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  1. Well, I had 5 starters this week and 3 of them WD and one didn't make the cut. I still have one, but hate losing the points with the WDs.
  2. Since you guys are picking winners, I want to ask a Fantasy question. Do you guys, do as I do and look at the leaderboard and realize a lot of players you have let go are in the Top 10?
  3. Deleted since it didn't accept the quote.
  4. No wonder I suck at fantasy golf. This is the 2nd time that we are not using a tournament and I changed up a lot of players to have them count this week. Where can I see what tourneys are being used and where was it posted that the PGA would not be used? Forgive my stupidity!
  5. You can watch some things FREE on the ESPN app, but for this you would have to subscribe to ESPN+.
  6. I was looking at the entries to this tournament and saw a name most of you have never heard of, Sonny Skinner. I used to work with both of his parents at Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, Ga. I walked and followed him at a tournament in Hershey PA many years ago when I was in the area for work. Just thought it was interesting to see his name again. Here is a little about him from Wikipedia. In the 1997 Buick Open, he tied the course record at the Warwick Hills Golf Course with a 62 but Billy Mayfair shot a 61 in 2001 to break the record. He failed to retain his card in 1997 but went through qualifying school for a fourth time to earn his card for 1998. He returned to the Nationwide Tour in 1999 where he would play full-time until 2004. He played on the Nationwide Tour part-time until 2010. Skinner joined the Champions Tour in 2010 once he turned 50. Skinner was named the PGA Professional of the Year in 2008 and the Senior PGA Professional of the Year in 2010, becoming the first person to win both awards. He is a PGA teaching professional at the River Pointe Golf Club in Albany, Georgia.
  7. Hey, I don't remember trading you Ryan Palmer.
  8. Thanks! Hope I wasn't the only person who didn't understand this. Wow!!
  9. How do I see these for yesterday? I only see next week's matchups. Thanks!
  10. May have a hard time explaining this. Aren't the scores of the top 4 players (Fantasy Team Stats Type) what should count. I was looking at a week of 8-2 with the top 4 players used. This is what I think was used with PGA Stats Type chosen. All players scores count and it gave me a week of 6-4. Here is what shows up when looking at Live Scoring. It used all players points even if they were cut giving me the 6-4 score I got this week. Something is screwed up.
  11. Wow, I had Camilo Villegas last week and dropped him this week. I suck at this.
  12. Yea, guess it is my fault for not being more active. I would have voted for a bye week also. I had nobody starting and why I dropped and picked up 4 players. I'll get over it. I've decided to keep my changes. Ha Ha, they probably won't be playing next week.
  13. No Thanks! I like a challenge.
  14. Wow! I just found this. I dropped 4 people this week to pick up 4 to play and at this moment I two of them at -4 in 3rd place. This Sucks!!! No more changes for me this year, I'll just ride this out and will probably end up with 1 - 2 wins a week.
  15. Is this always this way Matchups show on 1st day of the tournaments? Wondering how I am doing this week.
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