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  1. Fescue Project has some inspirational stuff. Follow this and Seamus.
  2. CG2 is correct about Srixon. They do have some good posts. Golf brands in general are far behind cycling brands on Instagram. Take a look at Pedal Ed and Rapha. Excellent quality. Makes you want to be part of the brand.
  3. Who are you?!?! The love child of Poulter, Fowler and Mickelson?
  4. AJ Sjostrom. He shoots video for GoPro, Cobra Puma etc.
  5. Yes - social media is a double-edged sword. With the lack of actual interaction, reach and responses on Twitter, it's tempting to say that it's seen its best days. I would describe a forum like this more as a community. You don't see the hate that you get on Twitter. The thing with MGS was no big deal for me.
  6. I'm done with golf journalism and media. Or - it's done with me. It's been my job for a few years. Testing golf clubs along with a team of Scandinavians. Gadgets, bags, apparel - I've done it all for a long time. Now I'm told that I'm not good enough at it. Someone else will be doing it in the future. Fair enough. But I've got a feeling it's not the entire truth. I was also told that "a lot of people" were not satisfied with my work. Readers liked it. A lot. At least that's what I was always told. So what's the problem? Writing in Norwegian gave me the opportunity to not publish those awful press releases. You've all read them. Magazines publish them without prejudice. They're full of basically crap about materials and performance. I normally turned a 2-3 page press release into 8-10 lines and added a few pictures. Maybe a video. Wrote them in my own words, using the info from the press release, but wasn't afraid to give the readers my opinion. Tried to be funny sometimes. The main thing with a press release in a small country and minimal golf market like Norway is the price, pictures and release date. Some brands didn't like this - strike one for Furu! PS: Worst press releases are Titleist/FootJoy (so loooooong with all those player comments) and Callaway (I know you love yourself, try cutting down on the words). I had the audacity to compare golf balls in 2015. Used a pro (played on ET and CT), TrackMan and a lot of new golf balls. The most expensive ball test ever. We hit them in the range and didn't bother picking them up. Our main tester hit them so far (330+ yards) that we had no idea if it was even possible to find them. Funny thing is that except for two balls everything performed almost identically. I wrote that if you're not too concerned about short game backspin you might as well buy Supersoft over ProV1. You do not say that about the #1 ball in the game! - strike two. I had a fight with someone I actually like. On Twitter. They hate me now. It's a sore subject. Was told that "You do not argue with Mygolfspy on Twitter, it looks like it's the magazine who's doing it". I'm a freelancer. I'm not employed by anyone. But they didn't like the idea of me picking a fight with MGS. I still think I won when Tony ended up wanting to come for dinner to try my Indian Tandoori. Well, maybe not come over but I'm sure he would've like it. Anyway - rule #1 - you do not talk about fight club argue with MGS on Twitter. Strike three. I'm European. I hate baseball. That's why I've got more strikes coming. I mostly write my personal opinion when I post on Instagram and other social media. On a regular basis, I've been getting phone calls, messages and emails saying "Why do you say that?" I'm not getting any feedback if I praise a product. Surprise. When the next message is "do you have any idea how much money we spend in ******** (I'm not writing the name or what they spend money on but you know the answer to at least one of them) ? " That's not just strike four - that's four, five and six. I was told we didn't have enough testers to be reliable. Give me more money then and I'll get more guys. We had five guys last year. That's all we could manage without more money. This method has been replaced by - from what I know - three guys. That should take care of the reliability problem. Strike seven. Done with the strikes. I'm definitely out. I don't care much for the equipment industry. When you're on a release trip with someone and they say "we want to give you these clubs" - what do you say? I've politely turned them down. I've accepted shoes. Lots of shoes. There are quite a few happy golfers around here who have received practically new shoes. It's a religious cult. Do they brainwash reps? I miss honesty. Being realistic. And stop talking crap about other brands. Selling by talking someone down is just a way of showing that you've got no idea how to sell your own product. I have absolutely no intention of working in the golf industry again. It's not like anyone wants to hire me...... If someone over here reads this, I'll probably get a phone call or three - that I won't answer of course. Send an email. I'll keep posting about golf on Instagram. Probably the only way I'm going to stick my head out. Actually playing and enjoying golf without thinking about camera angles, spin rates, article layouts and reader satisfaction - I love that feeling. I felt that I had something in common with MGS. The site and their methods was the standard I was aiming for. Impossible considering the lack of resources, but I still wanted to try. I appreciate what they're doing, but the honesty isn't worth repeating if you're in golf media and plan on staying there. Not sure why I'm writing this here I think I wanted and needed to get it out. I have nobody to talk to about how I feel after delivering articles to the same magazine for five years, and suddenly having nothing. It's strange. It's been fun. Like they say in Canada - c'est la vie.
  7. When you're "dominating" with 10 in play......... Bradley with 2 of them. Driving/utility irons are fun, but too many players with not enough skills have them in their bags. Not talking about Keegan but average amateurs. If you're struggling with your 4i and 5i, chances are you'll have a tough time with that forged, beautiful 2i
  8. The Danish chain TGR/Flying Tiger
  9. The wristband registers the swing/hitting the ball. You have to wear it on the lead arm (left for right handed golfers). If you don't wear the wristband, no swing is registered and no stats are collected.
