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  1. SmoothG


    Found another dozen in the garage. 4 Dozen $75 shipped.
  2. SmoothG


    4 Dozen. Brand New, Never Hit, No logo SOLD. I moved to a different ball so the last of these need to go!
  3. SmoothG


    Two wedges have sold. The 48* is still available. Considering reasonable offers for the 5W.
  4. SmoothG


    1. Wilson D7 18* 5W. Stiff Evenflow 75g shaft. $105 Shipped. DECIDED TO KEEP THIS. 2. Cleveland CBX2 wedges. 48* - $75 Shipped 52* 56* - Discounts for multiples. 48* TRADED, OTHER TWO SOLD. All clubs are used, but well taken care of. Any questions, just ask! Thanks.
  5. Thank you! I did indeed take the day off. Dropping the kid off at school and then straight to the course!
  6. I've signed up. Love the new sign up link, great job guys. Thanks for the opportunity!
  7. Around the green.
  8. SmoothG


    Let's do a price drop! $75 Shipped.
  9. SmoothG


    I have an excellent condition Cleveland UHX driving Iron. 20* with stiff recoil shaft. Used for one range sessions, just didn't fit my gap. $OLD
  10. Yeah I ended up buying one blind bc I got a great deal. I still haven't hit it yet but looks good at address. I'll do a review of it in the spring. Michigan winters suck for golf.
  11. Is it on YouTube as well like it was last year?
  12. Take a look at the Maltby Packs. https://www.golfworks.com/maltby-m-series-wedge-pak/p/pma0257/
  13. How do our accounts link to our donations? I donated again this year but didn't see a place to enter my screen name or anything.
  14. I def agree that there is no 9031 or other classics but with what TM is doing (putting out the DHY this year) I'm hopeful that some of the other classics will be reborn.
  15. I'm gonna disagree with this point here. Wilson and Top Flite are not in the same category. While Wilson doesn't have the same market share as the big boys, their quality is every bit as good. Some of the stock shaft offerings might not work for everyone but if you are fit properly (as you should be with every club) they are not lacking. Do not look over Wilson. They put out tremendous clubs that can keep up with the big guys at a lower price point, similar to what Cobra is doing. Also Tour Edge was not listed in your "must try" but they are excellent as well.
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