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  1. I’ve been using the Mevo+ with The Stack for almost a year. The integration between the two makes speed training a breeze!
  2. For anyone/everyone out there looking to buy a Mevo, where are you going to buy it from?
  3. The MEvo+ allows you to do a "swing training session" which will give you swing speeds without a ball. It also integrates with The Stack System. I am not sure if the regular Mevo has this feature but I can check.
  4. I would start at the Mevo+. Not sure what your budget is, but you can get a new one with the pro package for around $2,500
  5. I got bored with the speed sticks and lost motivation. The app for The Stack is awesome and tracks everything for you. I have it synced with a Mevo+ which makes the whole thing a breeze.
  6. I switched over from speed sticks to the stack. I used promo code STACK10 which worked for me. Didn’t realize I could trade in my sticks.
  7. 1) National Golf Links of America 2) Shinnecock Hills 3) Fishers Island 4) Pebble Beach 5) Kiawah (Ocean) 6) The Creek 7) Sleepy Hollow 8- Winged Foot 9) Mid Ocean 10) Garden City
  8. @Bradka13 gotcha. Have you seen the current specials on the Mevo? You can get it for $380 with coupon code M15. That’s a steal!
  9. @phitaumatthewgotcha. Makes sense. I’m sure you saw this already, but you can save an additional 15% on the Mevo with coupon code “M15”. It would come out to only $380 right now which is a steal!
  10. How would I know if the stack system is hurting my on course swing? I’ve seen some good gains using the stack, but my last round was a ball striking nightmare. My usual miss off the tee is a swiped fade/slice, but I had the two way miss going off the tee with some snap hooks and slices. I also had some long irons where I hit horrible push slices. I had a bad range session as well, which is rare. Is there a telltale sign to know if it can be due to speed training? Or could it become a shaft/equipment issue with higher speeds? I’ve heard that snap hooks off the tee could be due to a shaft not being stiff enough. But the pushed iron shots don’t really make sense. It could be a hands/clubface issue since you are not squaring the “face” with the stack system. This could lead to the open face/push/slice, with the snap hooks coming in due to overcompensating. Again, this is all a guess, but if this is caused by the Stack then it’s not worth the extra speed and distance. I hit two fairways my last round, and one of them was a low heeled shot that just happened to go straight.
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