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  1. Like the reviews and like the company. thinking of trying it. getting tired of my epic flash and not sure the epic max is much different. Wanting something different, anyone else out there try it? . ....
  2. Really like the nicklaus public in los angeles. Good pace, not too expensive and fun.
  3. gonna be there for a week or two, looking at a lesson or 2.
  4. no only hit the mav on the range. love my epic flash though.
  5. I like it. Love the weight setup like my epic flash didnt warm to mavrick!
  6. just curious, rates are high, what if a person went in april or may, are they that much better??
  7. heading there in January, any advise on playing?
  8. guy at carls golf online said the same thing!
  9. anyone have any info, have not heard a word
  10. Thanks I think I'm gonna go with steelfiberfc better for my hands and arms anyway
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