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  1. If I was playing a tournament and the rule was to play it down no matter what, I would without complaint (or at least without loud complaint). I like challenges too, but how would you feel if you have a chance to win something in the team game and your playing partner says he can clear that 250 yard water hazard when he hasn't carried one that far all day. His (and thus my/our) likelihood of success is minimal but if he thought that was a personal challenge he can do it. He'll be a better golfer if he learns to make that shot but I would hope he learns it during practice. Anyway it is always an ask situation - never assume anything and move it without checking.
  2. We are playing for money - small money to be sure - so we play 'em down and hole out putts (you would have a scratch handicap if you made all your putts so don't ask for it). I get rub of the green. You get behind clumps in the rough or in divots in the fairway and you just play it. I don't need a perfect lie in the sand but if someone digs in their stance the ball can be below the surface of the sand. Responses are mixed - at this point I am just asking partners if it is OK to move it just like I would in a really bad rut or casual water which happens in the spring here. Thanks for all your feed back - I hope you (and I) never hit 'em in the sand. Jim
  3. No rakes on the course and less than good foot smoothing is leaving some pretty deep dug in footprints. I get the playing it down part - we do that in fairways and rough. However if I were in a tire rut it would be ground under repair. Or should we be leaving 'em in the footprint or moving it to a non-footprint spot? Obviously don't hit it in the sand is the better plan but... Hopefully there will be rakes out again soon so this will be a non-issue.
  4. If you are coming to Wisconsin for the Kohler courses check out Sand Valley and Mammoth Dunes in Central Wisconsin - developed by Bandon Dunes' Mike Kaiser. If you have a little extra time almost across the street from Sand Valley is Lake Arrowhead's 2 courses, Lakes original and Pines. Not nearly the cache of the other names but very nice. Then head down to Erin Hills. There are some other gems, but that would be a pretty good week. Fly into MKE and drive to Kohler for Whistling, Irish, River and Meadows (stay at the American Club) and then SV and MD (stay on-site) and then Erin and fly back. Enjoy.
  5. Had a Garmen Approach for many years and was pretty happy with it - best Christmas present my wife ever got me. Unfortunately it gave up the ghost and was beyond the fix dates for Garmen. Garmen offered a small discount on the newest high-end models so I thought it would bea good time to check things out. I ended up going with a NXP Pro laser rangefinder. I never really used a bushnell or leopold so I don't really know the optics and target finding differences but I would say it is very easy to use and finds pins even when a bit shaky so you can do it pretty quickly. It works a bit quicker when the flags have those reflector things but still finds 'em without. You do need line of sight which was the Garmen''s big advantage. However you just have to pick the closest line of sight as you are walking to the ball and if you still can't see the flag you don't really have a shot anyway so just punch out. Overall I think the Garmen was a bit easier to use - just a quick glance gave you most of what you need. you can drag/slide the pin to approximate real pin positions. However in that time I could have read the pin many times over with the NXP Pro. Garmen did a better job with distances to open landing areas or distance to the corner on a dogleg, and getting distances to the front of hazards (water, trap) for layups or to see if that water is really in play or not. That is tough with the NXP. You can get the carries reasonably well with NXP (provided you can clearly see the far bank) but sometimes you just gotta layup and it's nice to know the max. The NXP gives slope (switchable mode), and maybe the new Garmen's do as well, but quite honestly I don't need a range finder to tell me if it is up hill or down. There is something nice about seeing the whole hole overview that the Garmen gives. From an accuracy standpoint I think the laser is better (and I am always within a +-yard of any other partner's laser) which give you confidence but in general I am not playing to half yards so that is not a super big deal. I don't know if all that is helpful. Overall I was pretty happy before and I am pretty happy now. However if one of those could accurately read the line for my putt.... Jim
  6. Might be an option but costs almost as much for shipping as it does for the product - that puts it at $20+ for what is a $6 to $7 option here (granted I am not super happy with it though). Guess I was hoping for a locally available option - we'll see what pops up. Good advice for other UK'ers though.
  7. I am a fair skinned blue eyed red head so I am prone to sunburns if I am not careful. Of course none of us really knew better in our youth so consequently I have had a few spots removed - nothing serious yet - and thus I am now trying to pay much more attention. I use Coppertone Sport 50 prior to leaving home for the round because we have it at home. The problems with the 50 is that it leaves you looking very white as it does not all absorb in (I'm already pretty white so I look ghost-like) and unless you can apply in a mirror you cannot see how well you have put it on and rubbed it in to the best degree possible. Also then you have sunscreen on your hands and just rubbing on a towel doesn't really get it off. I can drop down to a lower SPF but then should probably re-apply - at least according to the directions. Anyway what Sunscreens are you all using - and hopefully liking. My skin thanks you Jim
  8. I try to be pretty good about ball positions - on the left heel for driver then center forward for 3wd and back to center for wedges. I don't think I have more than a little forward shaft lean with irons but not any with driver - at least in setup but I must be delofting somehow to consistently hit it low. Got fitted for irons last year (Apex) and it came out as standard standard - guess I could just buy off the rack. It hasn't been nice enough and the ranges haven't been open to try to take some pics. That is changing now so hopefully I can post something soon.
