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  1. Brother that wasn't any kind of attack towards you at all!! Just kind of a hot topic and I struggle to understand why it matters to another man if Joe Schmo shows up at fricken Arcadia Bluffs wearing a Toga for God's sakes??? I cannot imagine looking across a fairway and thinking "look what that man is wearing we need to stop him" it's just really odd and the kids that are coming up will be the members at our clubs when we are dead and gone and will they even join if held to what some 60 year old white guy says they need to wear??? I just think there are bigger fish to fry than worrying about how another person chooses to dress themselves. I mean a nice t-shirt and shorts has to look better than some of John Dalys golf clothes???? By the way I love John Daly but couldn't pull that look off myself
  2. Oh any club should absolutely have the right just as any employer has the right to ask his/her employees to wear uniform but should it be the take of the 60 year old conservative man or should maybe the times dictate which direction they go??? There will come a day when all of us conservative old dudes are dead and gone and when we've driven all the young people away who will keep up this silly tradition????
  3. So here is a thought for all of you who Insist on tradition being upheld and a dress code mandatory, You are well within your rights as an American to voice that take and that's a beautiful right to have, So my suggestion is if we choose to hold people down who cannot afford to change their wardrobe to suit the likes of others, let's go find a youth coach or talk to the powers that be at the club and make a nice donation to youth golf for those that cannot afford to go buy a couple "conforming" uniforms. To me it would be hard to offer a recommendation without providing a solution so this way everyone is good!! Surely anyone who needs these "standards" upheld can afford to help those who cannot afford too. Easy as can be!!!
  4. Well look at it this way man, At least you weren't dumb enough to leave your place on a sunny warm island to head back to NW Lower Michigan and trade your sunny an 80° for whatever this garbage is!!! There is a silver lining to everything but I'm struggling to find it this morning
  5. Quite a few kids in this world cannot afford 55 bucks for one outfit man!!! Shorts and a nice t shirt are 13 bucks at Walmart and if you or anyone else is triggered by a kid wearing a t shirt and shorts learning a sport that gets them away from video games I suggest some therapy because that's just bizarre. To you and me that's a nice cheap way to buy what we like but to many families in the US an extra 5t bucks is not an option
  6. Iam a music freak but the golf course is not the place for it although I have played plenty of solo rounds with air pods in my ears with music
  7. How you percieved me agreeing with you that irons are harder to compare due to the fact that forged irons from then until now haven't changed much is beyond me but I suggest reading it again
  8. Guest-0


    Man I loved it there!! Lived up at Sun Perch. I had met a Girl while stationed at Ft Polk just over the Louisiana line from Jasper and when I got out the first time I moved in with her and enrolled. Her family has a huge ranch in Timson TX and we had a blast!!!
  9. You don't buy what about forged irons??? I don't get it?? You think today's forged irons are much better than forged irons from 20 years ago??? If you think all of the twist is in the shaft I suggest looking into what happens to a head when it contacts a ball at 110 mph
  10. Guest-0


    Not sure what that story is but this one involves a guy who lives in Florida for the winter and doesn't normally come home until April but his goofy friends tell him it's sunny and 60 and they are playing golf already so the guy falls for it and heads north into a blizzard Thank God for my SIM
  11. Guest-0


    I have a really nice point cut in my cooler and will be putting it in the crock tomorrow morning as iam still traveling right now. Two hours to go and iam driving into a blizzard because iam stupid and listened to friends and headed home a month earlier than I should have!!!!
  12. The very best driver I've ever played is almost 10 years old now and that's hard to believe but when I say dispersion it is right to left and well as forward to back but left/right more than ever as the clubhead doesn't twist near as much on toe and heel strikes. If every shot I hit was center I suppose it wouldn't be as noticeable but I do not find the center as much as I would like to and that's the reason iam a 10 hdcp and playing a 4 iron off most tees on par 4 and 5s. You are correct with irons they have made really nice forged irons for quite awhile and there is only so much that can be done.
  13. Guest-0


    You are speaking my language man!!! Every Texan I've ever known can sling it!! Spent many years in and around East Texas and actually went to college in Nacogdoches. Not a huge fan of authentic Mex but Texmex is in my top 3 cuisines!!
  14. I watched Rick Shiels bring back some of the most iconic drivers of the last 30 years and the results were exactly what I suspected!! The gains were extremely minimal but in all fairness to the manufacturer when the PGA set forth the COR limits etc they were pretty much maxed out 20 years ago. The one thing they have undoubtedly made gains on is dispersion which I feel is much more important than distance anyway. It's a great video and fun to see sticks we used to own and have possibly forgotten
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