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  1. I am going to glue a flatbill hat to your skull joe dirt style the next time I see you.
  2. It has been quite a busy year, but I have finally got around to getting some hats up on the site. As far as Birdie.Bogey.Par goes, there are now two offerings, a tour visor and a fitted meshback, but more will soon be joining. The BBP line is only going to use the premium headwear options available from pacific headwear. These hats are about twice the cost of the flexfit/newera comparable models and four times as better. These option can be found on the BBP page, Birdie.Bogey.Par. In the non-BBP department is a project that I have been working on since I have been playing gol
  3. Looks like they are going with a low-back model for the G30. I wonder what the 12 degree straight flight is all about?
  4. Seems legit? GolfDiscount has info on the new G30 Tour long clubs and are calling a late July release. All info below is a copy and paste job from GolfDiscount.com. http://www.golfdiscount.com/ping-g30-tour-driver http://www.golfdiscount.com/ping-g30-tour-fairway-wood The G30 Tour Driver: " PING G30 Tour Driver The Best. Made even Better. Right on the edge of their several year release schedule, PING is building upon their exceptional G25 Driver with their new, sheer performance powerhouse G30 Tour Driver that further showcases PING's commitment to quality and optima
  5. Thanks guys. I have had this dream for over a year now and am beyond excited to see it finally come forward. I find it fitting that Low Tide (who I really like) would be the company to step outside of the box and collaborate on it. Low Tide has some out of the box ideas, they do a lot of things differently (just like me) and are well worth a look the next time you need a putter. That is a collector's item now!
  6. Not a clue. Retail wise, our grips have a $3-5 upcharge for custom options.
  7. A short time ago I was approached to do a collaboration with Low Tide Custom Putters. A customer was ordering a special putter and had requested a grip from me. We decided to raise the bar and change the custom putter game forever. " data-width="466"> Post by BestGrips.com. The putter grip is a Saddle Tan Major Leaguer Pistol Putter Grip. Everything was done in house. The logoing was done via our Laser Engraver
  8. This is more of a Pic of the Month, but here goes anyway. Xenon Golf Hot Rods? Check! Tiffany Blue Leather? Check! Coolest OEM Putter Grip of the year? Double Check!
  9. @RoverRick - These have not been touched or swung. @WhiskeyGolf - They have sat outside in the same location 24/7/364.25 for the last 4 years. Side note: rubber will begin dry rotting immediately, even it is in the wrapper. Watch out for deep discount closeout grips.
  10. 4 years ago I wanted to experiment with a new leather I had just started prototyping. I shafted it on an old shaft and placed it next to another, similar style grip. That grip was a Gridiron Club Grip and the similar grip was a chorded rubber grip. So after 4 years, one grip is playable, the other... a stark reminder of what age and the elements can do to the industry leaders.
  11. The last Augusta Club Grip of 2014 is being given away tomorrow. Sign up before 9:00 AM CST tomorrow to enter! http://statictab.com/tcw7g23
  12. If this is anything like the bio cell + fw, I cannot wait to see it. That fw is hot!
  13. I've got a 10.5 degree Adams XTD Driver with a Red Tye Matrix Ozik shaft with a MicroPerf Club Grip and a 16 degree XTD ti Hybrid with a white Altus Hybrid shaft and also a MicroPerf Club Grip. Both clubs are off the Adams tour van. Everything is very lightly used. I haven't played a lot of golf since both showed up so there is under 10 rounds on each club. Driver - $225 shipped in the US Hybrid - $175 shipped in the US Or best offer / trade Things I am looking for: New big bertha 3 wood Covert 2.0 3 wood Bio Cell + 3 wood Ping 3 wood Any other questions or clarific
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