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  1. Apparently it was heart attack week for me. 3 of 5 match-ups decided by less than 2 points
  2. I'm conflicted bc I'm playing you but I also own tons of shares of Chuckles elsewhere.
  3. I currently have 7 different DraftKings lineups. Someone take my phone from me...
  4. Jimmy Walker for tier 5 Winning score is -13 It's a tradition unlike any other!
  5. So the teams I'm playing this week are a combined 51-29 plus the league average. Sick
  6. Naturally I lose by closest margin all year with a top 10 finish on the bench lol
  7. If I can even salvage a 1-1 this week with only starting 2 guys, I'll be pretty happy.
  8. Too bad we aren't doing the match play. My guys are currently 3-1.
  9. I don't have that option since I'm dead last in waivers. If I drop someone, they'd likely get snagged. And It's not that my roster is so good that I can't drop people, it's actually the opposite. The strength in my roster is in the Euro tour guys and then the depth of the mediocre cut maker PGA tour players, helps me in less prestigious events. If I had a better, more top heavy roster then I wouldn't mind dropping people as I did more often last year. This year, I don't have that option.
  10. This is my issue as well. I'll go 0-2 this week because both my opponents fielded full teams and I've only got 2 going. My only shot is if they both top 5.
  11. GolfSpyDave is doing a separate little bracket challenge for those interested. I already entered. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/30826-dell-technologies-bracket-challenge-mgs-contest/
  12. I always make a bunch but I've gotten beat to the punch a lot of times this year. Plus I missed out on a couple during the waiver wire mishap earlier in the season. Normally I'd make changes this week but it's an opposite field event and I don't think anyone I pick up will positively affect my roster in the long run.
  13. I generally make a ton of moves but I somewhat like my roster compared to what's available. I only have 3 players that I started out with. The rest are all from waivers. Although I guess that's not surprising since my team what autodrafted after the Rory pick. It tells you how many transactions everyone's made somewhere. I just can't seem to find it atm. Edit: I've made 8 moves and you've made 11. I've probably made 6-8 others that were denied through priority as well. Bucky has the most with 18.
  14. Hope one of my two wins it otherwise I'm screwed! I'm not going to kill my team just to pick up some scrubs for a week.
  15. It was a tight one for sure. I don't think I win without Rory winning.
  16. I'll take him off your hands if you're worried about him (although we aren't in the same division and can't trade)
  17. You've got nothing to worry about from me. Rory and my Euro tour Ryder cup rejects are off. Other than Willett anyway and I doubt I'm playing him.
  18. Rory is on the trade block in the Digest league if anyone wants to put in a bid for him
  19. There will be closer match ups I'm sure but enjoyed the tight match up @mudfish. It was a nail biter to the end sir. I luckily clipped him by 8.
  20. Thank God he did. He was the only person I got via autdraft that was worth a crap!
  21. Also, damn the PGA tour for makes it play so soft this week. That's the main reason for the bunched up leader board and low scores.
  22. At Sawgrass the par 3s giveth and the par 3s taketh away. Sungjae Im makes a hole one on 13 to get inside the cut line and then a double on 17 to fall back outside it. Dammit!
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