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  1. Received my golf balls earlier this week. Thanks Bridgestone and MGS for the opportunity to provide feedback. I recently reviewed the new Maxfli Tour with Max Align Technology and was very impressed with the results. I plan on doing a comparison with the new Bridgestone Tour B RX with Mindset to see if it can compete with the Maxfli in all categories (distance,green side spin, durability and value). We’ll see if the “3 easy steps (Identify,Visualize, and Focus) are an enhancement or a distraction to my current situation?
  2. Cut Line….+2 Low Amateur…. Shipley 60.08 M 56.10 S 52.08 F
  3. Congratulations testers. Several of the members at my club use these and I’ve heard mixed reviews about them. Interested in hearing from testers that have owned other brands to get a comparison review.
  4. According to Maxfli, the only difference is the graphics on the Max Align Technology. I’ve played the Vice Pro series and find that the Maxfli (2023) edition had better characteristics for me. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to test the 2024 Maxfli tour balls (other than putting with them) yet due to weather issues.
  5. Wet depressing weather here in Boston. Finally recovering from Flu and decided to roll a few putts on my putting green. My initial impression of the Max Align Technology was one of trepidation. I’ve been gaming the Maxfli Tour ball since mid-summer last year and love the way it performs. I was concerned that the new graphics on the latest model would be a distraction. I was pleasantly surprised by the feedback of online putts and quickly realized it is a beneficial assessment of putter contact/path. I will post some videos shortly…
  6. New England weather has been quite annoying the past 10 days. To top it off, I contracted the Flu 5 days ago and feel like I got run over! Weather permitting, I should be able to post some videos and putting data within next few days
  7. Unboxing/First Impressions have been posted in my introduction...
  8. Congrats testers. I’m not to familiar with the Haywood lineup but look forward to your feedback.
  9. Introduction Hello Forum members and once again it is an honor to be chosen to test the new Maxfli Tour with Max Align Technology. If its good enough for Lexi... Well maybe it will improve my game! My name is Cliff and this is my 2nd testing opportunity from MGS (my first one was with the Sqairz Bold Golf Shoe). I reside in Danvers, MA which is about 10 miles north of Boston. I have been fortunate enough to have been playing golf for over 50 years and have a Love/ Hate relationship with this addictive hobby. I am a member at a very challenging, unforgiving, non-pretentious private club in North Reading, MA (all 18 holes have either "out of bounds" or some type of hazard). I am an 8 handicap and play 3-4 times per week. I recently retired from my financial advisory practice that my youngest son will eventually takeover. My other son works in the Pharmaceutical industry and has blessed me with 2 granddaughters. I currently play the new Callaway Paradym woods that came out last year and made the switch from Mizuno irons to the Paradym irons as well. Still getting used to the stronger lies on the irons. After reading the reviews about Maxfli last season, I switched from my usual Titleist Pro v1 ball to the Maxfli Tour around August 2023. I experimented with the Maxfli Tour X and the Tour S but for my unusually high ball flight and moderate swing speed (95-100mph) the Tour model was the best fit. I recently installed a putting green with 4 holes in my backyard and since New England weather is so unpredictable this time of year, my golf club probably won't open for another 3-5 weeks. Most of my reviews will be focused on the new Max Align technology and show how it relates to putting. I'll probably only be able to get on the local public courses once a week as some of them have slowly started to open. I hope you will find my feedback to be informative as well as entertaining. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions... FIRST IMPRESSIONS/UNBOXING 8/10 I figured I'd start this post with a picture of the latest "ambassador to the Maxfli Golf ball" with something that might get your attention. Thank you, Lexi, for posting these pictures on Instagram! Ok, now for the "boring" photos! Rather than post pictures of the box that they came in, I decided to show some pictures comparing it to the previous year model. As you will notice, last years ball is on the left and the latest edition with the Max Align technology is on the right. Here is a close-up of the previous year And here is the latest version Since I live in New England, the weather has been pretty dismal since I received the new balls and I haven't been able to roll them on my putting green yet. My first impression of the alignment aid is pretty favorable but I want to hold off judgement until I see what it looks like while putting. The arrows are printed 3 times across the ball and therefore the Maxfli Logo and the number only appears once. The 2-dozen balls that I received were in a plain FedEx box and thought that a more personalized letter (instead of an email requesting updates on the website) would have been more appropriate. Last year when I started using the Maxfli Ball, I was made aware that the Maxfli Golf balls are only available for purchase at Dicks/Golf Galaxy. Not sure why the exclusivity of this decision? Looking forward to warmer/drier days to give them a test drive! Final Review As mentioned earlier, I have been playing the 2023 Maxfli Tour ball since last summer. I continue to be a huge advocate for the latest version with the Max Alignment Technology. Initially I was concerned that the new graphics would be a distraction on fairway/approach shots but found that assessment to be nonexistent. I’ve noticed that some of my fellow testers have added red sharpie marks on the alignment graphics and concur that this will enhance the feedback while putting. As for performance and durability, I am very impressed with all characteristics of the Tour model. I have also played the Tour X and S model but found the Tour ball to be more accommodating for my ball flight. Several of my colleagues comment about the high trajectory of my game but I am trying to reduce the apex and seem to get more distance with the Tour vs the other models. It’s only taken me 50 years to shallow my swing and create more lag! Also I have not experienced any unusual wear problems and have played in temperatures ranging from 35-85 degrees during the past 9 months. I wanted to compare the latest version of the Tour ball with the prior generation models and according to the simulator that I was using, performance numbers were almost exactly the same.  