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  1. Good Morning Spies, welcome to non frozen weather for most of us LOL. Enjoy the links and have a great day. Cheers, Hit em straight if you can
  2. Big celebrations for the ABWC crowd
  3. Just when you think it is almost golfing weather, Chicago weather lets you know, not so fast LOL. This morning it was snowing, (just flakes) then it rained, then it was sunny and nice, not it's Hailing Gotta Love It!
  4. Will be very interesting to see if the new irons continue to have significant impact on Bryson's play. If he goes low again, this will send shockwaves through the tour. If he wins or even gets close everyone will be doing this. Might anyway. Interesting no one has thought of this before. He IS the Mad Scientist on tour LOL
  5. Hurry Up and Wait! Can't say I miss it , hopefully it's not too delayed.
  6. Good Morning Spies, Happy Friday to all, Let's watch some Masters. I think we are going to see some people go low today! Cheers, Hit em straight if you can
  7. So is anyone else thinking this might be why Tiger got a later slot? Still a short turnaround either way I think though, so we'll see. Would be nice to see him anywhere close on Sat.
  8. Good Morning Spies, Masters day AND a Smoke test opportunity? Wow, what a way to start the day. Was just working on some tweaks to the driver at my sim, wouldn't this be fun to test! Have a great day all, enjoy the spectacle and hit em straight if you can!
  9. Morning Spies, Another batch of snow today, kind of a mix so hopefully it doesn't hang around. Not quite there yet but we are getting closer, Have a great Wed and hopefully some good swings. Cheers and hit em straight if you can.
  10. Good Morning Spies, Hope your Tuesday is going well. If you are in the Northern Chicago area, we have a free advanced clinic on Trackman at the Highwood Private Fairway facility starting at 3, feel free to stop by if you are in the area. Otherwise have a great day, and hopefully get some good golf in. Cheers, and hit em straight if you can.
  11. Good Morning Spies, Doing some vocals today at a great recording studio up north of Milwaukee, Cherry Pit Studios. We did our last recording and it cam out great, even got a few sync on some television shows. The owner is a fantastic engineer producer so it's great working with him. This and golf are what keep me energized so looking forward to it. Hope you all have a great Wednesday and can get out and play today! Cheers and hit em straight if you can
  12. That would be awesome, would love to see some people from here stop in. Anyone on the site who is in the north chicago area, we are in Highwood, just let me know and you are welcome to take the place for a spin. We are doing well, been open a month and we have 17 members, about half what we max out at and looks like another from a trial today may sign up. Will see how things go over the summer, it is the slow time for this. Everyone who comes in loves the place. Cheers
  13. Good Tuesday Morning Spies, It's another rainy morning here in Sunny Chicagoland, but you can feel the temps not biting down as hard, we are getting closer. Besides, the swing can use some more work, so to the sim we go! Hope you all have a great day! Cheers and hit em straight if you can.
  14. Good Morning Spies, Still too cold for real golf here in sunny Chicagoland, so another day at the sim is in order. This AI swing analysis with the new Trackman update is really cool BTW. All the planes you could ever want, no Trains or Automobiles needed Cheers and hit em straight if you can.
  15. Good Friday Morning Spies, Hope you re all ready for the weekend, might even be warm enough here to get some outdoor golf. If not in to the sim we go. Have a great weekend, and hit em straight if you can.
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