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  1. Trying to speed up the process if someone is interested. Price drop - now $2300.
  2. Brand new in bag. Headcover included - of course. Shape is Squareback 2. 34 inches. 1250 made. Price $2700. If I'm in the right mood I'll consider and offer on pm Edit: Payment with PayPal. I'll ship internationally from Norway for free with standard mail. We don't really have any reasonable express options that cost less than $120. I think. I can check if express is a requirement for making a deal with someone Buyer is responsible for any customs fees or taxes when importing.
  3. Angry Yeti came through! A true superhero. Thanks
  4. Well - I don't get it either when that basic search shows that Fairwaygolf will have it in stock in June and I can't even access the GG website from Europe. I know how to google stuff. It's not a question of how dumb I am It's a question of "has anyone seen this bag in a store somewhere and do you want to make a little money by helping me buy it and have it shipped to Norway"
  5. Don't have any contacts in Titleist USA. They're probably sold out, and the only option is finding one in a store somewhere.
  6. Hi, Haven't been here for a while :) I'm gonna come crawling back when I need help :D Can anyone help me find this bag - Titleist Players 4 StaDry. White, product code TB9SX2-1. It's a US release only, and limited edition. I think. What I'm actually asking for is if someone finds it in a store, help me purchase it and ship it to me. We'll discuss the practicalities if someone. PayPal is your friend. If you wonder if I'm a total a****** and completely unreliable just ask one of the MGS guys. They'll confirm that it's true :D If you come across it in an online store that ships to Europe - please let me know. If you find one in your local store - let me know if we can work something out. Fairly desperate to find one at this point :)
  7. They are trying out video decisions this season, but most fans hate it. Takes time and ruins the flow. Minutes waiting for a decision? That's ok in NFL but not football. By the way - offense is when you have the ball. That's it. You don't understand football. That's ok. You'll never enjoy it the way fans do. Diving - yes. But who cares? Watching Neymar roll around after being hit by a feather in the wind isn't what it's about. Go to a 2.division game in England. A derby in Istanbul (if you have a death wish....). We even fixed basketball for you.
  8. Tottenhams victory was very popular here. Norwegians are anglophile. It's normal to travel to several games in England every year. Som even travel to all stadiums in the division system! I've only been to a few Newcastle matches. St James' Park is a special place. Cool fact about Ronaldo and Real - under Zidane, they've never lost when playing without Ronaldo in the team. Shaktar was a little surprising. They've got great quality (always some really good Brazilians in the team), but I did expect more from the Italians. A true football nerd appreciates how Napoli plays. Look at this video. Playing out from the back against the worlds most aggressive team - Diego Simeones Atletico. The World Cup. Well. Norway is at an all time low in football and wont be there. I think there's too many teams in the WC now. Miss the old championships in the 80s and 90s.
  9. I'll forgive you calling it soccer. I know how it is over there. CL. Round 1. Difference between top 3-4 clubs and the rest is getting bigger? Surprised to see both Benfica and Porto lose at home to fairly week opposition. Benfica haven't renewed their team. Will struggle in CL. English teams are still just ok in CL. Liverpool with a stupid draw. Complete lack of central defenders. Needed to buy van Dijk. Didn't get him. Spurs beat Dortmund, but if you're ever going to beat them now is the perfect time. Selling top players like Dembele. PSG are just ridiculous. Broke every single financial fair play law, but what a team. I've like the club since Rochetau, Bats and Roche. They've lost the French style, but have traded it for something that looks like a CL-winning team. No need to follow MLS, but you're missing out if you don't follow some of the national leagues. La Liga is fascinating. Ligue1 is underrated. Bundesliga is organized. Serie A is overrated. I follow Primeira Liga in Portugal because I love the country
  10. Toe up? They're copying Odyssey! Just kidding. It's fun with these microcompanies. It doesn't matter what they make or sell. Numbers are amazingly low, and regular golfers have no idea that the brand exists. My thoughts on The Brick? It's not relevant.
  11. Water. Fruit. This energy stuff is serious business. Probably because we're seriously stupid. Glucosamine - No evidence of any effect. Chondroitin - Do you have osteoarthritis? If not - why bother taking something that in some studies proves to have effect for these patients? Do you plan on getting osteoarthritis? Probably not. Turmeric - Stop by and Indian restaurant after your round. Not before........ Paying for digesting turmeric when you play golf? Seriously? There's no medical evidence of any effect. Some also believe that glucosamine has effect on osteoarthritis. Two main ingredients. Both claim to help against osteoarthritis. Coincidence? Golfers = old people = joint problems. Pick some harmless ingredients from a list and start checking your bank account.
  12. Everyone - almost everyone - has to get better at using this. It's encouraging for those who write something. And it's a great way for those who don't feel like writing to show that they like a post. It's an easy way to be a part of the community and let others know you appreciate their posts and topics.
  13. Gamebook lets you set up side-games like longest drive, closest to pin and skins. Probably not what you're looking for, but still an app everyone should have
  14. Absolutely arrogant. Can't believe they're saying this. Have some faith in your customers! I think golfers who buy KZG are a lot more interested in equipment and know more than the average golfer. Is it just me or do a lot of the smaller companies spend too much time telling us that we're stupid because we buy the big brands? Not sure if you've got the same saying in the USA - but I'd say that they're trying to talk their product up by talking others down.
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