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  1. I have had the same putter for 15 or so years. Whitehot sabertooth. Only thing I have changed is a big grip - that was very beneficial - took hands/wrist out of stroke. Balance/feel is unmatched in anything else I have tried. Putting is the strongest part of my game and this beauty is the reason why.
  2. with the advent of motorized club carriers, I have seen an increase in walkers. mostly older players - 90% of people under 30 ride a cart. I Marshall a muni on weekends.
  3. black and red dots all over the ball. haven't had one hit by someone else in years.
  4. I should have added happIER to my last post.
  5. 4.4 hdcp old cobra driver is actually now fairway wood and tour edge 21 degree utility club. I have TM os2 irons that are very good but not near what TM has now.
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