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  1. Perhaps only slightly golf related. Several years ago, I had an opportunity to go on a golf trip courtesy of the fine folks here at MyGolfSpy. On that trip, I made a couple of friends, but one in particular has been a truly great friend in the years since. I won’t name names, he knows who he is. Tonight, I had a brutal reminder that life is short, as a friend was killed in a random traffic crash. And it reminded me. Do not pass up the moments to remind dear friends what they mean to you. The opportunities may never return. In addition, a reminder to share with others. Do NOT let those moments pass. And to the person in question. You know who you are. Thanks for being that friend.
  2. dru_


  3. I am sitting here reading the thread and thinking to myself, 'did I miss something?'. Terry Kohler is still at Ben Hogan Golf ( essentially Ben Hogan is SCOR branded in a more palatable manner for golfers ). The Equalizer wedges are evolutions of the SCOR 4161 Wedges, they even retain the V-Soles. Hogan still does the demo wedges where they will send them to you and let you test them on your course for 14 days. Based upon all of that, it would seem that what TK is saying is 'Yeah Bounce is misunderstood and wedge fittings have value, but come try my wedges'. And FWIW, you really should try the Equalizer wedges, because that are, as advertised. I love mine.
  4. Haven't seen it in person, but I absolutely love my Ringo
  5. I'd be game. I'm just now start to rebuild my run fitness after having been derailed the last two seasons with injuries (and life). I'm already on Strava, so just let me know the group name.
  6. Yeah, retired the TMag's and replaced them with a set of Hogan Ft Worth's. If I could have made a putt to save my life, it would have been a very good round. Sadly, I couldn't make a putt at all. You know it's bad when the guy you are playing with wonders how many lip outs you've had in a single round. I was ---->
  7. Because I haven't had a chance to go out to practice with them and have only been able to play league rounds since they arrived. Pathetic.... So, today, I man up and take them out to play in league round... I still haven't had a chance to take them to the range or course for any practice.
  8. Getting people to accept it will present some challenges.
  9. dru_


    So I actually expected someone else to pop in and give me serious s*** about this . I'm actually more of a cyclist than a runner, as I only log about 1000 miles a year running, typically doing between 6-8 races a year ranging in distance from 5k to 50k. However, I typically hit between 5-10k miles a year on my bikes. ( usually a little bit more than I put on my car ). That said, when traveling and drinking entirely too much, I find the 5am morning run to be the best way to clear the remaining alcohol from the system. I know there are a couple of guys around here who can attest to this, having seen it first hand
  10. dru_


    Yes. I run a bit. Find that it's a good way to keep the body strong, and the mind focused. It's also an effective hangover solution.
  11. That's just my point though. He brings fans to. the game, both those that have kept watching and playing *and* those that left. So long as he is bringing people to the game, I don't care if he succeeds or not, only what he does for the game itself.
  12. Does any of it matter really? If he plays well and returns people to golf, do we actually care?
  13. This is such an odd can of worms. Just to play the game, I play a TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB. Off the hip, I would estimate an expected carry average of 165. Based upon the last season of data, ( about 35 rounds ), the 7i is my 2nd most frequently used club ( my 56* SW is #1 ). Those same stats show that I average 174 with the 7i, but there are some crazy outliers in there, with a short of 89, and a long of 211. Now, that said, my miss this season has been a bladed pull, which trends far longer. Needless to say, what our brains tell us, and reality are not often that close.
  14. I used to play forward most of the time, but found that it hurt me more than it helped, so I play back one in front of the tips. My problem is that I am really not very good in a very specific range (65-100 yards), and I've found that when I play forward, I am almost always playing those approach shots, while playing back, I'm at 105-125 yards which is a MUCH better distance for me. So this is where I play, and having moved back, my handicap is *finally* trending back to where it was and should be, after having ballooned while playing up.
  15. What days are you playing? I we are sans kids for the week. I might steal the wife away for a couple of days and run to the beach....
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