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  1. Well I’ve had the Pro X3 for a month now and played 10 rounds and out again tomorrow and Friday. I am very pleased, it’s just damned quick at locking onto the pin. I’ve tried to fool it with tough backgrounds but it keeps on locking/jolting on the pin. It takes literally 2-4 seconds to get the distance both straight and slope adjusted, pick it up, measure, put it back, take the shot So far I prefer the orange screen indicators rather than black digits but I’ll keep swapping over the months to see if ambient brightness makes a difference. it’s a solid chunky instrument which is very stable in the hands - only ONE complaint! Bushnell have done away with the loop to tie eg a safety line to. I liked the security of a safety line but will have to be super careful in its trolley pouch.
  2. True, if anyone with a Q follow reads the recent excellent MGS tester threads on the Q Follow, there are various comments as experienced by the testers and my own experience regarding balance from front to back and how it affects 1. steering both “default and guided”, 2 the ‘tipping’ point All depends on the type of bag used, which way round it is seated on the trolley, overall weight of bag. My own setup as mentioned by @sirchunksalotand also contained in those tester threads includes 20 balls plus a 2 x 1.5 Kg hand weights in the front lower pocket. The balance etc is perfect. Regarding all other comments re handles breaking, remotes not working - I am stunned plus one picture looks as though the handle has been ripped off, if it came away in the owners hand I’d be all over Stewart Golf wanting answers!
  3. Impressive- and good with your desire to get even more speed- so where do you think ‘more speed’ will come from now you are where you are? Have you analysed video of others with greater speeds than yours, is their lag greater, body turn greater or quicker, wrist position flatter etc, I doubt it’s a bit of it all but just one thing to be even better at
  4. Agreed with OP “any” difference for mid high handicappers is negated by the inconsistency of their swing/strike/ and everything else that makes them a mid high handicapper. In other words a better ball will not reduce their handicap, one may ‘feel’ better than another but the scores won’t change !
  5. Yes it is the connection to the end of the battery, can you Google or ask around for a local ‘hobby’ machinist, I’m positive they could turn a cap for you
  6. That’s just bad luck isn’t it, Question now is this - would you pay $50 for a second hand Tour V5 shift complete if you could not get a usable cap from anywhere? I’ve just paid £500 for a Bushnell rangefinder, not because I can but because of what it does for my ability to play and enjoy the game. If so then don’t think of the battery cap costing $50 on its own, you should instead think that $50 is unfortunately the cost to get your own one back on the road! Hope you can get sorted
  7. So what do you think Sparkee after these few replies, are looking at getting TM’s
  8. Quote from Mikedb26: “Guaranteed if Tiger, Rory, Morikawa, et al weren't paid handsomely, they wouldn't chose TM. With that being said, wonder how many of those on any tour, would be playing what they do if they WERE NOT paid.” Really Mike, I don’t doubt your own experiences with irons but do you honestly think that Rory “world No2” would not have played “some other irons” if he thought that’s all he needed to do to win this years Open and the Dunhill last weekend! I doubt he came off thinking “ide have won if it wasn’t for these damned irons”
  9. My TM M4’s are good - best irons I’ve ever had - but how would anyone really know “What is the best set of irons made by Taylormade” unless they’ve played numerous rounds with ALL the irons TM have ever made
  10. Latest Bushnell Pro X3 rangefinder see new thread below:
  11. Cheers, interestingly, I’ve been using a Bushnell Tour V2 for last 5+ years and it’s been brilliant I must say. I decided to get one with slope adjustment so got a ‘cheap’ one for under £100 last April but it was rubbish. It struggled to pick the flag out and if there was a dense background eg bushes it failed completely so returned it. I was going to get another Bushnell with slope (last out about 3 yrs ago) but noticed an announcement of their new one the Pro X3, so waited patiently and it arrived today so the testing begins Monday The V2 was always very quick and accurate, far more than reviews would suggest so I’m hoping the Pro X3 is good too.
  12. I have used Arccos for a couple of years now, love that I now know very precisely my mapping/gapping. It’s not difficult post round to tune the results, takes minutes and good to go over the round anyway if it’s accuracy you want. In addition I ALWAYS use a rangefinder for shots to the pin, avoid obstacles etc, only today I bought the new Bushnell Pro X3 with slope.
  13. Got my new toy, err I mean “totally necessary golfing distance precision device” I’ve had the Bushnell V2 for about 5+ years I think, I’ve been looking for a slope version a few months ago when I heard Bushnell were bringing out a new Pro X3, and it arrived today.
  14. Took the liberty of spreadsheeting my own putting stats with reference to the WHS indexing of “average of best 8 out of last 20 rounds but including the worst 12” Not putt distances or total putting feet but just “number of putts”, my guess is those “putt distance” stats will even out over a period for any individual player and way too complicated to mean much or to do anything about. Anyway, here they are, not quite sure what to take from them but these are the numbers
  15. Wow - well I’m really looking forward to your feedback guys, if this was (as I expected it to be) under $100 I’ve had ordered it anyway but at $250 I think they’ve spent too much on the nice box packaging but I’m not averse if we get good comments
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