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  1. I'm afraid I'm out for 2021. Just can't seem to keep up on it. Sorry.
  2. Todd, Manti Utah 10.5 Puma PWRADAPT CAGED Comfort with traction
  3. Todd - Manti, UT Right Handed Driving Iron - UiHi 18* - KBS Tour V Stiff - First choice Driving Iron - UiHi 18* - KBS Tour V-X-Stiff - Second Choice 6.6 ghin handicap Currently play a Cobra hybrid
  4. Todd, UT, USA Odyssey O Works #1 Interested in the Tyne 3. Used to have the Odyssey #7 and loved it. This looks like I might light that style/shape again!
  5. Todd in Utah I currently use the Garmin Approach S40 watch I use my watch mostly, but I do have a rangefinder to get more accurate data for hazards, tree line, etc...
  6. Todd/ Manti, UT I putt on a perfect practice matt about 3 times a week then, at the course right before I play for about 5 min. According to my Arccos stats, I 3 putt 10.9% of the time. I like the idea of having putting practice be fun, yet real and informative so I will practice more often.
  7. Todd, Manti, UT Draw on my own line or use the alignment on the ball already on from manufacturer. Srixon Z Star XV
  8. Manti, UT Callaway Org 14 I look for plenty of room, storage space, easy access to pockets, not too heavy, and works on a cart and will still fit my clicgear. 14-15 way divider. I need space for drinks and snacks, with easy access to the valuable pocket. I would also like it to be water resistant if not waterproof. Valuable pocket should be waterproof.
  9. Todd / UT 7.3 Callaway Apex Pro irons 185...but at 5000 Ft above sea level
  10. Todd, UT Draw a line with a tool and a sharpie Titleist ProV1 Alignxl personalized red line text: TJ
  11. Todd, Utah 6.5 handicap Current irons are Callaway Apex Pro's 175 yard carry distance Thanks for this great opportunity.
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