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  1. I have an interesting followup question. How often do you buy a new golf bag? I have had my present ones close to ten years and a Ping Xtreme Hoofer that I use if I walk our local par 3 course, a lot longer.
  2. Even though I use a cart now, I have both. A Titleist 14 way cart along with a Titleist 14 way hybrid, which I use for my golf trips.
  3. I replaced mine every mid-February as I tend to start getting out end of February or March to start my year.
  4. Rory has one goal in mind, winning the Masters. If he wins, watch the numbers being offered to him by LIV which he will be surely tempted to take and probably will, since he will have his grand slam of majors.
  5. One of my favorite tournaments and golf course. Will be glued to the tv when it starts.
  6. I have Lamkin 360 full cord on my driver, while GP multi-compound on 3 and 5 woods, 4H, and 5-LW irons. Have always enjoyed the feeling of cord particularly in my left hand.
  7. I use three balls just to warm up with for a minute or two then just use one, just to get myself use to try and making a realistic putt as my tee time is approaching. Like to hear that sound when the ball goes in the hole right before I tee off.
  8. I have a better question as why is Woods involved. His playing days are basically over and unless he is the next commissioner his participation in PGATour matters should now be limited. I am sure Palmer and Nicklaus provided their insights to the commissioner(s) in the background but neither one was physically involved as their playing days ended. Bradley interpetation of the good old boys club is sounding more and more real in the overall picture of the PGATour.
  9. It may not be the longest but I am sticking with my Ping G430 SFT with stock CB Alta R shaft. Took me years to find a driver I have complete confidence in and not about to change.
  10. The LIV players are not complaining about what bed they made but how ranking points are awarded. If the OWGR can afford to give points to Tiger's Hero World Tournament of 18 players and no cuts, basically a laugh and giggle event, then a mathematical formula could have been afforded to LIV tournaments for entry into the majors.
  11. I am of the belief that there is still a pi$$ing match between Monohan and PIF/LIV. The OWR could have come up with a formula that would have satisfied all parties involved. The PGA of America took the first sensible step in special invites to their major. If Augusta National finds a way to invite LIV then I can see the USGA and R&A somewhere also providing routes into their championships. LIV players for the most part really are not interested in playing PGATour or DPWT events, even though both tours would benefit from appearances by LIV players.
  12. Was nice to watch it this morning and recognize some names and faces playing. Just love to watch then go through the Bear Trap and hoping for chaos and train wrecks.
  13. Golf will remain a niche sport and sooner or later the pendulum will swing away from people partaking in it. Plus Tiger Woods will run for president but be soundly defeated by the mad scientist, Bryson Dechambeau.
  14. Since I have reached my 70th decade on this earth, I am hoping I get the opportunity to shoot my age at least once before I depart.
  15. If I am flipping through the channels and come across it I might watch it but this seems like it shoud be a silly season event.
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