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  1. Just like golf....I put up a fight, but in the end, I got whipped by a better team
  2. 15th hole on my first round since injuring my neck. I flushed a 3 iron 250 down the middle. What made my day was: #1 - I didnt hurt myself. #2 - I shot my handicap, despite the time off. #3 - After that shot on 15, my playing partner said to me, “I really envy your iron game.” I’m back, baby!
  3. So, good news first. Had my best round of the season, shooting 74 from the tips to take 2nd place at the Golf Channel AmTour event. Stupid ruling cost me 2 strokes and the win. But I had a short game lesson the week prior, and it paid off. I sprayed the ball a lot, but I was getting up and down from everywhere. For the bad news, my arm starting hurting on 18 tee, and it just got worse from there. A few days and doctor’s office visits later, I found out I herniated two discs in my neck. So, my season is over. At least I went out on top (or close to the top). I’ll be back next year!
  4. HighFade


  5. I know I’m super late to this, but have to defend SkyTrak a bit. Overall, I agree with your assessment and it’s accuracy. In my research I heard of the delay, so I got a crazy fast PC to use with it (my son is a PC gamer). We got a good video card, lots of RAM, and a solid state hard drive. After I swing, I look up to the big screen TV, and about 1-3 seconds later, the image appears. In short - it’s not SkyTrak that’s slow. It’s all up to the PC you use.
  6. So I won my first GCAmTour event in 3 years. The official picture hasn’t been posted yet, but this is me drinking beer from the trophy. Driver wasn’t treating me well so I teed off almost every hole with the 3 iron. Kept it in play and putted well. Not a great score (81 in second flight), but good enough to win that day over 25 other players. Some jerk was upset that such a bad score won, but F him. Sore loser....
  7. The golf channel am tour opens in Denver this weekend. My brother will be in town so he and I will be teeing it up together (at different boxes). We will do a warm up at Red Hawk Friday. This is a must-play in the Denver area. Huge elevation changes and just a fun course. So glad spring had finally arrived!
  8. Yup. Gonna hit GVR next weekend and again on the 27th for the GCAmTour opener.
  9. The snow stopped us from opening the year last weekend. But we have begun this weekend! Gorgeous day, about 65° today. I’m not sure if I should be happy I hit 15 GIR or missed 15 birdie putts It’s a promising start, though.
  10. I’ll be at Green Valley Ranch Sunday the 31st at 10am. All welcome. Just PM me and I’ll add you to the tee time. So far it’s just me
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