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  1. It's been fun and interesting to watch the scores change from one 9 to the next and from day one to day two. That said, my team went from 13-under this morning to even at the end of the day. I guess that's golf for ya...
  2. That's interesting that the 4-wheel is sagging. My 3-wheel cart is still mostly functional, the issue I have is the velcro doesn't hold the bag in place anymore like it used to. Was hoping newer models with different style straps would be better... outside of the sagging wheels do you prefer the 4-wheeler over your previous 3 wheeler?
  3. Good morning Spies! If you don't have the Masters on one monitor while 'working' using your second monitor... well, you should be. Haha. That's what Im doing today. The less than great weather today will keep me from getting to the course, but the weekend is looking good for it! Have a fantastic day everyone!!
  4. Been considering replacing my 3-wheel bag boy push cart. I think it is maybe 10-12 years old or more, I've had it what seem like forever... I spent a few minutes perusing 4-wheel carts, not sure if I want to go that route but, maybe. The biggest challenge with my current push cart is that it has velcro straps that are pretty much worn out and don't hold all that great... Those of you with 4-wheel carts - Yay or Nay? Anyone go from a 3-wheel to a 4-wheel cart? Opinions? I did read the MGS article review, but am curious what actual users have experienced.
  5. Good morning MGS. A dreary day here in the middle of the mitten state. Chilly, windy and rainy but that's ok - was able to play golf the last 2 days. While there isn't any golf on the docket today, there is plenty of work meetings, and a bunch of heads down paperwork today... may you all have a fantastic day!
  6. After the first few sessions I did move the loft/lie but the difference/change was minimal. The weight difference (65g vs 75g) is noticeable to me. A part of me wonders if the lack of weight is enough to cause my swing to be more OTT causing the slice swing path.
  7. Ahwile back I posted that I had picked up a Ventus TR Black 6X shaft to try in my TSR3. I had read somewhere that a lighter shaft could increase club head speed. Figured why not, I'll give it a shot. Sure enough 6X shaft avg's a few MPH more than my Ventus TR Black 7X. (All measurments with the PRGR.) Awesome, or so I thought... First few range sessions with the 6X, ball is slicing left - and not by a little, Im talking 40 yard banana slice. Try as I might to hit that shaft/head combo where Im aiming, wasn't happening. So, I decided the last couple range sessions to bring the 7X along. Previously I left the 7X home so as to not be tempted during the transition phase. Sure enough, start with the 6X, ball going left. 5 consecutive swings. Put the 7X on, takes about 3 swings then ball flight is as expected, little fade but can turn it over if I try to. Back to the 6X, all left. Swap the 7X in again, ball going at target. Rinse/repeat for a few sessions. So, today was a pre-league season scramble (warm-up) event. Couldn't bring myself to even try the 6X shaft. Drove the ball the way I normally do/expect to do all day. Anyone else have similar experience trying to go to a lighter (or maybe even heavier) shaft? Just curious. TBH I was really surprised by the drastic difference. I was not expecting that much of a difference. <shrug>
  8. Welcome Tim and Rob to MGS! It is a great forum with tons of wonderful information. A whole bunch of camaraderie on here as well. Hang out, peruse, and jump in on any of the threads you like. You can kill a lot of time on here - and that isn't a bad thing!!
  9. Interested to see your pics from this. I have been using the C130 bag forever and never noticed this rub. My rounds are 50/50 riding/walking. When i walk i use a bag boy push cart that ive had forever. I dont see any shaft rub marks but I do swap clubs perhaps more than most. Definitely gonna keep an eye on this now. Ha.
  10. I've always been a TT DG S400 player and they are the go to whenever I try anything new. That said, last season I tried the AMT tour white X100. Got them early in the season and am going to stick with them this season. Not sure they're better than the S400 but the difference might be negligible.
  11. It's afternoon now but hello fellow Spies! Today is my wife and my 22nd wedding anniversary! No golf today for us, too much going on with the family. We did get to celebrate yesterday with a day date. Good food, some axe throwing fun, and an entire day with the woman of my dreams! May you all be blessed today!
  12. Welcome to MGS Michael! You'll find this is an awesome group with a bunch of fantastic people! - Brian
  13. Ladder drill putting practice for me. Hoping to out to the course this week!
  14. Cut: +2 Low am: Shipley First event here for me, think I followed all the rules correctly... looking forward to seeing how it goes! Spring is here - Yay!
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