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    mesadude reacted to GolfSpy_KFT in What is your golf pet peeve?   
    Echoing the sentiments of comments already made by @Josh Parker & @GolfSpy_BEN, slow play, whether it is blatant or ignorant bliss, is by far what irks me the most on the course. It throws me out of a rhythm and annoys me to the point that sometimes I am better off just walking off or strictly treating the remainder of the round as practice. 
    Watching a foursome on the green where three who are not putting stand around, then line up their putt only when it is their turn, irritates me to no end!!!
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    mesadude reacted to GolfSpy_BEN in What is your golf pet peeve?   
    Along this vein, watching a slow-playing foursome in front of you all search for a lost ball. The absolute worst.
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    mesadude reacted to Josh Parker in What is your golf pet peeve?   
    Waiting on the group in front of me and watching them not understanding ready golf.  I played this past weekend and the group in front of us had 3 carts they wouldn't drive over to their ball across the fairway and waited for the first cart to hit before going to theirs.  
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    mesadude reacted to TSauer in What is your golf pet peeve?   
    Whether it be with mannerisms or course layout or something else that just drives you nuts... What is it?
    I'll start, mine is when people aren't ready to hit when it's their turn. I used to golf with one of my father-in-law's friends and every time it was his turn to hit, he would still be in the cart carrying on conversation, finishing a smoke, and just oblivious to everything else going on. Needless to say, I don't golf with him anymore.
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    mesadude got a reaction from cksurfdude in Does anyone walk anymore?   
    I walk every Wednesday at a walking 9-hole course here in Central Florida. Love walking golf! Most of the courses here are too large to walk though, so having a walking course nearby is nice.️

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    mesadude reacted to verojoe in Does anyone walk anymore?   
    Just wondering if there any walkers left. I recently returned to the joys of walking the course. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the idea of leaving the cart behind and playing in a much more relaxed state of mind. Also, it seems to me that I play better when walking. Anyone else enjoy putting one foot in front of the other when playing?
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