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  1. I’ll be at Green Valley Ranch Sunday the 31st at 10am. All welcome. Just PM me and I’ll add you to the tee time. So far it’s just me
  2. HighFade

    Ball Storage

    Great. We’re back in grade school. balls, shaft, club....
  3. HighFade

    Ball Storage

    I just learned a valuable lesson today. We got a light snow last night so there was no chance of hitting the links despite the warmer weather today. So I’ve been hitting my sim this morning. After about 50 balls or so, this happened. Then it occurred to me I’ve been storing my golf balls in the garage. Depending on the season, temps in there range from -5° to over 100°. That’s not too good for a golf ball. Word to the wise: store your golf balls in the house!
  4. Hidrake, I have the SkyTrak and the delay is NOT with the SkyTrak - It’s the computer. I built a fast computer and a dedicated wireless network for it, and there is almost no delay. Maybe 1-2 seconds at the very most. Personally the biggest difference was when I got the SSD hard drive. That made a world of difference.
  5. Normally I’d say winter sucks. And it does, but my sim helps. What a great investment. Also, my brother and I usually play every February in Florida with the parents. They’re something awful as players, but it’s always a great time. Headed out Friday, and I can’t wait.
  6. you make all very good intellectual points, (and an especially harsh, albeit accurate one above). And I understand they are playing the long game. But as the emotional fan that I am, it really sucks to lose a talent like that. Call him what you will - HOF, generational, whatever. It's just sad to see that one small glimmer of Raider Hope wearing another uniform. But at least he's not playing for Pittsburgh!
  7. He is a future hall of famer. No amount of picks will make up for that loss. Maybe 5 guys in history are/were as good. And I understand that the team would still struggle with him on the team (cuz we still suck in other areas). But to give that up for a CHANCE at getting good players? No thanks. Bad trade. It’s like poker. You’re betting on the come.
  8. I'm late to this party, but as a lifelong member of Raider Nation, I think this trade SUCKS!!!
  9. I'd be willing to bet you will improve your index AND enjoy the game just a little more. Scoring well is always fun! I liken it to the beginner who always uses rental clubs and buys his first set. Just the consistency alone will shave 2-3 strokes off your game. I think you'll miss the shiny things - until you see your scorecard. Good luck!
  10. Thanks guys! I was going to watch anyways, but now I have a little skin in the game. I might have to print out my answers so I can track my progress...
  11. Forgot to mention that....you will want a very nice, fast computer. IPad will work but it can’t be old. And even then there will be a lag time after you hit to display the shot on the screen - up to 10 seconds waiting for it to render. I ended up building a custom PC dedicated to it. It will be incredibly slow if you don’t have a very good graphics card, fast hard drive and RAM.
  12. I tried a couple different ones. Ended up with the WGT. I was not interested in the online play. 99% of the time I just use the range. Also got the mat from Skytrak too. A bit pricey at $400, but it’s been a year and it’s hikding up nicely
  13. Good choice. I got one last year. You won’t be disappointed
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