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  1. Compared to the Pro V's its competing with that sell for $54 a dozen in our pro shop its a bargain...
  2. IMO its be best ball on the market right now, I have used it exclusively since it came out and absolutely love it. I feel like its pretty close to the 13' Pro-V1x, but to me the Lethal feels better off the putter and wedges, and perhaps a little bit longer. Don't let the silly name distract you, its a really good ball imo.
  3. Ahh dammit, suppose I should have noticed the giant ENTER HERE link before blurting my suggestion out for everyone to see...lol
  4. Actually nevermind, disregard this post, found the info on the TW 14 topic in the pre-release section....
  5. Just stumbled upon this, not too sure how reputable the websites information is but if this is true it makes me one happy camper. Anybody know if this is actually happening? Info at the link - http://undergroundsoles.com/2013/05/nike-tw-14-to-hit-nikeid/
  6. This was on the range at Myrtlewood, we played the Palmetto and Pinehills courses there. We also play the Avocet course at Wild Wing Plantation every year that we go down. Avocet is a wonderful layout.
  7. I wore this during our team's spring trip down in Myrtle Beach. Puma pants and shirt, love me some plaid.
  8. Perhaps a scaled down (size and weight) version for a non belly putter, but I doubt he releases it as a belly with the Anchoring debate swirling. I'd say 20% chance
  9. You guys are doing some absolutely beautiful work. The Gooseneck's are gorgeous btw...
  10. My coach always preaches to us about being the best from 150 yds and in. Mainly because thats where you are going to score. That means everything from short irons, flip wedges, chipping, putting and everything else inside 150. If your ball striking is fairly decent i would assume you drive the ball decently. Obviously practice every part of your game, but I would make a concerted effort to hone in your short game. There's a reason why PGA Tour pro's are so good, they take advantage of every opportunity from 150 and in.
  11. I'm pretty much set for the year. Only thing that's changing is my putter. Got a SC Del Mar on order so just waiting to get that in my hands. Depending on how my current wedges perform this spring (they are getting a little worn) I might pick up some new ones, preferably the copper forged Callaways. And of course testing out the new ball offerings, i.e 20XI, Pro-V, and T-Mag's.
  12. You guys ever tried doing grips with like a shiny patent leather? A green or dark red would look like Candy Paint on a car I bet. Might be kinda cool.
  13. Welp the crown paint scheme is looking like the open door that Nike needed to start their run towards #1
  14. -Intriguing Performance Promises -Always interested in trying new Nike Gear -If a bunch of guys on tour play something but aren't payed to do so. (interested why they like it so much) -Next Generation of equipment already in my bag.
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