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  1. Congrats to you lucky testers. This is a good one, can't wait to read your thoughts
  2. Bottom line is that something needs to change for JT. Whether it's coaching, Bones, or just getting away and resetting. I think he'll have a little time to reset after this week, especially if he missed the top 70.
  3. Thank you. I hope it does too!
  4. I tied with you. First time this season in the top 10, or even near the top 10.
  5. I seem to have the same issue. IF those players only knew the power I have to jinx them, they would pay me to NOT select them in the contest.
  6. I seem to be so bad at this, every single major. But....I'll keep trying
  7. I'm afraid I'm out for 2021. Just can't seem to keep up on it. Sorry.
  8. I just gave it a try and my experience was smooth. Good price, fast shipping.
  9. @Apolloshowl...No need to worry. You smoked me down the stretch.
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