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  1. Nice. I end up in Evansville occassionally on business. Play at Hunting Creek in Louisville.
  2. Man, I'm waiting for the weather to get warm. My bag is a cluster right now... I bought a Fast 12LS (with black tie shaft) and a 13 degree XTD (which I'm putting a steel shaft into) for the new year.... I'm hoping they keep me in the fairway. I play Wishon irons, and Titliest wedges... I've been playing the same putter since high school (Odyssey 2 ball). I'm thinking about moving to a TANK 2 ball, but who knows? I love golf and bourbon.
  3. Honestly, the wedges are my only hold up... I could easily go old school adams (considering my bag already contains a Fast 12ls driver and an XTD three wood). I love the CMBs and could bag them no problem... I've never hit an Adams wedge though! Callaway would probably be my "today" choice. I've always loved their wedges and putters... the Alpha would find a place in my bag, and I'm sure I could make the 3 wood and hybrid work. I'm indifferent to irons. I could also easily do a full Wishon bag.
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