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  1. Date 12/04/2022 Course Name The Landing Gross Score 86 Course Handicap 10 Gross Strokes over/under par 14 Net Score to Par 4 Net Score 76 Net Birdies or better 3 Longest Drive 245 GIR: 50% FIR: 12/14
  2. Edit: just saw the post score button. Will enter there....been awhile since I’ve played.
  3. I believe when they used it for me it listed 3rd the Modus Tour 105. I didn’t try it, but any comments on that?
  4. I’m anxious to try the HL. In Oct I hit the HM and was carrying about 144 with 154 total, avg spin at 5300, avg BS 103 mph, launch 18.3 and slight R side spin (my normal is slight draw, with 2* upright). I had asked to hit w/Recoil but after hitting the sales guy said he’d have to look up if the clubs can come with this shaft. I should have asked for the ESX 460 F3 so not sure what I actually hit. Previously at another store hitting the 921s the optimizer recommended the 460, a tensei or a KBS. I’m thinking my SS is around 78 with those numbers.
  5. Did they do a shaft fitting with the Mizuno gadget that recommends shafts? I haven’t purchased yet but the store I went to used it and it recommended 2 graphite and 1 steel shaft. All are on the light side which is what I think I need after playing years with ping AMTs. Also, did you do any comparisons with the HM? I have store-hit the HM but not the HL....yet, but anxious to try.
  6. Been shopping for new irons, and I guess I want it all, but agree with others that what is stamped on the club is irrelevant. My 7i SS is around 78. I used to carry a 7 (33*) 150 yds but now around 142. I’m ok with some delofting as the lowest iron I plan to carry is a 6. In demo-ing the jpx923 hm, I can carry 150 but trying different, lighter shafts to get better launch and spin numbers, which is really my higher priority. I think the most critical is getting the optimal shaft. I haven’t tested the HL yet. If this all means carrying an extra wedge, that to me is a no brainer - I love hitting wedges. For anything longer than a 6i, so if I have to make a choice between a 5i or a W, W will always be my choice. I’ll probably go with a reshafted TM 4h and add a ST Max 7w. Longer term, I may add a 5w.
  7. I’ve been going back and forth between Miz and Titliest but leaning toward Miz with Recoils. I have an older Recoil 4x0 F3 on my driver and really like it. I visited PXG off of I-Drive in Oct and got to touch the clubs but not hit. Still intrigued by PXG but nearest up here is 2 hr drive requires too much planning to sched a fitting and just not sure it’s worth it. Seems like a poor marketing strategy.
  8. How do you like your 923s now that you’ve had some playing time with them? Also, was there a second choice contender before deciding on the 923s? Same question regarding the shaft.
  9. The staff here is pretty good and they try to be accommodating. We are semi-private with a nearby ritz and vacation pkgs that are advertised but they are very friendly use our names. Since Covid (we were never closed), they purchased new carts that have gps w display and they can set boundaries for no drive zones or CPO, and the cart locks up if we cross a boundary. If we have a complaint, they are cordial in responding, but I’ve never had a reason to complain. And for the most part don’t have many pace of play issues. They do stress no more than 3 min to look for a lost ball. If I’m in a cart with a slower player I may grab a few clubs with my rangefinder and walk ahead and play-on if I’m not in their way.
  10. At my club, I see a lot more younger guys hitting from the wrong/longer tees than the older ones, especially among the guests.
  11. How about the guy on a par 5 that is 150-180 behind the 150 marker, so 300+ from the green and has to get his laser out and measure.
  12. Whenever I play with some unknowns, I encourage them to play whatever tees they’d like to play.p, and I tell them I’m playing the 3s (out of 5). Quite a few of our tee boxes are quite long so no extra driving time with the cart, but even with extra driving, it is ground that will be covered regardless. I’ve yet to see a Jetson golf cart that does vertical take offs and landings. On our #1 holes, 4 tees are at the same cart path stop. The number 5 is about 50 yards down the CP. A few months ago, it was really busy and getting backed up, so I asked the starter if we could go off #10 and he called the clubhouse and was told no. Then he said about the group in front of us....they must be long hitters as they are playing the 1s (par 4). All in their 30s. The first guy topped his drive that rolled about 30 yds to the #3 tee. He then hit a 2nd that went just past the #5, barely on the fairway. Second guy -1st shot -just short of the fairway into a ravine - second shot just past the #5 tee. Third guy, identical. 3 players, 6 tee shots. Then 2 had to search for their balls in the ravine. Took one guy 4 shots to get to the 150 marker. StArter called the clubhouse and told them he was sending us to #10.
  13. Our courses each have 5 sets of tees labeled 1-5 on the scorecard. Tees 3-5 have both men’s and women’s slope rating listed. In addition, there are combos also listed with both men’s and women’s slope ratings, and GHIN lists those for entering scores. Seems simple enough.
  14. A common theme throughout most of the posts here is that playing from appropriate tees makes the game/experience more fun. I totally agree and being older with a slower slower SS, I play from our middle of our 5 tees. On my main course, I can reach all the greens in regulation with a decent tee shot, with the approach being an iron or wedge and occasional 4h on a poorer drive. On a couple other courses, I can reach almost all holes in regulation, and the few that I can’t, I’m experimenting with a 5w and 7w with positive results. But back to the ‘fun’ aspect - sorry I am going to stray here. I have no issue playing with higher hdcp players (20s-30s) and have enjoyed many fun times. But I have played with some that get so angry with bad mishits that builds...and builds...and builds, and doesn’t matter what tees they play from because their expectations don’t match reality. I guess my point - it’s a game that should be fun with good camaraderie.
