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  1. May the smartest person in the room win. Good luck Spies!!!! Cut Line will be +4 Low Am - Christi Lamprecht
  2. I plan on getting out Saturday. I am bringing one sleeve of each and that is all for my round. A true amateur test.
  3. my name is Thomas Erik Bell. I am 54 years young and plays 75% of my golf in Atlanta, Ga and I travel to Florida and Las Vegas at least once per year for the remaining 25%. I don’t have a USGA handicap but my 18 hole avg ranges from 88-102 depending on what group of friends I am playing with. I have a party group and a gambling group. My weakness is off the tee(only 2-3 fairways hit per round). My strength is greenside bunkers and that’s why my friends call me Trap King
  4. No pet peeves. Life is short and being outside on a golf course is my Heaven. No one can ruin Heaven!
  5. I keep 2 sets so I have a set for friends that come to visit if they don’t want to travel with their clubs. When I get a new set, 1 set is sold to someone in a group I play with or sold on FB Marketplace
  6. My Costco in Kennesaw, Ga is stocked.
  7. Only club safe in my bag is my PXG Bat Attack putter. I play Gen 3 woods and Gen 5 irons. I feel I am swinging pretty good now since I avg 85-90 every round. As an amateur…I am good with that. I definitely win a few skins no matter what skill level my competitors are bragging about. I don’t have a brand in mind but I will be renting and testing new clubs monthly until March. That is when Dad’s Bod Am Tour(our group of misfits) is in full swing we measure our by how many balls we lose
  8. While at home I play the same courses but when I travel it’s new courses only. Unless I am in Vegas or Phoenix then it’s a new course every other trip
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