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  1. I agree with this. I never quit the game but in the early 2000 I had the TM Super Steel with the bubble shaft and I never got on with the bigger head sizes that came later on.
  2. I put a 661 Sppeder in my TM Mini. Weather sucks right now but looking better next week to test it out. It's prob 1/2 in longer than I'd prefer but gonna test it before cutting it down.
  3. The only one I consistently listen to is Sub Par but I also like the 'No Laying Up' podcast.
  4. Photos... Sent from my Pixel 4 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. Couple items for sale today. Let me know if you have any questions, Thanks! 1. Wishon 919 FD (fairway/driver). 14* with a Speeder 757 stiff shaft. Definite Cannon here. I used this when I was having trouble keeping my driver on the planet as this was a very accurate fairway finder. I've moved on to a TM Original One but wouldn't mind holding onto this if it doesn't sell. Used condition, looks great though. There is a slight rattle in the head, no affect on performance and I don't even notice it unless I'm actively trying to hear it. There is also a misspelling on the stamping on t
  6. Love this cliff notes post. Can't wait for the Elixr and Vero X1!
  7. I'm surprised by how many people have no plan. Especially when playing 2-man scrambles with buddies. They just "blast off", find it and smack it again. No concerns for what line to take off the tee, where the proper place to miss the green is, or where your up & down is dead.
  8. I'm guessing it was a no-go clearing the trees on 13?
  9. Interested to hear how your round went yesterday?
  10. Does anyone know if the tips on the OG Mini are TM standard (for current models) or do they take a special tip? Trying to figure out what shaft options I have if I buy a shaft that already had an adapter on it. Thanks.
  11. I'm in the same boat as you. Love the 3w, hate the driver. I'm gonna find my bomber 3 wood for next year and gonna stick to it all season long. I prefer a larger head (180-200cc) over the compact size tho. I'm gonna be testing the Sim Max Rocket, Mavrik Max, Cobra Speedzone Big Tour and Wishon 919 FD. Good luck in your search.
  12. Gabe Grand Rapids, MI TM M2 & Wishon 919 FD HDCP: 14.5 SS: 105 Would love to review the TSi2.
  13. Can we get these practice balls in the ball lab? I know they claim it's the same ball but it be cool to see the results. Who do we need to @ ?
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