  9. For the last couple of years and especially this year (although it is pretty new) I have been hitting low everything. Low driver even if teed up - sometimes to the point of worm burners, low irons so that I have to hit at least a 5 and have trouble holding greens, etc. I have a decent swing, play to around a 10, almost never slice (flight is straight to draw/hook when bad). I am hitting 'em pretty hard and can get my drives out there with a lot of guys because those low bullets will roll out pretty far. But if I have to carry the corner of the water or over a trap or, God forbid, if I tried to go over some trees to cut a dogleg I'm in big trouble. Currently hitting a TM RBZ 9.5 set up to 10.5. I know I could go to a higher loft (and I think I am going to have to) but I am sure there is a better fix. Any helpful ideas. Thx. Jim
  10. I wear the UA Cold Gear mock quite a bit. Had that and about 4 other layers on Saturday including a knit hat and mitts - it was in the low 40's and windy to start. Felt sorry enough for the cart girl that I bought a couple things to tip her even though I didn't really need them.
  11. Actually grew up near Nekoosa and rode dirt bikes in my youth all around the Arrowhead and Sand Valley area. Played Arrowhead many times - great course - and was a member of BECC in Rapids - another great course now open to the public - for a few years before I moved away. Game needed a lot of work back then...
  12. What are your recommendations on lightweight non-restrictive and warm clothing - keeping in mind a reasonable budget. Springs and falls up here start off pretty cool so I like ot layer a few lighter weight things but it always feels restricting. What are some good recommendations?
  13. I wrote an email to Hank Haney and his producer emailed me back and they mentioned Bob in a nice segment on Hank's Podcast this morning (I listen when I go for walks in the morning). Hank also was kind enough to make a generous donation. Listen to his podcast if you get a chance. I catch it on iHeart Radio but it's available on other platforms too.
  14. There is a nice little driving range in my community that I go to (or would if it was open anyway) when I have a few minutes to practice. It is run by a really nice gentleman, Bob Burns. Bob is a Master PGA teaching pro and has given thousands of lessons and untold hours of time to veterans and handicapped folks so they can enjoy his lifelong passion. This year has been tough on everyone but Bob's health problems (heart attack, hip replacement that got staff, etc.) have been kicking his ass for the last couple years. I have known he's been struggling but he proudly didn't ever complain when I saw him. Gary D'Amoto, a very good golf (and other stuff) writer formerly for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel just wrote a piece on Bob and it is heart breaking. If you possibly can please go to his GoFundMe page to help out with his medical expenses. I would also like to mention the absolute ridiculousness of the "no driving ranges" rule when golf courses can be open. I understand this is a challenging time and there are a lot of tough calls to be made but I don't think this one got thought through very well. It could certainly be as hands off as the courses now are. He washes and bleaches the balls after they are picked and the buckets could be pre-filled and pre-paid. Also absurdly, if he turned his range into a par 3 with 4 holes (one for each ot the target greens) he could be a course and be open. It's beyond stupid. Link to the article - https://www.wisconsin.golf/19th_hole/gary_d_amato/after-a-lifetime-spent-helping-golfers-driving-range-owner-bob-burns-needs-golfs-help/article_fe802700-8943-11ea-8165-3bf715d920fc.html I hope you can help - he could sure use it. Appletonjim
  15. Started playing golf after college so I've been at it for a while. Got serious about 10 or 15 years ago when I had a job near the local muni so I could hit the range or putting green almost every noon. Got my handicap down to a 9 but struggling to keep it there now with not as much practice - go figure. I love the walk, the sound and feel of a flushed shot, the camraderie, the side bets with my group, and even playing with my wife. I especially love a nice cold beverage after the round. Someone mentioned MGS a number of years ago so I checked it out and have been hooked ever since. I have donated money. I live in Appleton, WI. I play in a nine hole league after work on Thursdays at Reid GC, the local muni - actually a really nice course, and then Saturday mornings at Chaska, another pretty nice course - less trees but longer with sloping greens. Living in the northern area so playing time is limited to late April to October but exceptionally nice from June through Sept. I am an independent Salesforce consultant specializing in helping orgs with sales and service teams get more effective and efficient so they have more time to play golf. That's been my handle since the internet started. I used to work for an ISP when things were just getting going and Jim was taken so I became appletonjim.
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