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  1. You can get full sets that aren't trash. I'd look at Tour Edge. You can get a set in different budget ranges and can get them -1" so they will be comfortable lengthwise for your wife. https://shop.touredge.com/collections/complete-sets/products/tour-edge-moda-silk-complete-womens-set
  2. I don't even mess around with "hints". I'll send my wife an email or text that says "This is what I want for my birthday and here is where you can get it". Then I include a link to the exact item I want. No guessing for her and I'm not walking away feeling disappointed.
  3. SmoothG

    Urethane Quality

    Are there different grades of Urethane? I play the OnCore Elixr and am very familiar with what it feels like in my hand. I had someone gift me a dozen Srixon Q-Star Tours and the urethane on these two models is very noticeably different. The Srixon feels more slick where the OnCore is tacky. Maybe I'm weird but I bit the balls and you can notice a difference in the cover hardness. I'm wondering if one of these may be more durable than the other or why there is such a difference in feel and how does this affect performance?
  4. The mobile version is so slick IMO you don't even need an app!
  5. SmoothG

    Vero X1 vs Elixr

    I put the Vero through the paces and it's a very good ball. It's slightly harder than the Elixr and spins more. The rest of the performance is very similar to the Elixr. I still prefer the Elixr because I like the slightly softer feel and I actually prefer less spin. I did feel like I was hitting the Vero farther and there is one Par 5 I never reach due to second shot being all carry over water. I did hit that green in 2 during my last round. By farther were only talking a few yards. I think the ball is excellent for someone who needs a little more spin than what the Elixr provides or if you prefer a slightly firmer feel. Both feel great off the putter. For me, I'll still be playing the Elixr due to feel and price as I always load up on the deal when I can get 4 dozen for $70.
  6. Gabe - Grand Rapids, MI Handicap - 13.2 Current Irons- TM RSI-2
  7. Watch a video on YouTube to make sure you are doing it correctly. It should not come loose. When tightening it there should be a loud audible click when it's locked. At first you may feel like you are doing it too tight but the torque wrench will give.
  8. SmoothG

    All Gone

    Putter will be traded in tomorrow.... I'll be fielding reasonable offers for it beforehand. PM with interest.. thanks.
  9. I'd look at the Ping G400 or Cobra LTD.
  10. SmoothG

    All Gone

    Yes, comes with the TI DG Spinner shaft. PM me to try and workout a trade deal.
  11. SmoothG

    All Gone

    1. Cleveland Zipcore 56* (Low). Very lightly used. SOLD 2. Rife Barbados 34". Very good used condition. Traded Trade interests are face balanced putters. Specifically interested in Odyssey 7s putters, Wilson Infinite "The L" and Ping Anser Milled #5.
  12. SmoothG

    Vero X1 vs Elixr

    Also I'm kinda surprised what the Vero looks like on the inside. Thanks for cutting it open.
  13. SmoothG

    Vero X1 vs Elixr

    I'm an Elixr player exclusively. I have the Vero in hand that I'll be testing this weekend. I'll report back with my thoughts.
  14. Gabe - Grandville, Michigan Taylormade Milled Grind Zipcore 50* (MID)
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