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  1. In no particular order, these tips have helped me over the years and none are technical. 1. Smooth Tempo 2. Practice Course Management 3. You aren't good enough to get mad 4. Learn where to miss 5. You don't have to hit driver every hole.
  2. Sub Par (also a podcast). It's with Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz. Really fun interviews, laid back format, biggest PGA stars and sports figures. Nice to see the more personal side of the pros.
  3. Thanks for the mention guys, great community here!
  4. I have found that I really enjoy leaving the pin in. I've always been against it as I felt it was distracting. I am putting better and don't have to worry about setting the pin down and then replacing it when we leave.
  5. I think both have their place although I only use a GPS. I have a small GPS (Bushnell Phantom) that I use on the cart which also can link to my phone. I basically just use the front, center, back numbers and if I need a specific target I'll use my phone for a layup or cover number. The only time I really feel like I need a range finder is when I'm at the practice range and not sure how far away the targets are.
  6. I love driving irons but I love the big fat ones. Currently have two Ping G Crossovers in the bag. I gave consideration to the gapr mid as well but didn't have time to out it through the paces.
  7. I tested it and hit it well but no better than the EX10 so I couldn't justify the purchase.
  8. I'll take the Hole In One. Even though it's "easier" I just feel it carries more prestige with the masses.
  9. Wowsers! Gabe - Grand Rapids, MI Handicap - 14 Taylormade RSI-2 I would love to test the PTX Pro-Icon Combo! Thanks!
  10. When I couldn't hit a fairway to save my life I teed off with a 7 Iron on every hole. Obv not the same as here but it's fun to mix it up. I'm back to a more complete set now but it helped. My buddy only plays with irons. No woods no hybrids.
  11. Unless you go used, I think you would be hard pressed to beat this for a starter set. https://www.costco.com/callaway-edge-10-piece-golf-club-set%2c-left-handed.product.100399423.html
  12. If you are trying to fill a 4 iron gap, I'd consider a 5 Utility and don't be afraid to throw a steel shaft in it.
  13. Everyone knows there is no good music these days. The best music always comes from whatever years you were in high school!
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