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  1. Absolutely love. Very much looking forward to the fairways tho!
  2. Can anyone that is doing testing compare the Maxfli Tour to TM Project A?
  3. The live raffle was fun! Does the Donor Badge expire? I plan to donate again in 2020 but if for some reason I didn't, does the badge go away?
  4. There is no better way to see how a club will perform for the average golfer than to actually put that club in the hands of an average golfer! I read just about every review and it helps me narrow down my choices before I go to the shop to demo. With family, work etc... I don't have time to demo every possible new club but I can get a good handle on which direction I want to start by reading reviews. I'm much more concerned/interested in whats in the weekend golfers bag rather than what is in the pro's bag. The pros bags look pretty but I already know, I can't hit pretty "pro" clubs. The best part about doing a review is that it actually gets the reviewer to think critically about is truly important and what they can look past. For example, I always thought looks were very important to me but turns out at address many clubs look similar. Each reviewer gets a chance to learn more about their game by working through the review criteria.
  5. I've considered that but the lengths would be off and I don't do my own club work so the cost isn't worth it.
  6. These are standard L/L/L. They feel great. I literally would buy them again with a softer shaft. I wouldn't be able to guess if they are too stiff for you or not, I just know they were for me.
  7. I've considered several shafts including the Nippons. I def needed the 5.5 in the PX LZ but I wouldn't hesitate buying DBMs again with a softer shaft. Thanks for the kind words on these, someone will enjoy them!
  8. ** Disclaimer - I'm not a great golfer, lol ** I was caught in the endless cycle of tee game strong, short game weak and vice versa. Here is what I have found from my experience. The reason I was struggling was because there is a difference from hitting a driver with a neutral or positive AOA vs hitting an iron/wedge/fairway with a negative AOA. When my positive AOA was on point, I would crush my driver but then struggle with my irons. When my negative AOA was shinning, irons were pure but the driver was erratic. I could never quite figure out how to deliver the club with the driver and the irons consistently at the same time. So I had a decision to make... I could commit to practicing/lessons and learn the correct way to deliver the club to the ball but that would require more practice and with a wife/kids/career etc I'd much rather spend my time playing. The practice time I do have is used to work on my wedges/putting. My decision was to abandon the positive AOA delivery (and the driver altogether). Every other club in the bag I can deliver with a negative AOA and don't have to change anything between clubs. Now I just hit 3-wood off the tee as my longest club. I'm hitting the ball much straighter and more importantly I'm not losing balls (and costing me strokes) off the tee. I also mostly play tees that are 6500 yards and under and its making my time on the course much more enjoyable. Yes I'm hitting a lot more 6-8 irons into the green, rather than wedges but my scrambling is much improved (due to that being what I spend 90% of my practice time on). This is just my experience on the course and I'm not even sure there is advice in my post but hopefully something in there might help you out.
  9. Upgraded Grips! Upgraded Shafts! I go back and forth on these. As much as I love them and they feel great the shafts are just too stiff for me. Sorry to see these go. Maltby DBM 4-P in very good condition. PX LZ 6.0 shafts w/ MCC +4 align midsize grips. $295 shipped.
  10. Has anyone compared these two sets of irons? I used to love my Burner 2.0's and thought I'd give TM another run. The season is about done for me and I like to tinker over the winter. The M2 Tours and M3's both look good to my eye with plenty of forgiveness and price is low now that they have newer models out.
  11. Usually the pro versions have a better shaft as well. Are you gonna use the same shaft or take the "downgrade"?
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