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  1. Love these contests, thank you MGS, Titleist and Vokey. Cut: +2 Low Am: Christo Lamprecht Vokey Wedge Fitting: 50.08F, 54.10S and 60.08M
  2. I have been using my LAB DF2.1 for over a year and it just goes in. I want to change putters because I don't like the look of the DF2.1 but every time I try something else I don't putt as well. I have some other putters that I enjoy putting with but they just aren't as good or consistent as the LAB. Now that the DF3 is out I may look into upgrading to that or maybe the MEZZ.
  3. Irons I have to go with Sub70 and Srixon, they are in different classes but they both are great brands, great clubs and very good values. I haven't tried any of the new Wilson clubs but I only hear good things about them and enough good things they will be on my radar when I look for something new. Sub70 also makes really good wedges and then Ping and Cleveland wedges don't get the respect they deserve. For putters it is LAB all day long. They just put the ball in the hole. For balls I have been very impressed with the Wilson Staff Model, Srixon Z-Star, Maxfli Tour, Vice Pro and Bridgestone Tour B XS balls. All underrated as it seems Titleist, Callaway and Taylor Made get all the attention but if you handed me any of the other balls listed I would be just as happy and play just as well as getting the balls from the big guys and it almost certainly cost less money.
  4. This is super cool, since these were first introduced I have been curious to try it to see if it works. There are certainly times when not thinking about my swing has led to some really great shots and I would like to see if this helps.
  5. I am the same. I have tried them but can't get myself to pay for one. When testing them they feel great but no better than a Ping or even my current LAB. I think there is a lot of marketing and a sense that they are better than the rest but I don't believe they are really superior. Just look at the MGS putting test results, they are good but putters that are less expensive continually win.
  6. I have a DF2.1 and it took me some time to get used to it. You have to alter your stroke and mind frame a little and once I was able to do that, I have never putted better and I am hooked on it. I don't like the looks of the DF2.1 and I want to look at something else but it keeps making putts. I really want to get a Mezz Max and try the DF3 since they are a little better looking.
  7. Thank you for the reminder, my picks are in.
  8. This link doesn't seem to work, it takes me to a site where I can read a couple of pages and then if I want to download it I get messages that the site isn't safe. Do you are anyone else on this feed have a copy of the file that I can get?
  9. Sorry about the back problems, glad you are doing better. Very nice review and the data behind it is great and very helpful.
  10. I thought I would give an update. After using the Sqairz all summer and through the fall so far the shoes are great. I am still very happy with them and they look great. I have played approx. 12 rounds in them, all using a cart (AZ heat too much to walk right now), and then many trips to the range. They are dirty since these were taken in the course parking lot on Saturday.
  11. Thanks for reaching out and asking the questions. 1 - The Sqairz are my main, go to shoe and with little exception, they are all I wear. 2 - I live in AZ so I am planning on wearing them through the winter season and into next year. 3 - I have not seen or noticed anything of note related to wear that is outside of the normal expectations. Everything is holding up fine and they still look and feel great. 4 - This question for me relates to number 2, since I am in AZ and the Bold shoes are not very breathable I intend to get a pair that is better suited for the heat and so for my next pair of shoes I plan to purchase a pair of the standard Speed or the Speed Mesh shoes. I am a believer and I am tempted to purchase them now while they are running a $50 off promotion. I hope this helps and I am happy to answer any additional questions or go into more detail if you would like.
  12. So fun, thank you Titleist. Most points will be Rory Winning with be Victor Hovland
  13. The tool that @ScramblinMan references is the exact tool listed on the Sqairz site but for less.
  14. Congratulations to all those selected. I am very excited to see how the testing goes. As a Sub70 fan I am excited for the results. I have purchased or demoed everything all types of clubs except their putters. I am really curious to see how those that use Odyssey putters like the milled putters vs the inserts in the Odyssey's. I am most interested in the testing for @BallsLeonbecause I am very intrigued with that putter. That is one from Sub70 that I would really like to demo and would consider buying.
  15. If you are interested in selling any of your putters or putter heads I would be happy to check them out and hopefully take some off your hands. We can DM if you are interested.
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