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  1. $40 is for the whole year and I'm sure there are other tourneys close to you, Florida as well as Fort Rucker, Alabama
  2. And I hope you know where he earned it. GoDaddy.com
  3. Is that discussion anywhere to be found? Great writeup by the way!!
  4. My statement holds true on that right now I don't have an established handicap, but will later this spring as I plan on playing in a lot of Veteran Golfer's Association (VGA) tourneys. I just finished a post about the VGA. Since I think most people on this site are honest, I'll try to be also. I have never broke 100 yet. That changes this year as I haven't played but one or two times a year over the past 20 years or so.
  5. I hope all Veterans and family members will take an opportunity to look at the Veteran Golfer's Association web page and think about joining. Low cost tourneys in every state and ending with the VGA Championship on September 27-30 hosted at Trump National Doral Miami! Veteran Golfer's Association By the way, if you do join, use my name Loyd Potter.
  6. Yeah, people can be jerks. Should know when to shut up.
  7. Not that I would ever be good enough to own a set of PXG, just know that Bob Parsons was a Marine Corps Vietnam Vet and gives Veterans a great discount.
  8. Agree with Yellowstone. Also Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime. Jack Ryan is my favorite right now.
  9. Looking at your pics and see one of Rodney Dangerfield. I thought he had passed.
  10. Easy enough for you to hand out looking at the scoring so far.
  11. Must be jacked up as some already are showing "cuts made", or am I confused? Does this mean people on your team have made these cuts this year? If so, is this added to our overall score?
  12. So looking forward to the zeros changing!!
  13. There is a Public Poll in Fantrax asking about the best all time golf movie. Just wondering if I'm the only one who has seen "Seven Days in Utopia" of am I the only person that liked it? And yes, they are all good movies.
  14. Is it possible to trade two players for one?
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