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  1. Won a Ping 430 10K driver in a raffle, already had the original 430 Max driver in my bag. At my slower swing speed the loss of spin with the 10K hurt my distance but man it was straight . Sold the 10K and sticking with ol faithful.
  2. A higher lofted utility iron, I use a TaylorMade DHY 5 which seems less driving iron / more utility iron seems to be a nice middle of both to me.
  3. At a slower swing speed I'm the same way but with 5 iron / hybrid, bought a well used TaylorMade DHY 5 utility iron off Fleabay at a good price and so far starting late last season and in sims this winter its been better than the hybrid or 5 iron for me. The DHY especially at the upper lofts are far less driving iron than most of the utility iron category to me , having tried it at several things it actually chips very well when gripped down on and low stingers under bushes come out strong for me, pretty strong out of rough but haven't hit it in really deep stuff yet.
  4. The man does hook up the Vets. Former Submarine sailor here but most of the voices in my head say I am doing much better now.
  5. Mr. Parsons does well by the Vets, I wish it was more convenient to try/get fit for PXP here but in rural Alabama I have seen exactly 1 set used in a store. I have the original G430 Maxx and won the new 10K driver, went to Dicks and tried their 10K version to see how it compared to my gamer before I peeled the plastic off the 1 I won, wasnt hitting well but it was a little farther for me after I lofted it up to hit the spin sweet spot for my swing. May keep the 10K, may give to my son and may trade it off lol. Cant decide yet. As the the Veteran thing, I was in Submarine service just shy of 10 years but most of the voices in my head say I am doing much better now.
  6. Your handicap shows you are far better than me but did you try lofting up the 3W ?
  7. I carry a TaylorMade DHY which to me it leans farther towards the utility side than the driving side of most of these clubs, almost a tweener for true driving iron and hybrid. Might be a good option for you to try. I am far from a good golfer so its a bad example but I can get pretty deep in the rough with it and a hard stinger under obstacles is very comfortable and if I am having a bad day around the green its a pretty failsafe chipper lol.
  8. Believe it or not I haven't dug out my wrench to install but I cant see any, if there is it may be the threads. I will either sell or trade this club and or shaft. I am just to slow for a 9 degree diver and a 60 gram shaft.
  9. I am not getting younger and injuries on top of that thinking about a Vanquish in A or R flex. Has anyone here with a slower swing speed had any time on the tee with this shaft?
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