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  1. Todd, UT Draw a line with a tool and a sharpie Titleist ProV1 Alignxl personalized red line text: TJ
  2. Todd, Utah 6.5 handicap Current irons are Callaway Apex Pro's 175 yard carry distance Thanks for this great opportunity.
  3. Todd, Manti, UT I'd love to test one out. I currently have a Bushnell V2 rangefinder AND I use a Garmin X40 watch, as I like front/back yardages and exact distance to the flag.
  4. I just gave it a try and my experience was smooth. Good price, fast shipping.
  5. First Name/City, State: Todd, Manti, UT Handicap/SS: 7, 100 Current hybrid model Played: 19* Callaway Apex What loft you think you would choose and why: 19* because it would replace my current yardage gap.
  6. Todd Manti, UT 105 mph Srixon Z Star xv Never tried or used a Snell ball, but heard good things.
  7. Todd UT Odyssey O-Works Tank #1 Strength and weakness at times... (Can be either depending on the day, love to make it just a strength with some consistency.)
  8. That's some great picking by the winners. Congrats!! Well done.
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