  15. I’ve played up to approx 60 holes, primarily with Srixon Q Star Tour. By that time, the color gets worn some. Usually before that time, it goes in my left pocket and used for drops or replacement of a lost ball. I lose balls infrequently so not uncommon to semi retire a ball from play, but eventually will lose. I might use it on a tee that has a water hazard in play.
  16. All really good points. I especially #1! And for those that want to be better players, stop procrastinating and take lessons - as you improve, the game becomes more fun, not only for the player, but those they play with.
  17. Ran across the jumbomax thread a few days ago and really intrigued after looking at their site. About 2 months ago I was at the range with tWife who bought ST Max driver and clubs. I tried her driver and loved it, including her Winn oversized wrap grip. I needed a new grip so I got the same on my driver. I’ve been working on increasing my back swing rotation and I know that has helped increase my distance (~15 yds), but I’m starting to believe some of that is from the grip. So I may try the jumbomax and I’m somewhere between a small and x-small. Ive often struggled keeping the grip in the fingers of my LH resulting in sliding into the palm. The oversized keeps it from doing that.
  18. I hope you can get it fixed soon, but in the meantime, be careful. When my knee got bad, I continued to try to play on it. I played on a Sunday, and quit after 8. Got my mri on Tuesday afternoon, then that evening my dr called me (which would be unusual). He said he didn’t have the report yet but the radiologist had called him with the results. My dr told me to shut everything down, that I had 2 flap tears plus other issues, and I could further damage it. Took 2 months before they could get me scheduled for surgery. Here’s hoping you can see a dr very soon.
  19. You’ve certainly had your share of knee problems, but I’m sure the years as a catcher put a lot of stress on them as well as the back. Your comments about the forward knee with the extensive torque was what I had always figured so that’s why I was curious about the back knee, then surprised about my findings. IVe also battled laying back some with the driver which increases the back knee torque. You are right about Rory - he gets tremendous rotation and I love watching him play. Happy recovery, and I hope the cancer is 100% gone! Btw, lifetime Tigers fan here, and hoping they can have a major league team in the next couple years.
  20. Sorry to hear about your leg/cancer surgery and hope you completely recover. Two years ago I had to have right knee surgery for torn meniscus, torn plica and slightly displaced knee cap. Pretty routine surgery but I was curious if there are many back knees of the golf swing that require surgery (not sure which leg you had surgery on). Not a lot of info, but I found a very comprehensive report from two Drs in Aus that took a lot of measurements. Whether you had surgery on your knee, or other part of the leg, with a proper swing, at the top of the backswing and first 1/3 of the down swing, the back leg absorbs ~300% force or 3x body weight. IIRC, the front leg absorbs 200% or 2x body weight. There are also significant internal rotational forces. Bottom line, golf puts a lot of strain and forces on the legs. After 7 weeks of PT , I was cleared by my dr who also does knees & shoulders for UGA football, who told me to take it easy for another 90 days. Said I could do anything I wanted, but I would feel discomfort. The he laughed and said “if you played football, you would have already played two games”. Anyways, good luck and take care. As you know, it’s a process and will take as long as it takes.
  21. This and part 2 are great videos. It more or less reinforced some things I figured out on my own this past year, but also added some great info. I’ve been working to extend my backswing rotation and have definitely added to my carry distance for my driver this year. I have had plans this off-season to work on strengthening my core, which this video talks about that muscle tension in the core created by opposite forces in the backswing. I also found interesting the comment about those that do swing speed training, then struggle with muscle and back aches because their physical conditioning isn’t commensurate with the increased speed and workload. As one who has multiple bulging disks, and no disk at L4/L5, core strength is everything, which I have let mine lapse. I’ve alway have stayed in decent condition, 5-9, 165. We can play year round here, but I generally shut down in dec, then start back upon feb/March. I’ll probably only play a handful of rounds, so I thought no better time than today to get to the gym. Just general things - rowing warmup, trunk rotations and presses using a kinesis machine, lunges, abductor and abductor machines, and an 18lb dual handle Spri ball with lots more trunk rotations mimicking the golf swing, then another rowing session. Pretty tame for a lot on here but felt good to get started.
  22. Would be fun to hit short, bounce off the ice and onto the green!
  23. Yes there is. We have a pxg fitting here next week but I’m going to my granddaughters school event in atl but then have to hustle back for another appt. did stop by the pxg store in Orlando a few weeks ago and got to touch the clubs, but they won’t let one hit them unless you pay for a fitting. I’m not sure I understand that if they have a bay avail.
  24. Yeah, I’m still trying to decide. Right now between Mizuno and Titliest but curious about pxg too. I usually shut down playing by mid dec through feb with all the rain here, plus the colder temps, but would like to have new irons by feb. There is a Dick’s in Athens but all I do there is browse. Last time the sales guy told me I could pay fir a fitting and he would sell me cobras. Nothing against cobras but no thanks, and I don’t need a bathrobe either.
  25. Doesn’t seem there are many Watts around anymore but did see there was one there. Glad you didn’t have to wait forever for them!
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