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  1. Thanks guys! Wife/Kids treated me to a new set of PXG irons and a Wilson Staff Michigan Ave putter.
  2. SmoothG


    Not separately. Got to keep it available for whoever purchases the putter. Thanks.
  3. SmoothG


    Wilson Staff Southside 34". Beautiful milling, if you haven't used one, they feel great! This one is in excellent condition and comes with matching headcover. Easy to line up and one of the best stock grips ever. Take this beauty home for $OLD and I ship FAST! CONUS, No Trades. Thanks!
  4. SmoothG


    All reasonable offers considered. Moving to ebay tomorrow.
  5. SmoothG


    New Price! 5-P $265 Shipped 6-P $235 Shipped
  6. SmoothG


    A nice set of RSI 2's here. 5-PW with KBS Tour 105's Stiff. The 5 iron is RSI 1 (more forgiving) with KBS C Taper 90 Stiff. No trades. CONUS. PM with questions or cash offers, Thanks! SOLD
  7. Definitely a Major especially what comes with it (cash, exceptions, tour status etc..). But I think I'd have much more FUN at a Ryder cup.
  8. I can't stop thinking about picking up a TM Spider X! My putting has been terrible lately and the Spider X is so stable, so reliable. I feel like all my short putts in the shop and dropping in . Winters are long here in MI so I'll have plenty of time to save a few bucks and have one next season.
  9. It's Costco brother... Just bring em back!
  10. I've been playing the TP5. I hit the X a little longer but it feels slightly firmer than I'd like. I love everything about the TP5 except the price. I've been looking for something cheaper without sacrificing too much. After the '19 test and this one as well I'm thinking Maxfli might just be the ticket. I know feel is subjective but does anyone have an opinion of the Maxfli Tour & X feel compared to the TP5/X? Thanks
  11. I ended up moving on from it. The ball spun too much and I wasn't getting as much distance as I wanted due to the trajectory. It was probably a shaft issue but I prefer a little less offset as well.
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