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  1. Time of day is important also. Don't end your auctions during the middle of the day or really late at night EST if you want to maximize the number of bids you receive.
  2. Space Ghost would definitely game that....
  3. Chubbs: Back in 1965, Sports Illustrated said I was going to be the next Arnold Palmer. Happy Gilmore: Yeah? What happened? Chubbs: They wouldn't let me play on the Pro Tour anymore. Happy Gilmore: Ah, I'm sorry. Because you're black? Chubbs: Hell no! Damned alligator BIT my hand off! [shows Happy his wooden hand] Happy Gilmore: OH MY GOD! Chubbs: Yeah. tournament down in Florida. I hooked my ball in the rough down by the lake. Damned alligator just POPPED up, cut me down on my prime. He got me, but I tore one of that bastard's eyes out though. Look at that. [shows Happy a small glass jar with an eyeball in it] Happy Gilmore: You're pretty sick, Chubbs.
  4. Maybe he just likes the Pimento sandwiches.
  5. Not really. The blade design pretty much makes that a non-issue. Maybe we can coordinate schedules over the next few weeks and I can drop a couple by for you to try. I think you'll like them.
  6. I was wondering when someone was going to mention that. Yes, hard to miss it - at least until it fills with dirt which won't take long I'm sure.
  7. I'm glad you didn't get rid of it. I think it's the most interesting part of your testing process and it will help MGS readers narrow their focus during fitting. Kudos to you guys for doing that. Quite honestly, I'm jealous. I wish I had the equipment here to do it too.
  8. You're right. Got to give Nic his due. Sorry bud!
  9. Great review. I found it interesting that you praised Cleveland and Mitsubishi for "getting it right" even though the SpecCheck tested out significantly stiffer than advertised. I agree that most OEM's sell their clubs with shafts that are softer than advertised, but isn't being off one way or another just as bad? Especially given the fact that the Launcher is clearly marketed to mid-to-high handicap players that struggle with distance off the tee? The first time around, I tested the DST with the stiff shaft and it didn't go well. I just couldn't load the shaft with my mid-to-high 90's swing speed and now I know why....
  10. V-E-R-Y Nice. I'd imagine that 58* will knock the Ping Tour Lob Wedge out of your bag in no time. I love Ping, but that's just in a whole different league.
  11. Yep. To quote Jamo, "Winner, Winner Lobster Dinner"!
  12. Yeah, wanted to go out tonight but the heavens opened up and it started pouring rain here. It's almost as if the golf gods knew I wanted to go play.
  13. A box hit my doorstep a couple of hours ago and out popped three custom CG15 wedges from Cleveland Golf: 50* Mid-Bounce (Two Dot) Gap and 54* Mid-Bounce Sand Wedges in Black Pearl and the 58* Dynamic Sole Grind Lob Wedge in Qil Quench. First impression out of the box is that these wedges are beautiful. Both the Pearl and Oil Quench finishes are stunning. Of course, both will wear off with time (especially the Oil Quench), but out of the box you'll be hard pressed to find a prettier wedge. I've taken a couple of pics of the 54* Pearl...
  14. Addicted2Golf

    Rapture V3

    That's been Ping's M.O. with the G series - make drivers that aren't flashy and just plain perform. I wish more OEM's would follow their lead.
  15. I just got back from a week long trip to the Dallas area so I know what you mean NGage. Welcome back!
  16. Yeah, true that. Haven't got anything yet, but I hear most of it is on the way.
  17. Just got done trading emails with Golfsmith. Looks like A2G may be doing some MacGregor reviews in the near future also...
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