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  1. What did your new carry numbers look like? Did the improve stats translate to an increase in on-course performance for you?
  2. Its responsibilities for me. I used to play 6 days a week and now its more like 2-3x a month. I have the time and money to play frequently however with kids at home the more I am gone, the more my wife must do on her own. Once they get a little older (and in school full time), I will start playing again more frequently.
  3. Would you rather play golf with no depth perception (and no distance aids), or with only one arm? My golf coach in HS only had one eye and his depth perception was terrible. He couldn't read a putt but was still scratch so you can still play without it. Would you rather have a helping breeze on every shot, or have friendly trees that knock your ball back in play? I'll take the friendly bounces. Would you rather have the starter tell you that the round is going to be six hours, or that somewhere on the course, there's a bear in the woods? If the bear stays in the woods and doesn't come out... I'll take this one. If the bear is coming out at all, I'll take the 6 hour round.... I'll just also need a cooler of beer.
  4. Looking at the money list for the 2017-2018 PGA Season I'd be willing to be the best golfer in the world FOR ONE YEAR. Nevermind needing 10. I'd retire, never play golf again and travel and do whatever I watned. I love golf, I eat, breathe, sleep golf etc... every day but I'd give it up in a second for 10+Million dollars. I mean geez... the 20th person on the list made 4.1 million dollars. https://thegolfnewsnet.com/golfnewsnetteam/2018/10/03/2017-2018-pga-tour-money-list-who-earned-total-money-111015/
  5. That wedge looks nice, I'm sure it will work well. If all else fails you could just buy a new Scor wedge and re-shaft it with your preferred shaft. Good luck.
  6. I had one of these previously (heavenwood) and really hit it well. I should have never gotten rid of it. I really like the head shape and was wondering if there was another fairway with a similar head shape that I should consider or just go ahead and pick up another one of these?
  7. I love these things! I had one (heavenwood) and I should have never sold it! I hit it well and straight. I might have to pick up a 3+ and use it for a driver replacement. For me, I figured out I needed a face balanced putter and got a Rife Barbados and my putting has never been better!
  8. Gabe - Michigan I currently use a Bushnell Phantom.
  9. Tier 5: Erik Van Rooyen Winning Score -8
  10. Gabe - Michigan Handicap - 14 Never used a putting training device but sure would get a lot of use as it would be much easier to practice after kids go to bed!
  11. Generally ebay is the best place to see what clubs are worth. You need to look at completed listings tho rather than current prices. I'd throw up an auction, start the bid at $50 (let the buyer pay shipping) and see where the market lands.
  12. Your clubs will definitely get you around the course so while at this point I don't think its necessary to update anything I would add either a 5 wood or hybrid in the 18-22* range. This will be much easier to hit than a 2 iron.
  13. Buy 1, Get 1 - Any Model RBG SRIXON
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