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  1. Ha! I took it out yesterday, and I was only able to properly test it on #1. It added about 25 yards. But I didn’t epoxy it very well. The clubhead just spins around the shaft after that first shot. That was my first attempt at epoxy and club repair, so foolish mistakes are to be expected. I’ll now be putting my old SLDR head on the next go.
  2. Spoke too soon. Down by .15 points
  3. Ha! Unseated the king! If only for a day....
  4. Check Standings, then Season Stats.
  5. Did something happen to him, or are you just saying he’s fragile?
  6. The head is my brother’s old Ping G15. The shaft is the cheapest one I could find online - SILVER 48 INCH ACCUFLEX LONG DRIVE TOUR DISTANCE 48" $29 There is no grip lock. Standard mid-size grips from Golf Galaxy. $9
  7. Found the range today, and I was super impressed that the head didn’t fly off the shaft, but more so at how easy it is to hit this. Ball went MILES. Mishits were the same as the regular driver. Overall, a good investment, and worst case, I had some fun... It took a few swings to get used to it. I had to move the ball a little more forward in my stance, and it definitely flies higher and farther than the gamer. I normally play a stiff shaft, so based on my research I went up to X stiff. Seems to be working, but we’ll have to wait a while to see how it works on a real course.
  8. My brother and I were playing a round late last season when de decided to be a jacka$$ and throw his driver in front of me while I teed off. Unfortunately for him, I hit his driver with my tee ball and snapped the shaft clean off his driver. But I am making lemonade with his driver head. I bought a (very cheap) 48” shaft on Amazon. I removed his broken shaft, cleaned out the head, and put the new shaft in. I had to trim it slightly to be below 48” but here is my finished product. I’ll let you know the distance gains vs accuracy. My current gamer is 45”
  9. Never been, but my folks live nearby. We’ve talked about going to WGGOF. Let us know what you find.
  10. I’d love to play. I like the idea of majors being a huge part of the season scoring
  11. I am taking the 3w out of the bag this year. I used it rarely last season, but only because my 3i is so good. I’ll take the 3w out and add a second driver. My current gamer is 44.5” and I’ll be tinkering with a 48” shaft on the second driver. Not sure how that will work, but it should be fun to try.
  12. Just like golf....I put up a fight, but in the end, I got whipped by a better team
  13. 15th hole on my first round since injuring my neck. I flushed a 3 iron 250 down the middle. What made my day was: #1 - I didnt hurt myself. #2 - I shot my handicap, despite the time off. #3 - After that shot on 15, my playing partner said to me, “I really envy your iron game.” I’m back, baby!
  14. So, good news first. Had my best round of the season, shooting 74 from the tips to take 2nd place at the Golf Channel AmTour event. Stupid ruling cost me 2 strokes and the win. But I had a short game lesson the week prior, and it paid off. I sprayed the ball a lot, but I was getting up and down from everywhere. For the bad news, my arm starting hurting on 18 tee, and it just got worse from there. A few days and doctor’s office visits later, I found out I herniated two discs in my neck. So, my season is over. At least I went out on top (or close to the top). I’ll be back next year!
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