream of the best players and liv will get some of the others and go world wide with them . the court action is good as this can not go on the way it is now , after east wood the liv will pick up 4 or 5 players and all be done ..
  13. to me the only way the pga can help solve this mess is to let the liv players that have enough points this year ( except the ones that quit the pga tour ) play in the fedex , starting with the 125 . next year they are yoyo ( you're on your own ) and no fedex for any of them as they cannot get enough points unless they are grandfathered into a major and make enough $$$ to make 2023 play offs . this thing is going to turn into a real mess . .
  14. been thinking after fedex who may go to liv golf , money and chance --matsuma , 300m , 90% -- c. smith , 200m 80% -- fowler , 40m , 80% -- j. day , 40m , 70% -- c. champ , 25m , 70% . could get offers -- adam scott -- rose -- hovland . but who knows , sometimes you are the bug and sometimes you are the windshield . just my thoughts
  15. i would think matsuyama would play the pga-- st jude--bmw--tour championship-- then on to the liv in boston .
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