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  1. Interesting. Break down how tv contracts work, and where liv's money comes from next, please.
  2. 1. What do bots have to do with the tour's purses, and why can't we blame liv for using them? That doesn't make sense. 2. Can you cite your sources on "PGA tour told players there wasn't enough money for increased purses"? Because this article from 1 year ago says the opposite. https://golf.com/news/pga-tour-massive-purse-increases-2022/ Not to mention Monahan announced at the 2020 Players Championship that purses would be going up over the next few years due to their TV deal being finalized.
  3. You realize that liv has been using bots for months for the exact same thing right? Not just twitter btw, but also on FB, Youtube, and IG. I'm not saying that the use of bots is right for either side, but its a bit hypocritical if liv, or their fans have an issue with it after doing it for months.
  4. FIGJAM is struggling to finish in the top half of liv events, yet you think he'd make 50% of his cuts on the PGA tour? He's only finished inside the top 34 on liv twice in 7 events, and his only made cut on the PGA tour this year was at the Sentry TOC. It was a no cut event, and he beat a total of 6 players out of 38. Someone who has struggled to beat more than 14 guys a week in liv events, and less than that in PGAT events isn't likely to have any sustained success on the PGAT. Especially as he continues to age. Phil is a hall of famer and an all time great, but he's not a good competitive golfer anymore. A similar thing can be said about a number of guys on liv.
  5. Bruh, this has got to be a bot... right?
  6. Oh, I in no way see this partnership getting them points immediately, but I understand why they did it. I'm also not sure what grounds they'd have for a suit, since there is still no way to qualify for liv and there are no 2022 events scheduled on the MENA tour. Even if they did get OWGR points, liv would complain about the max 12 points that developmental tours receive in wins.
  7. Surprised nobody has mentioned the new "strategic alliance" between liv and the MENA Tour. Personally, I don't understand why they did this with a basically semi defunct tour instead of the Asian tour, but I can appreciate the effort. https://twitter.com/jcorrigangolf/status/1577642342164488192?s=20&t=Glh8zvDHfMRlcRUe1dtUNw
  8. He indeed did tell them as much. I'm sure they'd been told Greg's legal sources were top notch. In reality, Greg's legal sources: Trust me bro
  9. According to golf twitter personality and lawyer Will Bardwell, their withdrawals will have virtually no effect on discovery. https://twitter.com/willbardwell/status/1574778002843516929?t=51FVrxCTXmkDpioRGLPLqA&s=19
  10. In fairness, I'd want to get away from Justine as much as possible too.
  11. The new OWGR criteria bring into account the depth of field much more than they used to, so fields can't be as heavily weighted by a couple of top tier players showing up. The middle and bottom end of the field is much more important now than the prior iteration of OWGR. Limited field events also receive a lot less points now too.
  12. Its been mentioned a couple of times, just ignored.
  13. You keep skipping over the fact that all of the events you bring up, have to the ability to be qualified for. Play well enough and you can gain entry to them. There is no way to qualify for liv other than Greg giving you a spot. Not to mention, you are bringing up exceptions to the rule. The events you mention are around 10% of the PGAT schedule. LIV would need an exception for literally every single one of their events, not a couple of them. They don't have a single tournament that follows the OWGR guidelines. Why should an exception be made for their entire business model?
  14. Correct. Unofficial or not, it's recognized by the tour since the late 2000s. Possibly the same year it first received OWGR points, but I could be mistaken there.
  15. The Hero World Challenge waited 9 years to get OWGR points iirc, despite being a PGA tour event. Not to mention, players have the ability to qualify for the event through their OWGR ranking, and then the remainder of the field is filled through sponsors exemptions. There is no qualifying for LIV events via OWGR. Greg chooses his fields. With that said, I don't think the Hero deserves OWGR points. Thanks to the new OWGR system changing how they give points, they'll get very few going forward.
  16. Hahn's entire point of view is extremely short sighted imo. The PGAT is in essence taking care of the little guy by doing what they are, because the little guys have nowhere to go if all the best players leave for liv. The Tour's TV contract crumbles, and the fan support falls off the face of the earth. People don't show up to see the Hahns of the world, they come for the big names. His issue with non-elevated events being made irrelevant with the new schedule doesn't hold a lot of water either, since those events are already pretty irrelevant. 3M, John Deere, Barbasol, and Sanderson for example are all generally snoozers because they lack star power. Keith Mitchell made a great point on the NLU pod by saying, what if you rotated those type of events to "elevated" once every 5 years. The sponsor would get so much more out of that than randomly getting a top 20 player or 2 every couple of years, if their schedule worked out perfectly.
  17. He's a GSE guy, so the likelihood that he went was always pretty high unfortunately.
  18. Do you legitimately think that the 100th ranked golfer in the world is worth the same as the 100th best NFL, NBA or MLB player? Those league's market caps dwarf that of the golf world.
  19. Interesting. None of the names surprise me, except Young. I'll be interested to see if this is a ploy by liv or not. Edit: Young and Hideki are confirmed to not be playing liv Boston by Dylan Dethier.
  20. And he's not been a decent PGAT or EuroT player in years... He's currently 124th in the world which is actually an improvement if you look at the few years before that. He hasn't been a top 50 player in 5 years if I had to guess. Plenty of the guys on liv were once decent players. That doesn't mean they are currently any good.
  21. Increasing purses (which has been the plan for years bc of the new tv contract) has zero effect on liv players rights to play on PGAT. In what world does upping prize money allow suspended players to come back and play? That doesn't even make sense. What's boring, is the repetitiveness of this thread and the misinformation that continues to be spewed on it.
  22. Just because someone has rejected a larger offer to stay and play for history doesn't mean they don't want to get paid more if they have the opportunity to be. How is this difficult at all to understand? 2 year ago the tour couldn't afford to pay players what they can pay them now. Now that they can pay them more, players should turn it down? That's insane. The new money helps keep the guys who were wavering over liv money, while also guaranteeing the ones concerned about history have better competition. Just because someone wants to play for legacy and tradition doesn't mean they have to forsake money. Please explain. Because this does nothing to help prove the tour is a monopoly or exudes non-competitive practices..
  23. Incorrect. The highest they ever got was around $300mil prior to covid. Of course they dropped thanks to lockdown, so they currently they sit around $225m, if you believe Jay's statements earlier this year. Complaining that players should care only about history is both asinine and short sighted. Sure they make a lot of money now, but these guys are uber competitive. If they see schmoes like Grace and Schwartzel winning on LIV and making twice to three times as much as them, of course that's going to piss them off. The upper end PGAT players know that they are better than players of that caliber, so of course they don't want to be left in the dust monetarily. This is the first time, other than the TRO getting slapped down, that I think the Tour has had some momentum going in months. Their plan may not be perfect, but at least they are trying to change and evolve. Not to mention the plan seems to be coming from the players meetings with Tiger last weekend. That top end PGAT support leads me to believe that less of those guys are going to LIV as well. Unless they outright lie like Koepka's self.
  24. Not too far off or outlandish? Which is it And I wasn't going to bring it up before, but since you mentioned it.. Isn't the 20 billi in digital assets all supposed to be archived? So that wouldn't even take into account the 7 billion of tv money.
  25. The TV deal is for $7 billion not 8.5 and if you consider $13 billy "not too far off" then wooo boy
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