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  1. Interesting on your stats and issues… have you tried the same putting line test from farther away? I’m just curious if you are better at lining up from farther away or if 2 degrees just makes less of a difference at 10+ feet. the edel fitting process will definitely be an interesting test of this stuff, my aim was horrible with my old putter… I didn’t get an Edel, but I’d be curious to see how my center shafted seemore did on alignment. Thinking through what I’ve been Working on and struggling with, I’m wondering if my alignment on shorter putts just needs Work… my speed has been gre
  2. Interesting… I thought this was a different question… my swing is fairly basic and has survived multiple lay offs over the years… I can genetically put the face on the ball with any club, from my moms senior woman’s driver to the rebar shafts that are fun to demo… I can’t always control where it goes! But I’m pretty good at making a decent pass.
  3. I’m trying to use it more often on shots that require less than a 50%!sand wedge… worked well today for two kick in birdies on par 5s… for a 50 yard shot, I like the 58. I could probably do the same thing with my 54, but I’ve decided to hit that frOm 75-100 yards and the 58 from 75 and in.
  4. I'm playing a 46 inch driver and like it... if I go shorter, I don't feel as comfortable over the ball, so I don't gain much in terms of dispersion (as I'm not comfortable) and lose swing speed... Pretty much lose, lose... I also have a 48 inch Adams driver with a House of Forged shaft in it...it's pretty fun, but hard to hit! I need to get it back on the range, as I haven't swung it in a while... Going over 46 inches requires playing with head weights and getting specialty shafts in my experience... You CAN do it, it's just not easy. I believe ACCRA has gotten into longer sha
  5. If you are willing to spend $100ish for golf Shoes, the Skechers are pretty solid... I don’t love BOA but these came with them... not a ton of good wide options as you said!
  6. I think the lesson idea is smart and a good idea to get you on track... but it sounds like you want to "own" your swing and figure out what works for you, so you need to also figure out WHAT you want to be doing, and how to get there... your coach should be part of that plan and help to make sure you are doing the things you need to be doing to build towards the swing you want. I highly recommend checking out Adam Young. The Practice Manual is great, but it's a long read! He goes over a ton of basics on the Chasing Scratch Podcast (just search Adam Young on iTunes, he also has a good podc
  7. Yeah, I'm coming off a back injury and have no real idea my distances... fortunately, I have access to a simulator, so I'm hoping to go spend some time hitting my balls in it and lock down my "stock" distances... Definitely agree on moving to too conservative when I first started... His stuff makes a lot of intuitive sense, and I'm very curious to try it some more... still getting my game back online, though!
  8. I briefly contemplated picking one up, but it's $300 and I'd rather buy a new 3 wood with that money... I've just started into Month 3 of DECADE, and I'm pretty excited about it... Interesting, my driver was drawing today and I was hitting the ball better than I ever have... I couldn't force a fade even when trying (my default shot shape)... so I guess I'm playing a draw for the time being!
  9. What’s your path like right now? If you are already fairly Inside out, I wouldn’t suggest actively changing your swing to chase a fade... if you are fairly neutral, it’s not that huge a change... Ive played both and am a DECADE fan, so I’m trying to settle on one... I find the draw harder to play consistently, but I have terrible shoulder mobility, so I tend to be inside out, and my draw can end up going way left. From Listening to Adam Young, I think it’s worth spending time figuring out your “patterns” And sticking with what works... I don’t think either one is inherently better, bu
  10. I guess it depends on what you mean by generic off the rack clubs... There are far more driver shafts I don't get along with than there are iron shafts... but if we are just going straight stock demo bag from the local golf course, I'd probably pick my putter... I'm sure I could make a "regular" putter work for one swing, but I'd much rather putt with mine, as it's long, center shafted and built for me... After that it would be my driver, but mostly because I like the midsize grip and heavy shaft... if I could keep that part, you can toss any modern head on the end of it, and I'll miss t
  11. The whole “a draw goes farther” stuff is both true and misleading... a closed face has less loft and will give you less spin loft... so the ball launches lower and with less backspin... so, yes, it goes farther... but you can play a fade with a lower degree driver and get less loft and spin and all the sudden you aren’t losing any distance. I generically hit a fade... I want to hit a draw, but it kills my dispersion. Thus I play a fade... it’s a perfectly acceptable ball flight. Draws are ok too! I think they are harder to hit unless you are naturally way inside...
  12. My name is will, and I have a visor problem... new this season are two sub70, the creek, Seemore and the Adams one...
  13. So turns out when you make a triple bogey on a par five with a three putt and 2 chips after being 100 yards out after 2 swings you get to check ALL the boxes on the Tiger 5 list when tracking your round... So that was fun... I'm really liking the putting stuff... it's something I've always wanted to improve at but never knew how to practice. I've harassed both Lou and Scott with questions and they've been helpful but it's also funny to see the differences in their personalities... I asked about measuring distance for the putting combine, and said "is it OK to just step it off?"... Scott s
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