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  1. Almost never a "mistake" in buying equipment lol. I will say that buying equipment off the shelf has become a mistake of mine. After getting fitted and learning how much that it affects your game, I will not buy anything stock again. (Unless it fits of course) Biggg promoter of more gear though. Just gives you all the more reason to golf and test equipment.
  2. I think "ideal tempo" for me is a 24/7. If you are on Instagram check out tourtempo. He is a great asset in explaining this 24/7 measurement and tempo in general. I learned with a 3 tone chime. It that starts one ping on your takeaway, one at the top of your swing, and a ping at impact. This is strictly used for tempo/timing of the swing overall. Everyone on tour, like amateurs alike, have different swings and tempos. I have sat all day on instagram and youtube before watching tempos and deciding what feels and fits my style/swing best. Check it out and let me know!
  3. Looks great, mechanically speaking! What is your launch angle and spin rates? (Editing) I can see your spin rate is down lowww ~2krpm. Thats awesome. I think Im missing where launch angle is but again, looking at it, the swing looks dialed! I say that as I found about 10-15 yards by focusing on the hitting up on the ball as well as moving to a lower spinning ball. I swing a TSi2 with an AVX. the TSi head actually made me lose some yards but I found it to be a fairway finder.
  4. Currently very busyyy! I am moving from Richmond, Virginia to Pensacola, Florida, I just picked up a new REMOTE job (good for golf 🙂 ), and I will be getting married September 21st this year. All the while, golf has held it together like a glue. Thankful for this community and team. All the love spies!

  5. I love that you still have the love for the game. That will go a long way for anyone looking to lower scores. I went from a 10 to a 5 pretty much only due to my putting. Learning to eliminate the 3 putts have been monumental for shaving 4-5 strokes a round. I'm no putting savant but 1 three putt a round compared to 5 improves the swing confidence s well as the score. I had a long time member at my course present me with the idea of working backwards on my overall game improvement. Start on the greens with putting, move to short game and bunker play, work the wedges in, then irons, and then woods/drivers. I have dropped as low as a 2 handicap with this method on my own and plan on taking the next step into scratch golf with a more formal golf coach by year end. Keep us updated on progress! Enjoy the ride!
  6. This Bronze finish is badasss, not sure I've ever seen it!
  7. Pensacola Country Club: Oldest Private club in Florida. Pros: Beautiful grounds. A lot of amenities. Supposedly a great group of players and great staff. Conditions look pristine. Track looks like a true links style course. Cons: Country Club... not exactly interested in the social side of the country club benefits so that is a con for me. My wife may like it though so I will still take a look. Expensive lol
  8. Marcus Pointe GC: Semi-Private GC in Pensacola,FL. Plays 6100yd but tips out at 6600yd. Pros: Still close enough to home (~30min). Classic course layout with some great wooded areas surrounding the course. A membership is ~$1,300 a year, such a great deal! Interested to see the facilities and the upkeep. Cons: The course does not look extremely challenging but only a play through will tell! I have seen a couple comments that the course is packed, again, only a play through will tell.
  9. Tiger Point GC: Public course in Gulf Breeze. 6600yds and tipped out at 7050yds. Pros: Very close to my residence which would be nice about 20 min around the island. Budget comes in at 425$ a month, 5,100 a year, very reasonable. Range access, club events, and 10% in pro shop. Course looks challenging but still a good fit. Cons: Sounds like it has more than the usual pedestrians using the course. (Walks, Dogs, kids, fishing, etc..) I don't mind this as much as long as no one is destroying the course. Must have good scenery! Will update once played
  10. Hello Spies!! I am here yet again for the most valuable knowledge I can attain. I am making a big move due to my wife's work. We are moving from Richmond, VA to Pensacola, FL. I work a remote job so I couldn't be happier to become a Florida Native. Florida is a golfers dream and who doesn't love warmer weather right? As MGS is a well versed group, I am hoping to get insight on the courses in the area!!! From what I can tell on a brief internet search there are some awesome tracks in the area. Tiger Point Golf Club (Ideal as we are going to live on the beach), Lost Key Golf Club, Stonebrook Golf Club, Perdido Bay Golf Club, Marcus Pointe Golf Club, and Tanglewood Golf Club Ultimately my priorities are: 1) Personality/relationship of members (I make all my friends through golf so finding the most enjoyable group is my #1 goal) 2) Conditions/layout of course (Doesn't need to be championship maintenance but I would like it to be worth the price) 3) Location relative to Pensacola Beach (Furthest Im willing to commute to course is 35min. Doing it currently and not always fun) 4) Budget ~ 6-7k per year (27yo so hopefully will get the young professional rates) Mostly posting here for opinions in the area and to give some updates on the decision/process throughout the next 2-3 months.
  11. Hell yeah, I appreciate it gentlemen! I will hopefully get this project completed this weekend. I will update once complete.
  12. So my current wedges have S300's in them! I was not exactly looking at that until you mention flex. So the stiffness would actually remain the same for wedges. I went up in stiffness for irons so they could keep up with swing speed. Yes, @StrokerAce it is a pain in the a** being tall lol, everything becomes very custom. Irons are 2deg upright and 1" extended, hence the toe down theory. For the ease of doing it I feel like that might be the path I take. @cnosil I was thinking of sticking the 8i in my 52 and then walking down those shafts from there. 9i to 56 and PW to 58. So, is the length determined in the butt then? Like is trimming the butt the standard? I know in drivers sometimes you trim the tip to get a different shaft profile. Probably an entirely different idea with a graphite shaft but basically an extension is the real ask here. Do we think an extension is sufficient? The ones I saw at PGA superstore are like a plastic insert, I was imagining another metal sleeve you shove down there. Just want to be able to commit to a full wedge shot and not have in the back of my head there is a plastic piece in my hand.
  13. I missed your reply yesterday! To start, the wedge I am going to start with is an older Oil Can Vokey 52deg. The shafts are .355 diameter out of my iblades. I believeee that the Vokey's have always been the .355? Quick google search "confirmed" that but I could be wrong. Why not buy the wedge flex? Simply put, I am trying to save a couple bucks. Expensive sport, and just dropped a lot of mula into my new irons and putter. (worth it though of course) If you think it's a waste of time I am open to that feedback lol. As I stated above, I am handy enough to execute the change but just not confident it is the proper swap. In the grand scheme of things, I am looking to get my 52 deg and 56 deg lengthened/reshafted to fit until I can get professionally fitted for wedges next year. Saving 4-5 hundred for that purchase.
  14. No gloves for me! My buddies always give me crap for it but I feel like it takes some of my feel away. I see it as adding another variable between you and the club. Sometimes that glove can get mushy and sweaty and you have to trust it wont slide but definitely can. Then there is a whole financial reasoning too it lol. The amount of money I have saved on gloves has probably covered the cost of a few clubs. I played 85 rounds last year so having a glove last as long as 5 -10 rounds could cost me up to 150-250 dollars. It's surely up to the individual though, if you like the feel without then play your game! Fred Couples doesnt wear a glove so neither do I!
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