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  1. I'll try to get my review up by next week. Have to travel out of town later this week and will play in a tournament with my Son on Saturday if weather allows. Wish me luck on breaking 100.
  2. Well, for me to participate it would have to be a bogey challenge.
  3. No changed needed to my fantasy team this week. Probably need some though. I have 8 starting if JB Holmes doesn't drop out again.
  4. Poor Every, leading at -7 yesterday and +11 today and misses the cut.
  5. gobama84


  6. Okay, old post that has been resurrected, but just don't be that guy.
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  8. gobama84


    The baseball is going out of the picture to the right of number 4's helmet. Yep, that was maybe 3 year ago in the 4th round of the State playoffs. I still umpire at the HS level at 66 yrs young.
  9. 3. What should be done to spectators who yell in a player's backswing? Beat them with a 9 iron.
  10. I have 3 of those and had 4 of 6 make the cut. Tringale and Harris English were -4 and -3 going into Friday morning play.
  11. I can't bet any more sweet bippies. I lost the only two I had in a past bet.
  12. Congrats to all that have been here throughout the 10 years.
  13. I started to pick Singh last night and let him slide and picked Furyk instead. Wait and see game. You win @Shankster Furyk is +8. Shot a 7 on the Par 3 17th.
  14. Can't be true. You don't have the badge.
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