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  1. You would think with this lineup I could have hoped for better results. Wow!
  2. Explanation Please! I tried to pick up James Hahn and it asked for a bid. I placed my bid and then selected Tom Hoge in case I didn't get Hahn. It immediately put Hoge on my team. Why is that?
  3. So really it is not how well your team is, it is just how good they are against the 10 teams you are competing against that week. I went 7-3 this week, so against 10 different teams I may have gone 3-7 or maybe 10-0. Why not compete against all teams. Seems more fair in the long run. Thanks!
  4. Richy Werenski killed me today. +7 WOW
  5. Need help understanding the yellow star by the name of 4 of my players when looking at Team and selection Fantasy Team.
  6. Wow! Number 20 pick. You can definitely get a Top 5 player.
  7. I'll try to get my review up by next week. Have to travel out of town later this week and will play in a tournament with my Son on Saturday if weather allows. Wish me luck on breaking 100.
  8. Well, for me to participate it would have to be a bogey challenge.
  9. No changed needed to my fantasy team this week. Probably need some though. I have 8 starting if JB Holmes doesn't drop out again.
  10. Poor Every, leading at -7 yesterday and +11 today and misses the cut.
  11. gobama84


  12. Okay, old post that has been resurrected, but just don't be that guy.
  13. gobama84


    The baseball is going out of the picture to the right of number 4's helmet. Yep, that was maybe 3 year ago in the 4th round of the State playoffs. I still umpire at the HS level at 66 yrs young.
  14. 3. What should be done to spectators who yell in a player's backswing? Beat them with a 9 iron.
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