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  1. You´ve probably seen the old Legacy (yellow/gold "Legacy" in cavity). Try this link to the Swedish Callaway site. Dynamic Gold GS95 steel shaft and GD AD 85 graphite.
  2. Lowest front nine for a fourball - ever - by Bubba/Webb.
  3. Could be an ugly score for EU after fourball matches. USA leading 5-3 or 6-2 after day one?
  4. Bubba getting the crowd going on 1st tee was amazing I love it. Exactly what golf needs. 2-2 after the morning session. Some players showing terrible form. Tigers only out there to give away free gloves and that´s fine, but we need something extra from some of our guys. Hanson, Kaymer and Colsaerts are not safe bets. Lawrie has been in amazing form this year, can actually dominate his game.
  5. He didn´t miss that guy he was aiming for in the crowd. Poulter and Donald are not playing the afternoon matches. I can not understand why anyone would do that. It´s just ridiculous. The idea that everyone has to play fits better early Sunday morning when the kids play soccer. Bubba-Webb v. Lawrie-Hanson Phil-Keegan v. Rory-GMac DJ-Kuchar v. Rose-Kaymer Tiger-Stricker v. Westwood-Colsaerts
  6. Sensei at $99 is cheap. Looks like a good deal. I read it wrong the first time. Thought True Tour was going to cost $99
  7. Really looking forward to these irons. Callaway also has another forged iron on the way that´s supposed to be amazing (never heard that before). Sang Moon Bae has used the driver on tour. Fairwaywood Hybrid
  8. Rory is so politically correct that it´s getting boring Poulter knows how to do this! 3-1 EU after the first session. Westwood/Molinari will be perfect from tee to green but their putting will let them down. If they get lucky on the greens we´ll lead 4-0
  9. Womens shoes. And I´ll also add Stealth for men. Complete mens range
  10. Only S2Quill, S2C Pro Chassis, Carbon Fiber Shank and ArchTec medial support?? No MyFly or SmartPad in the shoes? I just love it when they use all that fancy tech c*** to sell shoes. Do you like the way they look? Do your feet like them? That´s what matters. I don´t think anyone cares about the Carbon Fiber Shank (and excellent word for golf shoe technology by the way, better than the "Heel Support Duff"). That being said, I love the Neo Classic. They are exactly what the name says - a modern shoe with a classic touch. Make them in AMP Cell colors.
  11. Real vs. Made For shaft. For example Nike VRS with Fubuki K. Is there a difference in performance? Maybe the made for shaft actually fits the clubhead better. SKLZ Recoil 360. Maybe a bit too much for average golfers, but could be useful for a pro in his/her lessons.
  12. The C.Kua is not for everyone. My experience with it - great for a smooth swing, trouble if you rush the transition. Check out Cleveland/Srixon/Miyazakis info on flex codes. A flex code says so much more about a shaft than the flex they put on it. Not just Miyazaki shafts on the list.
  13. The Proto will be a winner. I don´t have any prices at the moment. What do you guys think? Phx $99 Tour $139 Proto $179 Sensei $149 Stealth $199 Chukka $229 More models = challenging to have "correct" pricing. I think the Tour will be cheaper.
  14. Proto This one is waterproof. Chukka. Looks like a higher version of Stealth. New colors in Phx and Tour. They also have new colors for Isis, Jade (like Sensei but for women) and a junior shoe.
  15. Here you go Not waterproof but a very nice looking shoe. I like the sole. And that it´s available in November Proto is another exciting new model. Ryan Moore is using the Proto and Sensei this week.
  16. Great article. Totally agree - there´s fitting and then there´s the real fitting. I understand that people hesitate to do this when they often have no idea how good the person doing the fitting is at his/her job. You have no idea what you´re really paying for. Nice pictures of the D100 irons. I actually like them a lot. Looks like an iron that fits in the RBZ/AMP category.
  17. It´s a mini driver (not Minnie Driver). A club people love or hate. I had it for a few weeks. Senior golfers loved it of the tee, pretty good from fairway and rough. Very easy to hit. For me there´s just something strange going on with the shape and size. I usually like the Miyazaki shafts but this one felt like it didn´t keep me connected with the clubhead. Great for distance and speed, not so good for control.
  18. furu

    Cleveland and Mizuno

    Looks like Cleveland Classic Black is adjustable
  19. Asia, Russia and the arabian Gulf states will definitely be a market for clubs like these. They love to show of their gear. Show how much money they have. Not talking about the average golfer but the ones with an oil field and their own football club.
  20. My team is Wolverhampton Wanderers. To be honest, the Wolves stuff doesn´t look very good because of the boring "wolf" badge/logo. If I win I´d like to get the Man United headcover for my dad. He´s 67 but used to play professional football back in the days when they had to have two jobs + their football career. Man Utd has a huge following here in Norway and he´s always been a fan. We´re a bit anglofile. I love the Man Utd mascot driver headcover too. I´ll have to buy that for him Why only world wide? Disappointing that you don´t offer intergalactic shipping.
  21. I love the concept Street Golf is an excellent way to bring the sport to people than wouldn´t normally go to a golf course. The Swedes - a great golf nation - understand how to use Street Golf. Almost Golf balls and a club or three, that´s all you need. I don´t think this concept and bag is aimed at "normal" golfers like us. Sure, we might want to try this, but I think it´s all about a brand new group of golfers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akzKyrRdWtw&feature=player_embedded
  22. These attempts at making golf "cool" have failed. It´s not like people don´t know about golf. We don´t need to bring the stars out and hit greens from buildings boats +++. We need to bring golf to non-golfers. Street Golf is a great concept played anywhere with Almost Golf balls. And what about Snag? Letting people try themselves is so much better than putting two millionaires on an island in the Thames. They should use these concepts to do something spontaneous in the streets. That would be cool. That would make people notice the brand of clubs they use.
  23. New candidate for ugliest driver - the Norwegian Troll! I´m not kidding. It´s called Troll and made in China for a Norwegian golf company/online store. No pics at address. Sorry. Will post if I find one - must be a pretty funny sight
  24. Yeah, I get it. You're probably selling these clubs at a low price to be nice to golfers in need of new equipment. This type of auction is only profitable if the activity is high and the bids keep coming. Yes, someone walks away with a great deal. If they're lucky. If you don't win anything - which is what happens to most of the bidders - you've spent money on nothing.
  25. $12.02 = 1202 bids at $0.50. That driver got them $601 from all the bidders in total. These auctions are usually a great deal for the seller.
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