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  1. I read that too, but after about 20 rounds with them, my 7i distances continued to reflect it's use for the little half swing punches...
  2. Sorry, posted this, and then got sucked into a honeydo project that has eaten my life for the last month or so. The problem for me and the Arccos system is not any one thing, but death by a hundred cuts. Must carry the phone in the front pocket ( the newer device that removes this requirement wasn't available yet ) Because the phone uses the microphone you cannot use headphones while the app is active The Apple Watch app was prone to crash/disconnection ( other apps do not suffer this, Golfshot, GolfGameBuddy, The Grint, etc ) The screw in sensors had an odd fitment with the midsize Lamkin grips I used that led them to backing out over time and creating a pinch point gap Putting required frequent adjustments. Managing penalty strokes is a bit painful. The system always assumes full swings, and thus distance data is skewed, rendering many of its tools ineffective. The system is, sadly, tied to GPS data and suffers for accuracy in heavy canopy areas ( ALL of north GA ). Ultimately, what broke the camels back for me was the the mix of trying to deal with the myriad of quirks in the system. Knowing what I do now, I realize that many of the quirks can be solved by using the combination of the Caddie Link and the Smart Grips, a $300 investment, with a $100 recurring subscription is a pretty stout cost of entry for something that still requires a good bit of babysitting if you want to realize the benefit of the analytics behind the system.
  3. .. to like the Arccos Golf system. It is such a great idea in theory. It sounds amazing, but it just isn't quite there yet, and that is coming from a tech-nerd that is perfectly willing to deal with some of the things....
  4. So, oddly, swing speed, and nature of impact with my swing. I don't have an ego on this, I just want to play golf and keep the ball in the fairway. The problem for me is launch angle. No matter what shaft, or SGI I've tried, we cannot get the launch angle down to even remotely reasonable numbers. For example, right now, I am playing a blade ( Hogan Ft Worth's ). My 4i is a 210yd club, that launches high enough, and with high enough spin rates, that my carry is 195+, and unless it is landing on a hard green it's just not going to roll out, and that's with a setup that was tweaked to try and get launch angles down, and a swing rebuild to get to a point where I hit down on the ball, but still... I'll keep trying, because I could really use the forgiveness, particularly when I start to fatigue.
  5. Dude, you spelled that wrong. It's DREADmill. Not Treadmill. I have no idea where the word treadmill came from but it is a bald faced lie along the lines of the check is in the mail.\ and I'm from the government and I'm here to help
  6. IIRC, with Fitbit, you have to connect it manually on the Strava side. https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/216918087-Syncing-between-Strava-and-Fitbit ( note it does not go back in history though ) History can be done by exporting the files as .tcx files though.
  7. I hate running. I do it. But I'm not a fan :). But the bike... I have a a serious N+1 problem :).
  8. I'm not fast ( well running at least ), but I'm not afraid to do it. a lot. sobriety be damned.
  9. lol, just remember, Golf is just one of my damned expensive hobbies :).
  10. I am fairly certain that nobody actually wants me in this club
  11. Sadly, the voices of the gamblers are always the loudest in handicap committee meetings, and as we all know, squeaky wheels and grease....
  12. Standing on the 14th tee box at my home course, which is next to the 4th green. Tee shot is over water, need to carry 160 to dry land, 190 to get to a spot with a clear uphill line of sight second to the green, 230 up the right side tree line gets you clear of the bend and the rise for an 80 yard wedge in. From the tee placement that particular day there is about 150 year old oak tree that has a couple of branches that can be an issue if you have a particularly high launch, but not really an issue other than in your head. Golf pro rolls up behind the tee box just at the group steps to the tee box. Young cocky and stupid, I step up, tee it a little high, set up for a high draw over the right edge trees for that 80 yard wedge. I am not that good. Proceed to swing a bit under the ball, it rises quickly, hits the lowest branch on the oak tree, skies straight up and right about 25-30 yards, where it proceeds to land on the 4th green, and roll another 20 or so feet, into the cup. My one and only hole in one. On the wrong damned green. #golfisafourletterword
  13. Best part: Other: Swearing. I'm getting REALLY good at that right now....
  14. Best part: Other: Swearing. I'm getting REALLY good at that right now....
  15. So, I'm not applying, because I have been playing with this driver (and the 3w) since the fall. I look forward to other testers (and I hope to see this one in this years most wanted tests). My experience is that while it is not the 'longest', nor is it 'the most forgiving', it is good enough at both, that for the price, there are very few, if any options that are competitive..
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