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  1. Hitting Minneapolis GC again this afternoon for a round with the 01 iron set! Don't know if I will be able to get in a full 18 again but I'm itching to get back out there. I think playing the same course a few times in a testing context can be a great aspect. What do y'all think? I will certainly play some other courses to test their versatility (but let's be real, more like my compatibility). Minneapolis GC is open, with rolling fairways, bunkers GALORE, perched greens and pillowy soft fairways. Getting out to a firmer course with more water and trees will help me get a more rounded grasp of these clubs performance even though the latter course type is not my preference.
  2. Sorry I'm a little late here but very interesting, @GolfSpy SAM. I also got into a bay (trackman doppler RCT balls) to get some baselines in and came away with strange numbers as compared to my gamers that DID NOT end up being what I saw on the course just yesterday. I went the opposite route as you did and decided not to post the full results because honestly I could not make heads or tails of it. When looking back, all of the spin rates were italicized so I am fairly convinced that the person prior to me was using their own balls and left them unbeknownst to me. One example below are the 9i gamer (purple) vs Caley 01 (yellow). I toggled this to total distance and this suggests 119yd and 126yd totals, respectively. The Trackman was giving me 1.5 club difference to my real life gamer stock yardages... I intend to go back to the bay and troubleshoot. I cite the total yardage above because I am definitely getting 15yd further CARRIES out of my 9i than these totals with the Caley 01s in my on course experience.
  3. Okay, folks! Exciting news... Played my first full 18 holes with the 01s and it was the lowest of the season. I remarked earlier how these puppies just pop off the face, well they hold onto greens pretty damn well too. Almost have me wondering if I can get away with a little lower spin ball too. Heavens knows it'll help me off the tee... Check out a few screenshots from our pal Arccos I'm a higher handicapper as noted in the intro for this test so the stretch of three straight pars felt fantastic. And if anyone in the Twin Cities area hasnt played Minneapolis GC it is a treat! Here's some commentary on two of these holes: Hole 11 - This nine iron flew for me out of the light rough. Unless the green is really sloped or large, I typically opt for the middle and our goal was achieved here. The pin was front so it left me a long putt but I had a nice lag to seal the par. Hole 12 - The prior hole maybe pumped my tires a little bit and I decided to get outside of my comfort zone and give the mid-long irons a rep. With a slight curve left and trees about 260yd out on the right side I also thought my driver's big fade could leave me a tough line to the hole. Tee shot with the 4i felt fantastic. Definitely left it a little open but good contact. The following shot left me with options I didn't love and really I probably should've hit a 5i or 6i here with that bunker. The ball was a little above my feet and did not make as good of contact as the prior stroke but in the end probably for the best and helped me with a nice, cruise-y wedge. The 4i might be here to stay folks...
  4. I've spent a couple short sessions on the mat and net in the backyard but was able to take the Caley 01s out to the range last night and hit a bucket and a half. I had already felt that the balance was super smooth, but my biggest takeaway was how effortlessly these irons cut through the turf when hit a bit fat. It was very impressive considering the leading edge does not look like they've aggressively trimmed or grinded it as one might expect to offer that characteristic. The other impression that just pops right out at you is that on thin and toey strikes there's hardly any drop off in carry. A hot face is perhaps to be expected for a hollow-body but I've demo'd a few other hollow bodies like the Paradym and Mizuno 225 Pros. All of them are hot but the Caley 01s retained more responsiveness than the Paradyms and were on par with the 225 Pros, in my opinion. Don't know what more you can ask for with a hot face on every strike AND still getting a feel on how you've mishit to get back on track throughout a session or round. The 4 and 5 irons were still a bit of a challenge to consistently get a good flight and trajectory but all operator error. We'll keep working at it and the smooth turf interaction will only make it easy to get more reps in before tiring out in the hands and back. It's off to the simulator tomorrow evening now that I've gotten more acclimated to the irons! Really looking forward to getting a clearer picture of stock yardages across the set and comparing the numbers and dispersion to my gamers.
  5. I did both! Found the best options based on what was available and most comparable hollow body heads then did a full spec brand agnostic. The KBS Tour Lite Stiff was still the best for me but those Mizuno Pro 225s had me hitting a nice little draw tho... No surprise given MGS had them as most wanted distance irons this year
  6. RED ALERT! One day back from vacation and I woke up to a FedEx notification that the 01 irons are out for delivery today! Nothing better to nip the post vacation blues in the bud than looking forward to unboxing and sharing these beauties with y'all. In the meantime please enjoy photos of our trip to Norway
  7. Two large buckets... hit that ice bath, @Shlax! I will be out of the country for a little over a week here folks but plan to add a couple photos when I can! I have a feeling the modern minimalist aesthetic of these clubs is gonna have me missing the trip but so pumped to break them in when they get delivered!
  8. NOOOOO, I felt so good with my first cup of coffee seeing how well Hatton was doing through nine holes...another round absolutely down the drain from the inside OB. Just so brutal. Brits - do we enjoy this??
  9. I roll with Chrome Soft X cause my spin is probably a little too low already but 100% with you on that same deal. I also really like the triple track markings for putting.
  10. Love the info, Bennett! I also commute primarily by bike. I have a nice all-road steel frame Surly Straggler. Not the lightest nor heaviest bike but weight is still something I have to consider if Im traveling several miles. Have you ridden on a non e-bike with this bag? If so how was the full weight etc?
  11. Thanks, Bennet. I'll go check it out!
  12. My 4h & 5h are definitely on the chopping block....I need to see about a 7w to replace my five and figure out what I can do for the resulting gap.
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