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  1. Tony Mason City, IA Titleist Vokey SM4 52 degree 52
  2. Easy....since I am 52. Not so easy if i was 22. #1 in the World for 10 years. Set for the remainder of my life, however long that may be. (knock on wood)....
  3. Tony - Iowa 10 Have an old "Canadian Club" logo'd automatic ball return that i think my mom got free from running a liquor store....so the answer is No- Not really!
  4. My local driving range recently had a Demo days and as I am in the market for a 3 Wood, i thought i would wander out and see what i could find. FYI, i probably wouldn't get fitted for a new one and buy it on the spot, as i am the guy who waits a couple of years and then buys used or almost new. Currently i don't carry one and have a gap between my driver and my 3H. The course i play every morning doesn't demand one, maybe 2 holes out of 18. But when traveling out of town, it would be nice to have one when needed. Most of the manufacturers were in attendance.....Mizuno, Ping, Cleveland, Taylormade, Titleist, Wilson, and Cobra. And one i had not heard of. Tour Edge Exotics. Seeing as the other tents were busy i decided to step up and asked if they had a 3 wood they would recommend. He pulled the CBX in a 15* and a 13*. After hitting a few with the 15* and seeing good results, he handed me the 13* and asked me to hit it. He said i will be surprised to find how easy it is to hit off the deck and to get airborne, and he was right. He challenged me to swing harder and dared me to hit it left. I couldn't. It had a penetrating ball flight with little variance from where i was trying to hit it. Although he did say with a tweak of the shaft it could be even better. I was impressed. I had hit other 3 woods that day with Mizuno and Titleist and with help from launch monitors they were able to dial me in with the proper shaft, which turned out to be a stiff shaft but in a lighter version. Not the lightest but right in the middle. The shaft that seemed to work best for me was the Tensei CK Blue 60. Which brought me to the realization that the shaft i have in my M2 driver, Tensei CK Blue 50, probably needs to be changed to the 60. With the lightest shaft i was getting more spin and shots were ballooning and had a slight slice. The CK 60 shaft in the Titleist head was much more boring ball flight with little variation and better distance that i was looking for. Never did get to the Taylormade tent as it was busy, as was the Ping tent, but i was happy with the time i spent. (sorry for the long post!)
  5. Tony Mason City, Iowa 97-100 Vice Tour - Kirkland Signature NEVER have i ever played Snell
  6. Thanks for the info....very helpful. And just to make it legit. I had a chance to go back to Tan-Tar-A this year....now called Margaritaville Resort and take a few pics.
  7. How do you get the fancy signatures with all the logos and specifics about the clubs in your bag? Also how do you obtain the black badges on your profile pic when you post that say..."Hole in one" "Veteran" "Tester 18" etc. I do have a hole in one and want to brag a little bit! Thanks for any help! Love the site, especially the reviews and testing.
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