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  1. Agree with stevens24. But of all those, Red Hawk prob is the best value. Scenic views, dramatic elevation changes, and cheaper fees
  2. Check out https://shop.skygolf.com/C-312-hitting-mats.aspx I got a mat from them in 2017. It still looks brand new and no pain at all, even on those steep ones. The feedback on fat ones is a much lower spin rate (usually less than half of normal). But you can definitely feel it when you hit it thin or drop kick it.
  3. I usually hit balls on my SkyTrak 30-60 minutes a day. Covid has really helped groove my swing....but I found the firmness setting the other day. So I set the conditions to “soft.” Now my wedges carry distance is farther than the total distance. #junk
  4. I hit everything so well today, it’s hard to pick. #14 - I hit a full SW from about 109 yards to 3 inches. (yes, I made the putt!) #18 - Standing on 18 tee, I am tied with two others for the lead. I knew I needed to birdie the 600 yard uphill, upwind par 5. A decent drive and second left me 180 out. I hit a decent approach shot, and that left me about 30 feet away. Of course, the two guys tied with me and about 40 others were loitering around 18 green, watching me come in, and everyone was expecting a playoff (myself included). But I drained my downhill, 30 foot double-breaker for the win!
  5. Points for honesty, but the way I see it, we don’t get free stuff here. We pay for it by writing an honest and thorough review, and by engaging with the community. Over the years, I’ve received literally thousands of dollars worth of goods. But I have tried to “earn” it each time.
  6. Tournament today (sitting in 3rd, still in the mix for tomorrow), 3rd hole, par 5 - I laid up to 120 yards. Put my wedge about 10 yards over the green on a steep slope. Gonna make for a tough downhill lie with not much green to work with. About 3-5 minutes later, as I walked up towards the green, the ball finally decided to roll down the hill and towards hole It stopped about 6 feet away, and I rolled in my 'routine' birdie!
  7. Antler Creek in Colorado at one time was ranked the 6th longest course in the world! I walked it a couple weeks ago with 25mph winds. My feet are still sore.
  8. I still have it, and maybe I'll try it a few ore times, but I just signed up for the GolfWeek Am Tour (Golf Channel Am Tour is GONE - story for another thread). So I will be practicing for those. But on my casual rounds, I might bring it out. For me, this was more an exercise in getting the clubmaking/repairing tools and tinkering during the cold months while I couldn't play.
  9. yeah, not a fan of Bryson. And I could never go to the single length clubs. I see the logic of consistency, but I can't bring myself to do that. But a good wide stance for stability and a single plane to swing on really works for me.
  10. After more than a few tries, I have given up on Frankendriver. I'm longer and more accurate with the standard length. Yeah, I get an occasional bomb in there, but it's not worth it. Solid contact with a regular driver is far better in the long run. Side note: my brother LOVES his, so i may have cost myself the Cup....
  11. Anyone toyed with a single plane swing? I tinkered with it back in the day when I first read the story on Moe Norman back in the 90’s. But I am moving back in that direction again. It just seems to fit me, and it’s so natural.
  12. It wasn’t mine, but it was definitely the shot of the day. Shortish par 3. I hit gap wedge to 15 feet (tap in for par). But my playing partner decides he needs to hit an 8iron!! He hits it 40 yards over the green and nails the side of some poor guy’s house. It bounces back towards the green and settles on the fringe. He chips to 12 feet and drained his par putt.
  13. I’m a little farther south. Closer to Colorado Springs, but denver does have most of the good ones. Arrowhead (play around massive rock formations - great views) Red Hawk ridge (for those who love elevation changes - and the views) Green Valley Ranch (tough, long, but lots of fun) Pelican Lakes (hidden gem way up north)
  14. Ha! I took it out yesterday, and I was only able to properly test it on #1. It added about 25 yards. But I didn’t epoxy it very well. The clubhead just spins around the shaft after that first shot. That was my first attempt at epoxy and club repair, so foolish mistakes are to be expected. I’ll now be putting my old SLDR head on the next go.
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