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  1. @StrokerAce we fell into some box seats at the Colorado Eagles first round, game 1 game! The son unit got em for us!!! The u8 kids during 1st intermission.
  2. We need pics or it didn’t happen!!! Love ya brother!
  3. This is a little better. Had a birdie, a double, and two bogies….skirted on the edge of being perfect except the double because of water.
  4. I have all the carriers apps and a shop app that tells me when I have a package on the way. Too many porch pirates these days.
  5. @SDGolf619 I agree with @Javs here on this one. I was struggling with similar issues at the start of the season, so I invested $100 to take a fitting/lesson. My spousal unit helped by finding an award winning fitter/pro and in one session fixed my swing issues. If you lived in the Colorado area I’d recommend Collindale Academy in Fort Collins; however, there are some good pros in CA. I’m sure. On the shaft aspect (the most important aspect of the club in my opinion) you jumped quite a bit in weight which will throw off torque, stiffness, weight distribution, and swing speed. That can and probably will change your AOA and face angle, which changes launch angle and ball spin. All this and more is why @Javs is right.
  6. I have a package coming from Pennsylvania on the 25th @rkj427 and @StrokerAce. Do you guys have the same? It’s coming USPS.
  7. I’m hoping the 9ers upgrade the offensive line. The game is won or lost in the trenches. Other than Trent Williams the o-line for the 9ers is average at best. They need a better line to keep up the dominance! Bang Bang Niner Gang!!!
  8. I thought of this tee when I saw the grumpy pic. The spousal unit is always buying me awesome tees. Then I realized this tee didn’t have grumpy in it.
  9. Happy Hump Day MGSTroops! Got to play yesterday and had a pretty good time. It was a scramble day but scored better than I played. Today is a good day for grumpy old men like me. This is tomorrow and we old grumpy men expect recognition!!!! Have a nice day!
  10. I got out and played! woohoo! Not a great round, but fun just the same.
  11. Brother I hear ya spitting those facts!!! Worse than a spousal unit gasping and trying to put her hand through the roof is when you have both the spousal and daughter units in the car. The gasps are in stereo and they’ve almost synced their hands hitting the roof! This creates a scary scenario only known by married men who have daughters that are of driving age; and only happens when men drive with both female units in the vehicle.
  12. Good Tuesday morning to you! Trying to get my poop in a group, but it’s not happening. Los poopies are running wild! It does make for a great morning to see los poopies so happy! Oncologist was awesome yesterday and the spousal unit is happy with her. Never look back only forward…we have a good team of doctors assembled. Positive energy out in the universe! I hope to get some golf in this week. Probably tomorrow, but you never know. Hope all is well for you and yours! Happy birdie hunting! Have a blessed Tuesday!
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