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  1. Not going to be able to do anything until Simulator Rounds are allowed now with how the English weather has been around me season is over.
  2. Thanks but I have the Arccos free trail from my Ping clubs, was deciding whether to stay and pay the sub or move across to ShotScope as I got the V3 or if I should return that now I got the new Apple Watch that can handle Arccos (as don't like to play with phone in pocket) but only watch would only just about make 9holes with Arccos battery drain. Can probably do 54 with this new watch before it would give out.
  3. Amazing, Thank you for that link I will give it a read. I need to learn how to link things like that as well rather than just text.
  4. Thanks for the input. Any idea what you called the thread as I will try find it and give it a read.
  5. I wasn’t getting much interaction so posted in relevant threads so the users of the devices Shotscope & Arccos threads could hopefully give their experiences. If I’d made my mind up I wouldn’t be asking for people experiences but if you want to ignore all my posts that’s fine.
  6. Don't worry about that was my mistake last week. Annoyingly I saw on this weeks round the app I use for scorecard if it doesn't have the info for the rating/slope it inputs generic 72/113 numbers happy i discovered this week after comparing the physical scorecard. If I'd realised last week would have been a net:64 net birds:11
  7. Was a hard week to get on the course here in the U.K the weather really has turned. Back at Stoneham Golf Club (I got the slope wrong last week not in my favour my Course Handicap is a 24 not 22) White tee's 6329yds / 71.1 rating / 128 slope / par 72 Handicap: 22.2 Score: 92 Course Handicap: 24 Net Score: 68 Net Birdies: 7 Longest Drive: 304
  8. Recently got the new Apple Watch Ultra which makes using Arccos possible but at the same time got the Shot Scope V3 as a gift. started this thread: Shot Scope V3 vs Arccos Trying to figure out which will be best and if should return the SS v3. Would love for people to jump in and share their experiences!
  9. I’ve had some response from shot Scope users but no Arccos so far. Want to hear your thoughts!
  10. Check out the thread I started for the comparison between the two for discussion in their https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/53751-arccos-vs-shot-scope-v3/#comment-870653
  11. A lot advocating towards ShotScope not much love for Arccos at the moment, I’m sure we have many users in the forum be good to hear some more feedback.
  12. Thought I had included all that info in the original post. subscription fee doesn’t matter to me if Arccos performs better I will pay the fee not worried about costs. Like most I’d be looking for a tracker with the most data points, most reliable tracking (least amount of shots dropped), least amount of user input needed, most reliable on the green (seems to be the one thing that separates the two for most people)
  13. Trying to make a decision and would be great to get users input. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/53751-arccos-vs-shot-scope-v3/#comment-870653
  14. Trying to make a decision and would be great to get users input. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/53751-arccos-vs-shot-scope-v3/#comment-870653
  15. Also adding I have a Garmin Z82 so the GPS aspect isn’t as important to me as the actual tracking. It’s just a nIce little ease of use having the numbers on the wrist especially with Arccos being the plays like in practise but I can get those numbers using the Garmin when needed and more exact.
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