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  1. any word on what they will be? anything like the 585s?
  2. so if I order a dozen I have to wait?? how can they not have any ready to ship? just a dozen no frills or would I still have to wait??
  3. any news on new irons due in fall?
  4. love the new Wilson staff 21 degree
  5. These forged irons were bought last spring. Haven't seen a round since early October. These come 5, 6, 7,8,9,pw, gw. Have the NS Modus 3 105 shaft in an r flex. These are plus .025 and bent 1 flat though they bend very easily as these pretty irons are soft. The ball feels like butter off these babies. Tops have a little bag chatter. Also have new mcc plus 4 grip. 500.00 shipped!!
  6. have not tried the c300 forged. Hearing they are coming out with at least one new iron, anyone know anymore??
  7. I compared my 545 7 iron to the 585 yesterday. New ones look less forgiving, smaller face!
  8. no, but thanks for the welcome? trying to find release date for that driver is hard
  9. callaway tour authentic razr fit. 1 rd. give me 100 and ill make the trade
  10. bought one at golfsmith great head. had the 9.5 razr fit and it just got old. like the head a lot though 10.5 but the project x 6.0 is heavy to me. having a hard time finding a 5.5 or matrix with the double cogs. any options or info??
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