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  1. Furyk, Toms, Tiger at the top of the leaderboard. Did I enter a time warp?

  2. I hit every fairway but one yesterday with my driver. I haven't had that much control off the tee in a very long time. It certainly makes golf a lot more fun!

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    2. Addicted2Golf


      LOL. Well, I've had my fill of "creative shot making" from off the fairway. There's something to be said for hitting it to a designated LZ and then having a nice, relatively straight forward shot into the green. ;-)

    3. R.P. Jacobs II

      R.P. Jacobs II

      Kudos...THat's a great accomplishment & harder than hell to do..The Best, Richard....

    4. GolfSpy Tim

      GolfSpy Tim

      that's awesome!! I hit all of my driver shots with my new Cobra ZL into the fairway on Monday - headed out this evening to see if I can repeat that or if it was a fluke

  3. Shot a 41 on my front nine today with two doubles and five straight pars. Finished with an 87. Pretty encouraged right now with how my game is coming along this early in the season.

  4. Just posted in the Golf Travel Section. Need some Cali Golf Recommendations from my fellow Spies.

  5. Going to Cali later this month. Might have to see if I can tee it up with my boy Sactown (my Sundevil brother from another mother)

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    2. cheymike


      Hey A2.. If you pass through Cheyenne on your way west and have a few hours, shout at me and I'll take ya for a round of golf here at 6000'.

    3. Addicted2Golf


      I would freaking love that Mike, but unfortunately I'll be flying over you at about 35,000 feet. But I will promise you this. If I EVER make it to Wyoming, we will definitely tee it up my brother!

    4. GolfSpy Dave

      GolfSpy Dave

      Just got back from Tahoe...

      When and where are you going to be?

  6. Hmmm... so many members with exactly 11 posts. And its cracking me up that so many of our March threads are getting resurrected. I'm glad I wasn't half in the bag when I wrote those...

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    2. Putterslut


      I have 11 posts. Are You talkin to me? You talkin to me?

    3. Addicted2Golf


      Hell yeah, I'm talking to you. Get posting!!

    4. Putterslut


      So,,,what did you think of my Robert De Niro?


  7. Back from a two week vacation. What the heck is going on around here?!#

    1. GolfSpy_X


      was wondering if you got lost.

    2. Addicted2Golf


      Nope, still representing.

  8. Tempo is everything. And don't forget the nod to the gods.

  9. Dude, that avatar is just disturbing. LOL.

  10. Good to see you on here man.

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