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  1. I just happened to have picked up the Bushnell icon elite in black a month or so back and it works great for give shot distance and giving distance to hazards and green. I just wish it had a step counter since I walk half the time instead of ride
  2. My moneys on furniture also but probably patio kind. I had the same issue two weeks ago and it was all mostly home décor “omg babe it was all on sale and it’s so cute since it matches our farmhouse ”… woman, it’s always all on sale was not the right answer.
  3. Morning spy’s. Nice rainy Sunday morning and I should be out testing the Galway bay rain suit but I am on mandatory OT to cover a callout 6a to 6p at least it’s all going this next check cause that ot is FAT. But if I can get to the range before close I’m hitting a few and testing I got my suit and wedges in my danger ranger just waiting to be used
  4. For me they are just like my normal pga tour pants, they barely ride up or come above my ankles. Kneeling down at first I thought was tight but once I stood up and readjusted and knelt down again it was perfectly comfortable. I do wear a knee brace on a daily basis due to aggressive arthritis in my left knee but it never bothered or hindered the pant leg at all. Overall I’m highly impressed with the quality and fit.
  5. Congratulations on the ace!!! And I like the black, I went with blue and am not disappointed
  6. 73526651165__7F1BDA36-40AD-4607-8F79-D8143DA5474E.MOV Ok golf spy’s here’s a few pictures and a couple of videos if they upload. First opinion, it is made from some very nice quality material’s. I like the close over stitching that hides the seams and you can’t feel while wearing the garments. It is very breathable yet blocks the wind so I can only imagine how dry you will stay during a rainy day. I chose the blue and am not disappointed, it has a slight shine to it that I can only assume is from the materials it’s self. The inside band at the waist is stretchy and the Galway Bay logo is a rubber material that will help keep the shirts tucked in and has a double button on the front that will help keep the pants secure around your waist and not falling to you knees. The pockets are nice and deep that can accommodate a cellphone or gloves and a few balls or in my case a small note pad that I doodle the course and write pros or cons of the hole just played. There is also a small ball marker pocket on the front of the pants that just seems pretty nifty. The jacket fits nicely and can be snugged up with the waist draw strings and has the same cover over stitching on the inside. There are three nice size pockets on the front but none on the inside which I believe would have been nice. The cuffs are Velcro secured style and the front zipper is hidden by Velcro tabs to keep the inside dry I would assume. I just received the package today and have only just tried it on and did a few laps outside around the house to see how the movement felt and how much it will stop wind and so far I am impressed. The only rating I can give today is a 10/10 for the quality and feel. This weekend they are calling for rain so I will be able to give a water test and my rating on that when it comes. Till then I’ll keep y’all updated
  7. Just received an email with all tracking information and the rain gear should be here this Friday!! Can’t wait to post an unboxing and first try on
  8. Update: just got my email confirmation from Galway bay. Tracking info should be coming next
  9. Well it’s only a 4 hour drive or so from charlotte lol you can make it
  10. Thank you and I am seriously considering changing my name to it lol
  11. Good morning spy’s happy Friday. Hope everyone has a good weekend, it’s my long work weekend but have my tee time set for 1pm on Monday at Carolina Colours and that’s all I need to look forward too lol. Also it’s just me so if anyone is local and wants to play just call and add on, if you go through golf now it’s $40 after green fee and tax.
  12. Just to be back in fl for a few day I may take ya up on that lol
  13. Just purchased a combo set of taylormade stealth irons with 3 & 4 hybrids to go with my new to me stealth plus driver. And looking at a new pair of “actual” golf shoes instead of my converted sneaker with golf spikes. Leaning towards adidas but footjoy has some nice ones
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