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  1. Odyssey sabre tooth shortened 1inch and I added 3 ounces of weight and a super stroke grip. Ever since I started using this putter my putting is the best part of my game.
  2. The thing I do is stay near the tee box and keep an eye on everyone's tee shot. I play with guys who hit and just walk off like they don't care about your ball, I just find that to be really rude especially if you're hitting into the sun.
  3. Good morning from sunny Arizona, got in last night. Weather back home 25 with snow flurries, don't miss that one bit. Hope to get a few rounds of golf in this month. Hope everyone has a great day.
  4. Another thing that bothers me is people who throw clubs or use fowl language, most of them aren't good enough to get mad. My friend was playing with someone who hurled his driver down the middle of the fairway after a bad drive, so my friend jumped in the cart and drove to his club and threw it again, he said a guy on his balcony started clapping and said he threw it further. Got what he deserved.
  5. We have morons who play the course I play 5 days a week who think it's OK after you miss a putt to slam your putter into the green and take a big chunk out of it. One time the group ahead of us had 3 adults and one young kid, the second time I saw him tear up the green with his putter I drove up to the green and told one of the adults if he does it again I am kicking your ass first and he's next. It didn't happen again.
  6. Buying knock off clubs thinking that they would perform like the real thing, not. I tried several knock off drivers before I learned my lesson.
  7. A little late posting had a lot of stuff to do before we leave for Arizona. Temps here look nice until we leave hate flying in cold weather when there's a chance they have to de-ice the plane. Last time that happened I think my wife had 5 glasses of wine on the plane before we ever took off. Have a wonderful day everyone.
  8. The peach is awesome, last year it was hard to find it was selling out so fast.
  9. Have you tried the peach yet, that's my favorite.
  10. A friend and I were golfing in Virginia and since we only had 2 players they put another guy with us, he played in bare feet. It wouldn't have been that bad if it wasn't for all the goose poop everywhere.
  11. I use an overlap grip, I tried the interlocking grip and for some reason it made me hook the ball. I use an interlocking grip when I putt because it keeps my wrist firm so I don't flip at the ball.
  12. We only got 2 inches and it's almost gone. Supposed to be 55 on Wednesday. Going to a simulator Wednesday to hit some balls before we leave for Arizona.
  13. Sorry I don't play in the snow.
  14. I have a Samsung galaxy A06, I have always had an android and probably always will it's what I am use to. My wife has an I phone and it seems to difficult to use to me.
  15. Good morning all on this cold Sunday morning, got 2 inches of snow yesterday and this morning it is a clear and crisp 18 degrees. Needless to say no golf around here for a while, leaving for Arizona next week staying about 1and a half hours north of Phoenix. The temperatures there are only in the upper 50s to lower 60s until the middle of the month but that still beats the hell out of 18 degrees. Have a wonderful day everyone.
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