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  1. Well all I can add is that it does have me aiming more correctly and my misses are much closer than before , so they system works and I support it fully
  2. When being fitted they ask you if you like the alignment they put on and your eyes have a certain preference on how you view things , that’s why I said personal preference , then if you’re rolling the putt on line it is determined that’s the right item for you . It’s about what you see and what is comfortable that works but you determine what alignment your eyes like . It’s like target shooting , I know my aim and miss is always high right so I compensate by aiming low left . To me it’s what works and makes me confident standing over the putt .
  3. Your eyesight adapts to what you works for you , that’s why I called it personal choice, some people need no guidelines , some dots or one dot while others want more but it’s what you feel works for you , don’t you think ?
  4. I practiced some today by trying to putt through gates , it really showed how accurate the alignment I was attempting actually was . If a putt had to break to go through the gates it instantly showed how much I was over / under aligned with one putt. I learned to take or add adjustments more consistently, I’m constantly being schooled on the alignment and how to get better with the Edel Array
  5. During my fitting my alignment was better with the triple track lines which have helped me get the putter squared to the line but it’s probably personal preference.
  6. Back the last time I was fitted (2014) the fitter told me to always go to a solid metal milled face versus insert as the insert could differ from putter to putter . I’ve mostly been a solid face putter most of my life anyway
  7. Well it’s Monday morning and I hope everyone had a great weekend. Congrats to Nelly and I hope everyone has a victory today , no matter how big or small ! Be grateful, kind and blessed .
  8. After a terrible ball striking day the -F3 was a saving grace , I did not 3 putt today , first time in longer than I can recall , I chipped terrible , only had 2 that were inside 5 feet but managed to hole 3 putts over 30 feet for pars and bogey , I made every single putt under 10 feet and turned a high 80’s to low 90’s round into an acceptable 83 - my playing partners kept remarking on how well I was putting , it was remarkable to say the least . The Array alignment is making a believer out of me for sure so far .
  9. Already have my marching orders, a place called The Fish House in Tavares Fl so it’s all set
  10. Good Friday morning to one and all, been one of those days so far , awoke at 2:55 and couldn’t capture sleep again so it’s away we go ! 7:30 tee time , my blessed wife’s birthday today so it’s a full day culminating in dinner tonight at her choice. May you all have a super day , be blessed and kind !
  11. The F-3 has reduced my 3 putts significantly, I lay much that success to what the fitter told me , he said it would take much less effort to get the putts rolling and it’s accurate though I have missed some 3-5 footers that I firmed right through the break due to too much force
  12. Good morning y’all, heading for my gym session , then a walk ! Day is shaping to be busy and quite warm near or past 90° today , helping neighbor lady load her car as she leaves to return north , then help another friend with cart repairs . Another friend bought new weapons ( clubs ) and wants me to watch him hit them , offering input if I see something so I’ll be busy guy today . Please be kind , grateful and blessed !
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