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  1. Thanks for the advice guys. I think you are right, I shouldn't give up the control I have around the green and I'm gonna make sure to keep the Elixr in play for all rounds, no matter the format.
  2. My gamer is the Oncore Elixr. I love it... best feel ever, perfect amount of spin for my game. My only issue is that is slightly shorter than some other balls I have used but no big deal I use it anyway. That said, when I play in scrambles and such I'd like to get a little more distance if I can and I usually find that with the Titleist Velocity. Only problem is that its slightly too hard and doesn't spin. Is there a ball that is very much like the Velocity but maybe is just a smidge softer (only a little) and has a smidge more spin?
  3. How do you like that Gapr Mid?
  4. Rickie really struggling with the driver today. Hopefully his putter can keep it from getting away.
  5. I always sell old clubs otherwise when I'm playing bad its the clubs fault and I need to switch to my other set. Of course when I only have one set, its still the clubs fault but I have to figure out a way to deal with it, lol.
  6. I don't think larger gaps are a big deal... not for the regular guy or the pro. Pro's can hit the ball a certain distance with more than one club. Many of us weekend guys are more used to hitting the ball 140ish rather than 138 on the dot.
  7. Can you post a pic of the toe hang on the Odyssey Mystery?
  8. Those putters are for completely different strokes. I'm surprised one doesn't work better for you naturally. Both are excellent tho, glws.
  9. I took my driver out to hit 3W off most tees and I was shooting 10 strokes better instantly and consistently. I never put the driver back in. Yes, I'm giving up 20-25 yards off the tee now but I just moved up a box and play whites. My rounds have never been so enjoyable!
  10. Absolutely love. Very much looking forward to the fairways tho!
  11. Can anyone that is doing testing compare the Maxfli Tour to TM Project A?
  12. The live raffle was fun! Does the Donor Badge expire? I plan to donate again in 2020 but if for some reason I didn't, does the badge go away?
  13. There is no better way to see how a club will perform for the average golfer than to actually put that club in the hands of an average golfer! I read just about every review and it helps me narrow down my choices before I go to the shop to demo. With family, work etc... I don't have time to demo every possible new club but I can get a good handle on which direction I want to start by reading reviews. I'm much more concerned/interested in whats in the weekend golfers bag rather than what is in the pro's bag. The pros bags look pretty but I already know, I can't hit pretty "pro" clubs. The best part about doing a review is that it actually gets the reviewer to think critically about is truly important and what they can look past. For example, I always thought looks were very important to me but turns out at address many clubs look similar. Each reviewer gets a chance to learn more about their game by working through the review criteria.
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