  10. That is my main concern with it. The number of people playing with GPS watches - every single one of those is a missed potential customer. Would it be ok with just a small screen showing distance to front, center and back? Or do watch-guys need more info (layup, hazards) ?
  11. The counterweight problem has been mentioned by a lot of people. I don't have any other solution than what you mentioned. I've asked about the shot detection and practice swing. And provisionals. I have to edit provisionals depending on which ball I end up playing. I'm guessing they're using similar technology to Garmin. The S20 registers shots, but you have to tell the watch which club you used. Shot Scope registers a hit (maybe vibration?) and know which club it is. The wrist band probably has sensors that registers the impact of hitting the ball. It's definitely not sleek I did get used to it extremely quickly though. The band is pretty comfortable. Nice width for me. I had the same problem with Game Golf. So much post-round editing Game Golf Live was better. Could edit during the round on the phone. But - this wasn't precise. Dragging your finger around on google maps to mark the position isn't ideal. I was stunned when I played a full round with perfect tracking with Shot Scope. Expected missed shots but that didn't happen. Hope you enjoy it. It's a good product that I'm sure will only get better as they expand the functionality.
  12. On-course cameras are trying something different too. Sweeping, moving shots. Looks like a lot of them are filming from free positions, not static like the usual ones.
  13. Some of you may remember me saying something like "what the ******* is that" when the first Shot Scope wrist band was shown at the PGA Show. Well. They reached out to me before the summer, and asked if I wanted to test their product. Sure. That's what I do for a living, and I can never get enough golf products that need to be charged with a usb cord. I hope it's ok that I share my experience with Shot Scope. Shot Scope is the new kid on the shot-tracking-block. Not a crowded neighborhood at the moment, and there's still not a perfect product there. I've previously used Game Golf, Game Golf Live, Arccos and CaddieON. My main issues with the competition. Game Golf - tagging. Arccos - huge tags. CaddieON - phone had to be in your pocket, some problems with course data and shot collection. Shot Scope uses a wrist band. There's no tagging. It's automatic, and it never fails. It picks up everything flawlessly. The wrist band is like a GPS watch. The fit and comfort is fine. I never wear GPS watches unless I have to for product testing, but I didn't mind wearing the Shot Scope. Having to use a wrist band is also the only major problem with Shot Scope. What do you do if you own a GPS watch? So you've got automatic shot detection. That's cool, but Arccos also does this. How is this better than the monstertags from Arccos? The answer is in the pin. The flag. The hole. You can mark the position of the pin with the 1-4 buttons on your wrist band. 1 for one putt, 2 for two putts, 3 and 4 - I've never used those…….. This gives you awesome putting stats. And - the Shot Scope tags are tiny compared to Arccos. Game Golf is huge on interaction, social media, sharing, games +++. Shot Scope is way behind on all of this. They need to come up with something great to keep their customers happy. I honestly believe Shot Scopes tech is better than Game Golf. It's user friendly. PinCollector is again a major positive for Shot Scope. But Game Golf is a polished, perfected and streamlined experience. It's Apple on a golf course. Positive PinCollect is fantastic No tagging Flawless shot collection data Small tags Great people behind the product - love golf and golfers No need for phone in the pocket or close by Micro usb for charging Negative App needs to be more than just for uploading rounds Editing rounds isn't painless Social media and online competitions/challenges must play a big part in the future. Not good enough at the moment Wrist band + GPS watch = many golfers can't use Shot Scope The two things that'll make me keep using Shot Scope is PinCollect and the flawless collection of shot data. Wearing a wrist band is surprisingly not a problem, and I'm sure the guys at Shot Scope will keep improving the app and online functions. Shot Scope is running a campaign at the moment. Order from their website and use the code friends to get 15% discount.
  14. I read that it's 90% more accurate. Makes me think how bad the first product must have been
  15. But did you request Callaway to bring it back?
  16. http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/golf/ryder/2016/10/01/rory-mcilroy-gets-fan-thrown-out-ryder-cup-after-insult/91395712/
  17. Bar fights have better crowds than this. You don't cheer for the other teams bad shots.
  18. Read this on Facebook. "A frequent request we get from golfers is, 'Bring back the Steelhead!' We've answered with our new Steelhead XR." –Dr. Alan Hocknell, SVP of R&D Raise your hand if you've ever told Callaway to bring the Steelhead irons back. Raise your hand if you've ever heard someone tell Callaway they wanted Steelhead back. Raise your hand if you've ever heard from a friend who heard about a guy that another guy knows from work down where that other guy lives - who requested Callaway to bring Steelhead back. I'm not out to get the guy who told them to bring it back. I just want to know if there's more than one of them.
  19. You can use a tripod or anything else that holds the iPhone securely. You'll need around 20 feet between you and the camera for a good read. I saw Rick Shiels posted a video of him using the app. He doesn't understand how it's used. Had it sitting close and level with the ball behind him. To the side, 15-20 feet behind is the best position.
  20. It's been too dark the last two times I was out playing and on the range. I can say that it needs a good, clean movie that captures the ball well. Standing too close to the player makes it harder. An image in your head of how it looks on tv when they do it on tour - that's the distance from the player and ball you'll need. Makes it hard on some driving ranges. Not enough space behind. It would be cool to capture the shot on this tracer app, and on SkyTrak while recording the SkyTrak app on a Macbook. Can make a video that combines the shot shape with tracer and numbers from launch monitor.
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