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  1. It's not really sustainable, although it is extremely impressive so far. It also doesn't hurt that their schedule/ division is
  2. @00sportsman I didn't watch the game, but was feeling pretty good about Edelman's game until I saw 39 points out of your defense. No wonder you're 10-0...
  3. Done! DM me next time if it's time sensitive, so I'll get an email. Edit: it's pure luck i saw this when I did bc i was responding to someone else's dm haha
  4. Collusion is literally the only reason to veto a trade. Everyone is allowed to make whatever decisions they want with their own team. However good or bad they may be. If you want to veto a trade for selfish purposes, then you completely misunderstand the point of being able to do it. I'm done talking about this. Message the commissioners if you have an actual grievance. As opposed to calling people duffus when your own team is 4-6 and has spent 94% of your faab budget for the season in week 6.
  5. You should've posted a pic of his brother since you're crying about collusion so much.
  6. You realize that the trades are approved by the commissioners right? As in, it had to go through 3 of them? Protest all you like. You're prolly the guy that vetos trades because he thinks it's helping a team he's playing that week too much. SMH
  7. Agreed, people see things differently. I personally wouldn't have made quite a few of the trades that have been made this year. Doesn't mean that their bogus.
  8. Yes, Conner was considered the best player in the trade and on both teams.
  9. Blunder of the week goes to yours truly for benching Josh Jacobs 3 minutes before game time. I deserve to go 0-2 this week
  10. Not as much as TexanDVM. He has $7 remaining! haha Hell, I think I've only spent $7.
  11. So much for the "Nick Saban doesn't play freshman" narrative haha
  12. Hey brother, Sorry I haven't been on much. Yes, Roll Tide but our defense worries me rn. We are starting more true freshman than any team in the country atm.
  13. I'll be honest, I didn't think Conner would do it but he did. Good game bud!
  14. I saw your thrifty a$$ got 2 for $0. https://tse2.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.87f5268edd90ecdde1ee8cade47b77c3&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia.giphy.com%2fmedia%2f3oEdv6sy3ulljPMGdy%2fgiphy.gif&ehk=K40BL%2bRN4smCtes3h0qYmQ
  15. Don't freak that much. Conner doesn't look to miss any time at this point.
  16. I've somehow managed to go 3-1 without scoring a point from a kicker this season... And the only loss was by .3
  17. Hey I know that feeling! It's like the multiple trade offers I've had on Bell and Conners for a BACK UP QUARTERBACK...
  18. Yep, but I really can't blame that on the players. Everybody is making millions off these kids. They are just trying get drafted so they can make theirs. The social media definitely doesn't help things!
  19. Oh I agree. None of the teams were strong. Yet the player with the bad game against a cupcake had their odds improve the most. Doesn't make a lot of sense.
  20. Easy to blame it on Bama, but this has always been the case. The blue bloods rule the sport. Who is the last non blue blood to win a National Championship? Washington in 91? If you can even consider them a non blue blood. BYU in 84 if not. The upper echelon will always control CFB. They just trade around who has control. ATM its Bama and Clemson. Maybe it's because I was younger and maybe it's because cfb wasn't as large and as commercialized, but 20 years ago it felt like it mattered a lot less who won the title and a lot more that your team just had a good season. But that might just be in my head.
  21. That's the thing. I as an Alabama fan would absolutely freaking love an 8 team playoff for one reason. There is no way that Bama would ever miss a playoff while Saban is still there. Which would piss people off worse. Teams like the 2010 Bama team that lost 3 games would likely still make the playoff and have a great chance at winning it. With that said, I'm fine with it at 4 teams as well. 8 teams feels like it's not even a big deal to make the playoff, which it is. The NCAA is so corrupt that they will do whatever makes them the most money. They don't actually care about what's best for the schools or the players.
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