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  1. Jim Appleton, WI I keep my touch by curling in the winter. seriously that is much more of a game touch and focus and fitness than you would think. However a putting mat would be extremely helpful. My experience with mats is basically hitting some outts at golf galaxy and some trade show games. I would like to test the medium speed mat. My course, while it is public cuts and rolls on a lot of weekends so it runs by my guess 10 to maybe 12.
  2. Jim / Appleton, WI / USA Odyssey 2 ball with factory black line Heppler Piper C. I've got a friend who putts really well with his center shafted putter and he has been in my pocket mostly due to his putting. I would sure like to see if this putter would get me back into the positive.
  3. I've been pretty happy with my Precision Pro rangefinder. Had a Garmen Approach GPS for years that I liked but when it died I went the laser route. Reviews say "it is not as fast" as Bushnell or Leupold but I really don't know what that is supposed to mean. When I see the flag and press the button it vibrates and gives me the yardage (and slope if I have that turned on). There is no delay or anything so I think that "fastest" is marketing hype that is not functional. It doesn't have the range of some of the others - for example I can't scope a 500 yard shot with mine and Bushnell can and beyond. I suppose that matters. For me that might be better for rifle practice but not so consequential for golf. I think it shoots pretty well out into the 350+ plus range which is further than I can hit it. I would say that it is sometimes hard to pick up the flags that don't have the little reflector things on them. Mostly I see that at driving ranges. If my club wouldn't put those on (and every local club that I have played has) I would just put a piece of reflector tape on the flag as I played that hole. Again probably can't do that at the driving range but you are usually hitting bad balls so distance is not that reliable anyway. One of my playing partners the other day had one of the hybrid ones that when you look through the viewer you see the normal range finder yardage but on the left was the GPS representation of the hole with distances. It was kinda small but pretty cool - also that dramatically raises the price. You might be able to do some of the things that I used the Garmen for - like yardages from tee/swing to your resulting ball position. That might be nice again but I don't know if I would pay for it. Customer Service for Precision Pro is great. Batteries for life is a cool thing. I have replaced mine and free is nice. Highly recommend. Jim
  4. If you were going to play in a scramble and wanted to hit the absolute longest rock there is, what would you choose? Green side spin/feel/whatever doesn't matter since you can switch to your gamer for the approach.
  5. I am driving down from Wisconsin for my mother's 90th later this week and plan on playing a couple times if there are any Spies in the village.
  6. I would love to be tester. Currently use the NXP Pro laser after using a Garmin Approach for years. Play at least 2x per week. Cureently playing to a 10. Jim / Wisconsin
  7. Jim / Appleton, WI There are no good putting practice areas close to here. I drive to a course to practice putting 1x most weeks and sometimes 2x per week for 45 minutes over lunch. And then practice for 15 - 30 minutes prior to my league round on Thur night and 15 to 30 minutes prior to skins game on Saturday mornings. But those short sessions are really more for speed than technique/practice - a few uphill, a few down hill, and a few each side. If I had this at home I would be stroking some almost every day. I switched my stance/alignment this year and have been putting much better and would like to say 3 or 4 3 putts/rd but when I keep stats and count it is closer to 3 or 4 a side! If I lost most of those I would break 80 every time unless I am having a really bad day with the driver. Granted the greens at our course are fairly tough - large, firm, and sloped from back to front. Make's 'em moderately receptive to a wedge but anything long above the hole and 3 putt is in play. If I could get to 2 or 3 3 putts in a round I would be very happy. I like the instant feedback of putter swing / face angle, being able to practice multiple distances and speeds which mats don't really do, the challenge mode looks cool, and once it is a little a safer for friends to hang out at the house it would be fun to do some play/challenge things.
  8. I have gotten the solicitations for the MISIG (Most Important Stretch In Golf) training aid and thought about it but never pulled the trigger. Is anyone using this now or in the past and if so were there any noticeable results? https://feelthestretch.com/ Thx
  9. Pace of play just gnaws at me. But far and away the biggest detriment to my scoring is playing with my wife. I love her and enjoy a nice day playing with her but between the what am I doing wrongs (and won't take the correction) and wanting to talk about other life issues that just doesn't let me focus I never score well. And it's not like I can take a separate cart (oh, by the way, I drive too fast) or just stay away and not talk to her. Anyway I will play every single time she asks because there may be a time when we cannot play together but I know it won't be for a score. Also - how do you enter those scores for handicapping? I just consider it practice.
  10. I walk so maybe I would look at it, but I don't see why clubs don't put inexpensive rakes on each cart similar to the divot sand jug. They could clean/wipe the handles pretty quickly when doing the cart clean up. On to your design again - got to make it fold down/up so it doesn't interfere with club pulling etc., and/or put a nice headcover on it - there you go - accessories, too! Or possibly a light weight clip-on that you can snap on your SW after you hit and it hangs collapsed off your bag by your towel ring.
  11. Jim / Wisconsin 9.7 Wilson Fybrid 21 High flight that doesn't go hard left
  12. Well the new TM M5 has been in the bag for 9 and 18 holes so far. Had not had any time for serious range work but did hit a few warm up balls so I am starting to get a feel for it. My previous trajectory was lower than I would like so I did loft up and I see that as an improvement. Also just did a quick set to middle and full fade on the weights to counteract my hook just a little - need to play with that a little more. The sound is not metallic at all - much more muted. It does sound solid and pretty satisfying when you hit one good. Bad hit is still a bad hit - can't fix stupid - but the general accuracy on anything better than bad is better. Overall I am not sure it is appreciably farther on the perfect hits vs perfect hits comparison - I would need the trackman to tell me that and I don't have one. However on the not perfect hits it is much better. Happy so far. Next up is replacing my old Wilson Staff Fybrid 3 hybrid. Bought it at a Wilson demo day in '08 I think. It's a little heavy and for me prone to hooking - although everything is. That may mean looking for adjustable weights on this as well. Hybrids don't seem to hold their value quite so much on the secondary market so I have seen some pretty good deals on TourEdge and a few others. Hit 'me straight...
  13. Jim, Appleton, WI, 10hdcp Stock printed arrow Titleist ProV1x - numbers ins the 70's
  14. I saw and heard basically the same info from a number of videos and stats compilations like this so I made the decision to go with a 2018/19 M5 at a significant discount. I paid full price for my Apex irons with a fitting so I am not (too) reluctant if the justification is there to pay the price for an upgrade. It was for my irons so I did it. I knew the driver was next - played an original RBZ - and have been looking at Epic Flash, TM 5/6, Cobra, and a few other vs Mavrik, SIM, Speedzone. Without seeing dramatic improvements with this years models to justify that price difference I pulled the trigger on the best deal I could get. Kinda stoked to hit it for real after a few hits into the net. Hope the honeymoon period lasts a long time. Wish it was going to be here for Saturdays skins game but oh well.
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