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  1. I'm officially a 5 as of today... and down 10 lbs over the month... so doing well on both fronts... I think there is a lot of overlap between diet strategy and golf strategy... set yourself up for success, don't let one bad decision derail you, and keep grinding... the second you give up, your score and your weight both blow up... it's all about staying focused, even if the past hasn't gone the way you want. On improving diet and golf, everyone is different and needs different things... some people just don't know anything about nutrition, and some just need better habits to build self control... i do well when there isn't much junk in the house... buying a new grill and experimenting with smoked meats hasn't been great for my diet, but it's mostly dinner, so I can make up for it by eating less during the day... Caloric reduction is the ONLY way to succeed... Golf Fitness stuff has been fun too!
  2. I preferred the 4 but lost two and retired the third into a trash can after the cover got cut… I still have one 3… it’s fine. the new ping fitting thing didn’t have any titliest balls on my list, so I’ll probably keep gaming the Snell.
  3. I've now officially lost all the balls... interestingly, I was playing my last 4 today and damaged the cover... I much preferred it to the 3... Sadly, I fixed my driver swing about 4 holes later... would have been nice to get some reps in with my best swings, but such is life... I stand by my overall reviews. The 3 were fine for me, the 4 were better... I should really get on a launch monitor and look at my spin numbers, though.
  4. I'm definitely thinking the 4 does better with higher swing speeds... I really liked it as a ball and I'm around 115 with a driver.
  5. Ok, so apparently I didn't set up the launch monitor correctly to record the data on my session in the hitting bay today... oh well. It wasn't that remarkable! My spin numbers were a touch higher with the 3 ball with irons and hybrids... not a ton of difference, though... Honestly, variance would be enough to explain the difference. I also can't hit driver in my hitting bay as it's too small for me to swing driver (I'm tall and have a long finish) I took the two balls out to my least favorite 433 par 4 and banged some drivers (I only had 2 of each for reasons)... on the first hole the #3 went slight farther, the 2 4s were well struck and right next to each other and the last #3 found it's way barely OB... My misses have CONSISTENTLY been bigger with the 3 ball, but I don't have enough reps in to really conclude it's the ball and not just me being a 6 handicap. The three drivers were all inside the 150 marker, so 280+ which I'm perfectly happy with. Hit some pitching wedges at a green (I should have moved closer... I was pushing it!) hit on with one of each... the 4 spun slightly more, but I was happy with the results of both balls... On the next hole, I crushed 3 drives into the fairway and had a hot pull left that was in bounds and closest to the pin (but in the rough)... I knocked some 50 yard wedges at the pin, and the #4 stopped closest, but the spin generated seemed about equal. Overall, I think I like the 4 better... It might just be luck based, but I've seemed to hit better shots with it and gotten away with misses more... I'm going to play the 4 tomorrow during my round and then the 3 the next time I play and see if I notice any difference over 18 holes.
  6. Ha, I was wondering the same thing… I’m at around 96 mph with my 7 iron and 180-190 with my 7… my ball flight isn’t phenomenal, so I was wondering if maybe he just has a really low launch or something? in terms of the actual fitting… trust but verify. Hit a 7 iron with the r300, s300, s400 and x100… see if you can feel a difference and then figure out which has the better dispersion and acceptable distance numbers… I went off just numbers and didn’t love the results… my last fitting was a blend of numbers and feel… and if my Clubs ever arrive, hopefully I like them.
  7. I stopped drinking about 18 months ago due to a number of factors... It's not necessary to stop drinking for weight loss, but it sure does help...
  8. Im a chronic dieter / fat kid… have always gone on diets for a couple weeks and then slowly fallen off of them… hoping to build better habits this time around. mostly, my goal is to stay busy during the day, as when I’m idle, I eat. tracking calories in my fitness pal, working out with fit for golf… and just trying to stay active during the day… we will see how this one goes. i hit 40 next month, and I’d like to spent my 40s in better shape than I did my 30s… I’ve completely eliminated alcohol, so that should help!
  9. He’s 37 and swinging the club 89 mph… I’m out of shape and 39 and swing over 110… it’s not apples to apples, obviously, and I have some huge genetic advantages (mostly long forearms) but anyone in their 30s-40s should be trying to get over 100 unless they have physical limitations. Short of going really crazy, it shouldn’t kill your dispersion… and some people do better when they are just swinging for the fences… ive gotten back in weightlifting for golf with the hope it helps my overall health, while also helping my swing (speed, stamina, control and flexibility)… the speed training route is fine, but probably more perilous. Adding strength and building fast twitch muscle and then working on INTENTION can be a huge net positive on the tee box.
  10. I game the Bridgestone X and have played the AVX… i don’t think they feel super soft… but I’ll pay attention.
  11. Very well researched and written! I agree with all of it from a performance standpoint as well… I really like the launch of the 4 off the driver, even if it isn’t a ton different than the 3… the 4 definitely spun less for me, but enough to get the job done.
  12. I'll take your remaining #4 balls... My MIL finally took the kids, and I snuck up to the course to hit some shots... I didn't really warm up, as it was late and the range was closed... started with an 8 iron into a par 3... #4 flew a little farther but both were decent swings... the #3 seemed to move more on me... Drive on a par 5, once again the #3 curved more... it did on every drive but the last one... and the last drive it didn't carry a bunker I usually carry... The 4 I was 3/3 on fairways hit and it felt good... Liked then spin into the greens, and both behaved just fine on shorter chip shots... I can tell the diffference between a rock and a marshmallow... but I'm talking the actual objects... most golf balls feel the same, with the old school "distance" balls feeling hard to me... these balls both felt fine off the putter. Over the course of 4 holes, where I hit both balls side by side, I consistently had better results with the 4 ball... that might just be blind luck... but I liked it... My drive on a par 5 went farther then I've ever hit a drive, which is weird as the wind is usually behind me, but was still... I hit the #4 farther on every hole, but it was also always in the fairway, so it had an advantage... I'm traditionally a high spin player, but have been actively working to get my spin down... I'm hoping to get into the simulator at my club and do a durability test / spin test... Ideally, I'll have my new irons next week and can start dialing in their distances and I'll see how they like the Titleist balls.
  13. Still waiting on my srixons… other guy who ordered (our club president) got his in a week… I ordered before him and they still haven’t arrived… not sure if it’s a shaft or grip issue… id like my new clubs now, please.
  14. Shot my best round in a long time, and I think my second best round of my life… 38 / 37 - 75… my home course is tough (that’s a 1.3 differential) and 18 was playing 440 into the wind (I went driver, 3w and missed my par putt)… no real dramatics… consistently was near the green and had a par putt on every hole but the one I made birdie… was -1.5 strokes gained putting. im really, really happy with where my game is right now… of course I have irons on order and am headed out of town for 2 weeks… we will see what the game looks like In august!
  15. Yeah, I went 286 54 and low bounce jb 58… it’s a solid combination that gets things done around the green for me… I shot a 75 with 11 GIR and 4 bogeys… the wedges gave me makeable par putts all day long.
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