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  1. Ed Hong Kong China 12 P790 with Modus 105 S i 500 please Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. g20 just blew my mind

  3. ive not bought a driver that wasnt adjustable for a while> i like to swap shafts around and adjustability helpsmake it so much less of a hassle
  4. club hoing at 2am, jst bought Bubbas shaft to put in the driver

  5. yeah i have played with them for a few months and i have to say the sound and the crack you hear when u nail one is jst addictive. its soft but it still has some kinda pop to it, it s a really nice feeling and the ball flight im getting with the shaft is the best i have so far welcome to the club
  6. been using launch monitors for a bit. even if the launch numbers are more or less than u think they shd be, they are good indication whether u are more consistent with comparing clubs
  7. i gotta agree tim. the reason i use my 3 wood is mainly when my driver is off and i need to find the fairway, even tho the RBZ was consistently longer i cld not game it because it was spraying a lil bit too much. if it was a tossup between being 17 yards shorter or 17 yards longer into the rough/under the trees/OB ill take 17 yards shorter on the fairway all day long. Not dissing the RBZ, im sure it was me and not the club. but i cldnt get along with it as much as i tried and wanted to
  8. i love how they match the weights to the shafts, the ahina has the lightest head. with that said, they cld have given consumers an adjustable weight
  9. Skippy I found a Serrano in the shop would the Serrano be similar? I don't really Wna put it in till I knw wut it's gna b like. On paper the shafts are similar but thrs gna b lotsa gluing n ungluiin if it ain't the same. Lower ball flight would be good, when I give it a 100% it still spins at the peak of the flight ballooning a little. But tht head is crazy, even with too much spin it's still carrying over my previous 3 wood
  10. currently have the RBZ with RUL 70 shaft, thinking of putting in the NV75 as its a more familiar shaft and used it before and i like the "kick" it gives and the "feel" i like . any experienced club fitters think there gnna be any big problems with pairing the both?
  11. i also circle the number. my fav number is 3 because if i shoot 3 on every hole ill wld hv shot 54
  12. just saw the new mizuno stuff in person and the 825s are looking very very good

  13. i actually gained distance when i got them. i was playing i15s before and i attribute to the distance gain due to the shaft and better strikes. the Kbs stops my ball from spinning excessively im having the right amount of spin for it to check on greens without the balooning flight. The AWTs werent really helping. also i love how little offset the long irons have,i no longer have to worry abt a massive hook with my long irons. the 59s still feel pretty strong off the face nowhere as clicky as taylormade Mcs but its def not Mizunos softest forgings. nonetheless im happy with it still. i was 125 out yesterday and i hit my PW 4 feet to the pin for my 1st hole bird. at another long par 3 i hit my 5 iron 195 to 12 feet, i couldnt be this accurate with my i15s i really really love themm i friking love these irons
  14. i regret not buying 59s sooner. i cant stop hitting them they feel so fricking nice. sth abt them jst feels so right. maybe its the shaft maybe its the head, but im so dreadin the day the grooves wear out
  15. the Mp59s feel so good i cant stop hitting them

    1. GolfSpy Barbajo

      GolfSpy Barbajo

      I know the feeling! More addictive than crack, roasted almonds and MGS...hard to put 'em down when you're in a groove. Glad you like 'em!

    2. Kanoito


      Join the club!

    3. ninjacobra


      its like swish, then a soft feeling and u hear the crack in the air and u admire the ballflight lol


  16. 6 feet 34 inches i do choke it down to about 0.5 inches frm the end of the grip too as i have a crouching stance. i have a Ping My day,B60, Odyssey White Steel #5,TM Spider,Yes! Tracy 2, SC studio select Newport 2, Sc Select Newport 1.5 I thought i had a slight arc thats why ive alws used plumbers neck with a lil bit of toe flow but somehow the Yes tracy 2 with the flare neck gives me the best result. still experimenting with the NP 1.5 when im totally confident ill put it in the bag
  17. yeh its a package only deal here. the burner 3.0 irons are very very very goodlooking too
  18. 330? maybe on the busted simulator we hv. i hit a 6 iron 230 n my drive 350 this mornin, i knw in this universe its not gnna be possible for me under normal conditions lol
  19. wd that is completely right. i guess what matters is the high handi shd gt fit for length and lie and also a shaft flex. most beginners/high shooters wl not need a shaft of an exotic variant. they can spend the spare cash on lessons and reduce the number of inconsistencies
  20. another great myth, a 28 handicapper saying it makes a lot of difference after he spine-ed his shafts
  21. question: whats a good golf club? answer:the club that suits u
  22. haha sorry guys i typed that while i finished work and was not making sens. what i meant was i find it ironic whn joe 30 handicaps come in and say they cant play GI clubs becus it will not help them improve. we see low to scratch players n even tour pros using GI clubs. Gi clubs arent gonna hurt their game its only gna help them get better till they get good enuf to start thinking abt working the ball around. a high handicapper doesn need to worry about custom fit exotic shaft options and blade length and everythg spining their shafts. just need a set tt is the right length and lie angle.most oem stock shafts takes care of the mass market so as long as they are fitted for the right shaft flex it wld work people come in and have an idea that they can jst buy a better game and expect the club to change that 70yard cut into a baby draw and hv no clue why their score isnt changing. how can u expect a radical change to ur shots if u dont mk a radical change to their swing?
  23. funny u shd say fitting joe 30 handicap who cant play GI clubs. i remembered a 28 marker tellin me tht custom fitting is supposed to help his swing- i kept thkg to myself which swing wl u lk me to fit u for? the one where u pull on 50yards to the left or the one tt u shank it 50 yards right?
  24. Just saw this couple days back. looks awesome yeh?
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