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  1. Has anyone compared these two sets of irons? I used to love my Burner 2.0's and thought I'd give TM another run. The season is about done for me and I like to tinker over the winter. The M2 Tours and M3's both look good to my eye with plenty of forgiveness and price is low now that they have newer models out.
  2. Usually the pro versions have a better shaft as well. Are you gonna use the same shaft or take the "downgrade"?
  3. I also believe this to be true. I'm just wondering if Oncore is closer to Snell or closer to Vice/Cut?
  4. @storm319 Its great to see you posting over on this site. Glad you brought your knowledge over here
  5. How do you know if a company makes their own balls or not? I'm taking about the DTC balls. With the OG Kirklands being but the new ones sucking... but the Pearls being the same as the OG, it gets confusing. I really like the Oncore Elixr... like alot. Do they make their own ball? I know they have an Elixr X on the way and I hope that its a new ball and not just a rebadge that someone else is selling under another name but I have no clue. I love the Elixr though.
  6. Not putting my name in the hat bc its too late in the year for me to be testing (due to weather) but I'm very interested to see what happens. I'll be looking for the reviews!
  7. Good to know, thanks. I'll delete the app and still with the mobile version.
  8. Not sure what's up but when I use the app it looks normal but then after a few seconds it switches languages.
  9. I'm still rocking my OG Rife Barbados. I love this thing. Maybe someday if I win the lottery I'll give the Evnroll a shot.
  10. One of the really cool things about this test is my daughter Mya has really gotten excited to play golf. We haven't been to an actual course yet, still just hitting balls and putting but we are going this week to play her first round. Of course, at 4 years old and being a compete beginner she won't be playing the full course. The plan is to play 9 holes and I'm gonna let Mya tee it up from about 25ish yards from the green and see how she does. I've already told Mya what to expect during the round... just to have fun! Its great sitting around the house and instead of "dad, wanna have a tea party" (which I gladly do with all her princesses) she now says "dad, I think we should golf".... and that is my kinda TEE party!
  11. Hopkins CP1 SuperSpoon! 15* with stock stiff 65g shaft. Comes with movable weights so you can change from a standard setting to a draw setting if needed. Wrench is included, both weights and headcover. This is in excellent condition and has a like new GP Tour Velvet +4 grip. Really easy to hit from the tee and from the deck. $49 shipped $39 Shipped
  12. Has anyone used this? Seems like a good idea. I have a golf trip coming up and I'll be playing for 3 days. Thought about picking up a TM Original One to bring with me on the trip.
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