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  1. Pretty impressed with Tiger's finish today! Aberg looked phenomenal on the second 9. Hopefully the leaderboard stays tight through the weekend!
  2. Practiced some tempo putting today. I set up a ruler with checkpoints at 5", 7", & 8" to ensure that when I take the club back farther the result is a putt that goes farther. Hit 50 putts. The tempo felt good, but there were about 10 mishits (maybe 12 even). I think my next putting practice is going to be a gate drill or something similar to reduce the mishits.
  3. It's impressive that you guys keep hitting your comment limits. I guess I'm not giving myself enough chances to win.
  4. These "First Major," "Azalea," and "Green and Yellow" giveaways are going crazy right now. What's going on? ***just kidding
  5. I finished my last two week tonal strength program and decided not to start another programs since we’re going away in a couple weeks. So, I did a golf strength and power workout this morning! It went well and I worked up a nice sweat!
  6. I promptly added the Avoda single-length irons to the What Brand/Products Do You Want to See for Member Testing 2024? thread!
  7. After Bryson's performance yesterday, you might as well add his 3D printed Avoda one-length iron set to the list of desired member testing opportunities. @Josh Parker shared the article below on the Master's thread. https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2024/04/11/masters-2024-bryson-dechambeau-3-d-printed-irons/
  8. It was wild how much more spin Max's bunker shot got vs. Tiger's on 18. Announcers said Tiger's call must've been down in the sand a bit.
  9. Yesterday I was in the lounge area of a Subaru dealership for 7 hours, waiting for my car to have recall work done, sitting in a chair that felt like high school bleachers. Having the app on my phone and noise cancelling headphones was perfect for that situation! I'll give the casting to the TV a try today! That reminds me, I could really use a TV in my office for about 4 weekends a year...
  10. Thanks for sharing the photos. That first photo is EPIC! Like front page of a magazine with an article explaining why you carry the flag EPIC! Congrats again on the 1/2 marathon finish!
  11. That looks awesome! Taylormade did a great job. Do you collect golf bags?
  12. I didn't hear that! That's wild that they just got approved on Monday! Very interesting concept and manufacturing (that they used 3D printing)
  13. I had the Amen Corner stream going on the Masters app pretty much the whole day, once things got going. It was a lot of fun to watch the same holes played by the whole field. I love the coverage that the Masters app provides!
  14. Not a tester here, but moving the weights on the Qi10 LS allows for a fade bias. Also reducing the heel weights on the Qi10 standard and Max models would provide a slight bit of fade biasing. From what I've read and heard is that the draw biasing on the Qi10 Max and standard isn't as drastic as other years.
  15. Wow! That is quite the overhaul! Were you fit for everything or decide it was time for new stuff?
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