IMG_4386.mov As you can see from the above video, the graphics of the MAX ALIGN are very subtle but not distracting. My golf course does allow us to “play the ball up” if hit in the fairways during non-competitive events. This is definitely an advantage with the graphics on this ball to be able to aim the ball on the intended line for approach shots. Aesthetics 9/10  Initially I was concerned that the graphics were going to be distracting but for someone who always uses the alignment aid on putting and tee shots, I found them to be more beneficial than other balls that have less impeding markings. Last summer, when I started using the Maxfli Tour balls, I was worried that the “Bright Glossy White” appearance was also going to be an issue but found that it was easier to identify your ball vs. your playing partners. By coloring in the graphics (see Red and blue markings on centered ball above) the alignment aid is more effective and easier to recognize. I will always be an advocate for any time saving strategies that keep the game moving more efficiently!  IMG_4360.mov The Numbers 18/20 During the testing period, I was unable to put the ball into play under real world conditions. The weather has been brutal and my home course has not opened yet. I went to the PGA Superstore and spent 2 hours on the simulator testing the Maxfli Tour ball against the Titleist ProV1 and the latest Callaway Chrome Tour ball. At $55 per dozen I am not convinced that an extra 2-3 yards off the tee or an extra 1-2 mph in ball speed justifies the extra premium especially when buying the Maxfli in bulk (4 dozen) reduces the price to $30 per dozen. I use to be a “Ball Snob” and would only play ProV1’s because one of the perks of working in the Financial Services industry was that for the past 35 years my golf balls were always free! I am now retired and appreciate value/ price/performance/durability over high priced balls that will also underperform with poor contact and swing dynamics.   At only about half the price of those other premium balls and comparable performance numbers, it’s a pretty easy decision! On the Course 17/20 Other than the 2 hours of simulator time, my “On the Course “ testing was allocated to putting in my backyard putting green that I had professionally installed last year. Since this ball was tested in 2023 by other forum members, the Max Align Technology is the only difference with the 2024 design.  The longest putt is about 21 feet and there are 4 holes that include one that breaks left and another that breaks right. The level holes roll at about a 10 on the Stimp meter which is what my local club rolls at. If you are someone who does not use the alignment marks on a golf ball, you will probably not benefit from the new Max Align Technology that this ball displays. If you are looking for a premium ball but aren’t interested in this new Alignment aid, I still highly recommend the previous years model and you can read those reviews here: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/59180-maxfli-tour-series-golf-balls-2023-forum-review/#comment-922782 The Good, The Bad, The Somewhere in the Middle 18/20 The Good… Make no mistake about it. This is a premium golf ball that will perform as well as the “Big Boys” and hold its own in every category (Distance, Feel, Spin,Ball Speed, etc.) The Bad… Once a marquis player (like Lexi Thompson) wins a tournament playing this ball a couple of things will happen. The price of this ball will most likely escalate. Also since very few people are gaming this ball you won’t be the only one at your club playing it and pace of play may slow down if several people in your foursome switch to this ball. I kind of like the current exclusivity of this ball and I’m impressed with the performance. The Somewhere in the middle… I’m torn between the 2023 version and the latest Max Align Technology introduced this year. The graphics aren’t bold enough to give you a clear reading on rolling putts. Unless you color in the balls arrows, unfortunately you will not be able to see the alignment aides. Play it or Trade it? 19/20 A definite “Play it” for me. I’ve been extremely satisfied with how this ball performs in different weather conditions. I bought 10 dozen last year right after that golf ball factory in Taiwan that was a leading global supplier was decimated in September 2023. I anticipate that prices across the world will be affected. I purchased the Maxfli Tour, Tour X, and Tour S and found that the Tour model worked best for me. It will take me 2-3 seasons to retire this many balls and unless I can find something else that will outperform the Maxfli, I am continuing to use these balls. Thank you again MGS and Maxfli for this opportunity and if anyone has any questions feel free to reach out to me… Final Score 89/100
  10. Congratulations testers. Hope these putters perform as good as they. Look. Looking forward to your feedback.
  11. Switched to the Maxfli Tour and X balls late last season and loved the performance and price! Luckily I snagged a great deal at Dick’s Sporting goods and bought 10 dozen. Still have 5dozen of various other brands (Vice,Mizuno,,Titleist Pro v1, and Callaway) but they will remain shelved until the Maxfli’s disappear…
  12. @PrismFlopper Unfortunately several of the courses are closed until mid May in that area(depending on weather). The following is a short list of some of the courses in the area. My top recommendation is Mt Washington Golf course which offers both an 18 and 9 hole course. Beautiful views and the iconic hotel on the property. It’s probably 1/2 hour drive to course from North Conway. Another picturesque course in Conway is Hales location (9 hole course) and North Conway country club.
  13. I’m curious as to what are the factors for other clubs (if 7 iron factor is 1.9, what are the factors for 4,5, or 6 irons?)
  14. Welcome to the Forum @Parman42. I am also a "Masshole" living on the North Shore and hope you find the Forum to be informative and entertaining. I recently became a tester for Sqairz golf shoes this year and enjoyed the interaction with other members. Hope you find the benefits of the MGS pages educational and beneficial to your golf game...
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